The blue-haired young man opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Wang Teng would shut him up with a brick every time.
He could only groan in pain in the end.

The dull thuds from the brick echoed in the air.

This was a ghastly scene!

Everyone turned their heads away.
They couldn’t bear to look at it even though he was their enemy.
He was honestly miserable.
His head had swollen to twice its size and looked like a pig’s head.

None of the alien martial warriors dared to make a peep.
They were afraid of following Zi Ling’s path.
If they offended Wang Teng, they would be killed with a point of his finger.

They felt terrified when they saw the blue-haired young man being beaten personally.
This Earthling was a monster!

They couldn’t afford to provoke him.

The alien martial warriors silently took a few steps back.
They wanted to stay as far away from Wang Teng as possible.

After some time, Wang Teng finally stopped.
The brick disappeared as if it had never appeared.

Wang Teng let out a long sigh.
He looked at the attribute bubbles around him and nodded in satisfaction.

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*15

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*14

Wang Teng gained 128 points of Imperial Realm Spirit and 142 points of Imperial Realm Enlightenment.
His efforts didn’t go to waste.

The blue-haired young man lay on the ground, staring at the sky absentmindedly.
He seemed to have lost his soul.

Wang Teng patted his face and chuckled.
“Not bad.
I’ll keep you alive for now.
We can slowly play in the future.”

The blue-haired young man’s mind was in a mess.
He was furious and appalled when he heard Wang Teng’s words.
After vomiting a mouth of blood, he fainted.

“Huh? Why did you faint so easily? Your mentality is so weak.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He was slightly surprised.

What do you mean by his mentality is weak?

Is this a mentality issue? You hit him brutally.
It would be a miracle if he didn’t faint.

Wang Teng locked the blue-haired young man with Force sealing chains and threw him in a cage.
Seeing everyone’s confused expression, he explained, “Keep him alive and question him later.
There must be a reason why the aliens suddenly invaded Earth.
From what I know, we aren’t the only country controlled by aliens.
There are aliens in other countries too.
We need to make preparations.”

Dan Taixuan and the others were enlightened.
They almost got blinded by hatred and killed this blue-haired young man directly.
It was fortunate that Wang Teng had reminded them.

Wang Teng turned and looked at the other alien martial warriors.

“What do we do with them?” Ye Jixin asked.

“Lock them up.” Wang Teng wished to kill them, but he had to get more information from them, so he could only wait.

“Kneel down and surrender.
Anyone that doesn’t will be killed!

“Live or die.
It’s your choice,” Wang Teng glanced at them and said coldly.

The alien martial warriors’ expressions turned distorted.
They felt humiliated.

This Earthling was ordering them to kneel down and surrender.
This was too much.
However, their hearts shuddered when they remembered the situation of the blue-haired young man.

Even their young master got stepped on and beaten by Wang Teng.
His ending was miserable.
Did they think that they would be better than him?

If they resisted, their ending might be worse…

The alien martial warriors kneeled down cowardly.
They didn’t dare to resist at all.
No matter how proud they were, they had to submit in front of absolute power!

The martial warriors around them felt great satisfaction when they saw this scene.
Their gazes were filled with admiration upon looking at Wang Teng again.

“Organize your men and lock these people up.
Let’s save the Leader of martial arts,” Wang Teng said to Dan Taixuan and Ye Jixin.

The two of them nodded and started acting.

Wang Teng had already surpassed them in terms of ability.
Thus, when they heard his order, they obeyed unconsciously.

Wang Teng turned to his family members and scanned their faces.
He felt guilty.
“I’m sorry that I pulled you down.”

“This isn’t your fault.” Grandpa Wang patted his shoulder and said, “You have already done your best.” He felt his heart hurting for Wang Teng.

“Son, are you injured?” Li Xiumei came forward and sized him up carefully.
Tears started welling in her eyes when she saw the injuries on his body.

“Mom, I’m fine.
These are just scratches,” Wang Teng said.

“Really? Don’t lie to me,” Li Xiumei asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, your son is amazing.
He won’t get hurt.” Wang Teng laughed and patted his chest.

“Alright, alright, stop patting yourself with so much force.” Li Xiumei stopped him quickly.

“That’s great.
Your life is the most important,” Wang Shengguo said.
His eyes turned a little red.
He was worried about Wang Teng too.

