The waves and flames enhanced each other’s beauty as they lit up the entire sky.

The people below raised their heads.
They were flabbergasted.
Was this the power of a battle between planetary-stage martial warriors?

Every attack was like a catastrophe.
It was appalling.

Even a 13-star general-stage martial warrior wouldn’t be able to withstand this blow, much less a normal general-stage martial warrior.

“Can Wang Teng win?” Dan Taixuan asked in a hoarse voice.
She was worried.

Ye Jixin was just beside her.
He sighed and shook his head.
There was astonishment in his gaze.
In the past, they were formidable warriors on Earth, prominent figures of their generation, and widely acknowledged talents.

However, in front of these powerful planetary-stage martial warriors, all their pride was shattered, and their mentality almost collapsed.

The Wang family was anxious too.
Grandpa Wang, Wang Shengguo, and Li Xiumei stared intently at the battle in the sky.
Even if their hearts trembled at the frightening impact, they didn’t shift their gazes away.
They were worried that Wang Teng might get injured.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were also staring at the violent collisions in the sky.
The worry on their beautiful faces was apparent.

Zi Ling couldn’t care about them anymore.
She thought that this Earthling was just a small character whom her master could kill easily, but he managed to force her master to this stage.

She started to get nervous.
Would her master fail miserably at this simple task?

He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t… 

Zi Ling shook her head furiously to swing this absurd thought out of her mind.

At this moment, a change occurred to the stalemate in the sky.
A terrifying energy fluctuation exploded within the roaring flames.
It kept expanding…

Gold, blue, yellow, green!

Four glaring light rays shot out from the crimson flames.

Against the backdrop of the burning flames, the rays of light looked like frightening airwaves surging out of a flaming bomb on the verge of exploding.

This change occurred without any warning!

A scary explosion erupted amidst the flames before everyone could react.

Exceptionally violent Force fluctuations swept towards towering waves opposite it.

The sky-high waves shattered like a piece of glass.
The waves formed by water Force evaporated under high heat.
They turned into water vapor and rose into the air.

“How is this possible!” Screams of fear and disbelief came from behind the waves.

The voice was drowned by the violent blast.
The terrifying residual impact swept through the sky, submerging the last wave at the back.

The impact hadn’t died down.
A figure was thrown out from the waves.

The figure was thrown back a few hundred meters, smashing directly into a skyscraper at the side.
A large hole in the shape of a human was left behind.

The figure disappeared immediately into the building.
However, everyone still saw his figure clearly.
It was the blue-haired young man!

“Young Master!” Zi Ling was flabbergasted.
Her eyes widened in shock, unable to believe what was happening.

Her greatest support got defeated so easily?

And he lost to an Earthling from this underdeveloped planet! How could she accept this reality!

The other alien martial warriors were horrified too.
Their expressions were the same as Zi Ling.
They couldn’t believe that their young master lost to an Earthling.

At this moment, a figure soared down from the sky, heading straight for the building the blue-haired young man had collided into.

He was going to kill the blue-haired young man!

The other aliens gritted their teeth.
They knew that Wang Teng was powerful, but they had to act now.
They dashed forward and attempted to stop him.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He wielded his Mo Que, and a glaring white blade glow cut through the air at the speed of lightning.

The powerful martial warriors felt their hearts shuddering when they met Wang Teng’s gaze.
Extreme fear overwhelmed them.
They were stunned for a moment.

The blade glow slashed through the air, chopping the alien martial warriors into two like vegetables.
They didn’t even have the time to scream.
Large amounts of blood spurted out, and death came instantly.
Their severed bodies plummeted to the ground.

The other martial warriors turned pale when they saw this scene.
They were so frightened that they didn’t dare to move forward.

Wang Teng was too lazy to look at them.
He rushed into the ruins of the skyscraper.
After a few seconds, he came out with someone in his hand.

The person was in a miserable state.
His clothes were torn and tattered, and blood kept dripping down the edge of his lips.
He seemed to be seriously injured.

However, he wasn’t unconscious.
He felt humiliated to be caught by Wang Teng and struggled furiously.

But he had no way of resisting Wang Teng now.
He looked like a duck caught by the neck and was waiting to get slaughtered.

Wang Teng walked out of the ruins with his blade in one hand and the blue-haired young man in another.
He scanned the crowd with an emotionless gaze.

There was blood shining on the blade.
It dripped on the ground drop by drop.

The alien invaders were thunderstruck.
They looked at the tall and lofty figure as if he were a frightening presence.
No one spoke.

The next instant, cheers erupted.

It wasn’t from the Wang family or from Ye Jixin and Dan Taixuan.
It was from the numerous ordinary people watching around them.

Many people had started watching when the blue-haired young man began torturing the Wang family.
Thus, they saw the blue-haired young man getting defeated first-hand and cheered.

“Alien invaders, get out of Capital Xia! Get out of Earth!”

Everyone started cheering and screaming, venting the emotions in their hearts.
They were in despair, thinking that they would become the slaves of these aliens and live under their command.
They didn’t expect Wang Teng to come back and defeat these formidable alien invaders.

How could they not be happy! How could they control their cheers!

The Wang family regained their senses and cried in joy.
No one could control their emotions after experiencing such ups and downs.

Li Xiumei covered her mouth.
Tears flowed down her eyes.
She had suffered much worry and fear.

Wang Shengguo clutched her hand and pulled her into his arms.
He patted her back, comforting her, “It’s alright, it’s alright.”

“We won!” Dan Taixuan heaved a long sigh of relief.
She couldn’t hide the happiness in her eyes.

“Yes, we won!” Ye Jixin’s gaze was complicated.
He was happy, but he felt the sadness of losing out.

Wang Teng had progressed too quickly!

He couldn’t see his back view anymore.