“Oh right, take a look at your classmates.
They seem to be heavily injured,” Grandpa Wang suddenly said.

“Yes!” Wang Teng nodded and went to check on his classmates.

After some time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“It’s alright, they have just fainted from the electrocution.
They are not injured.”

He took out a few dan pills and fed them to the unconscious guys.
Their breathing got more stable.

“That’s good.
These children got hurt because of you.
You should treasure these friends.” Grandpa Wang felt emotional.

None of his friends, be his university classmates or childhood friends, gave in to the blue-haired young man’s threats.
They were sincere in making friends with Wang Teng.
This was precious.

A friend in need was a friend indeed!

Grandpa Wang felt that they were all people worth befriending.

Wang Teng nodded.
There was a hint of gentleness as he glanced at them.

“Wang Teng, all the alien martial warriors have been apprehended.
None of them ran away.
There are a few other alien invaders in the other big cities, but they are too far away, so we can’t get rid of them yet.
We can only catch them after we settle the things here,” Dan Taixuan said as she floated in the sky.

Wang Teng nodded and said, “Grandpa, Mom, Dad, find a safe place to hide.
I’ll go and save the Leader of martial arts first.”

“Go ahead.
Don’t worry about us,” Grandpa Wang said.

Wang Teng left with Dan Taixuan.
They stared at the alien spacecraft above them.

“The spacecraft is huge.
I wonder where the Leader of martial arts is at,” Dan Taixuan frowned and said.

“I came here before.
I know where he is,” Wang Teng replied.

“You came here before?” Dan Taixuan was shocked.

“I have to understand the aliens’ ability if I want to fight with them.
When they descended on the planet, I came to scout,” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

He said it casually, but Dan Taixuan could imagine how tough and dangerous it was.

This fellow was really daring!

Dan Taixuan felt complicated.
She couldn’t be compared with him.

The two of them met up with Ye Jixin and entered the spacecraft.
Under Wang Teng’s lead, they headed directly to the room where the Leader of martial arts was locked up.

The room looked like a cell.
The space was enclosed, and there was a martial warrior guarding outside.
When he saw them, he was surprised.
He shouted, “Who are you?!”

The voice alerted the martial warriors locked up inside.
They opened their eyes one after another and looked out.

They were stunned when they saw Wang Teng.
Then, they felt astonishment.

The three of them couldn’t understand what the alien martial warrior was saying.
He was speaking in a language they had never heard before.

The alien martial warrior charged toward them directly when he didn’t get a reply.
His expression changed, and he raised his fist at them.

13-star general-stage power exploded!

In the past, Wang Teng might need some time to take care of them.
But now, it was nothing to him.

A shout escaped his mouth while a ray of white light flew out of his eyes.

The alien martial warrior froze on the spot.
His fist was still raised in the air, but his gaze had turned muddy.
It had lost its glimmer.

Wang Teng walked past him as the alien martial warrior fell to the ground.
He was dead.

Dan Taixuan and Ye Jixin were flabbergasted.

The 13-star general-stage martial warrior died from the shout alone.
Was the planetary stage so scary?

The Leader of martial arts was in a daze too.
He knew how powerful these alien martial warriors were since they were guarding them.

This was a 13-star general-stage martial warrior who possessed a special Force.
The Leader of martial arts couldn’t promise that he could defeat him.

Yet, he died because of Wang Teng’s shout!

When did Wang Teng possess such ability?

Everyone was full of questions.

Dan Taixuan and Ye Jixin went forward and wanted to open the door to release the Leader of martial arts and the others.
However, they realized that this door was built with advanced technology, and they didn’t know how to open it.
They felt awkward.

Wang Teng had experience.
He picked up the alien martial warrior from the ground and pushed his face against the wall beside the door.

“That’s it?” Dan Taixuan and Ye Jixin were confused.

“That’s it!” Wang Teng threw the corpse of the alien martial warrior to the side and entered the room.

“Why are you guys here? What’s the situation outside?” the Leader of martial arts asked hurriedly.

He might appear calm, but he was agitated too.
He was worried about the status of their country.

“Don’t worry, Wang Teng has solved the alien invasion problem.
We have taken over this spacecraft,” Dan Taixuan smiled and replied while unlocking their chains.

The Leader and the three great commanders found it unbelievable.
They stared at Wang Teng in disbelief.

This terrifying alien invasion was resolved?

“I’ve already advanced to the planetary stage!” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

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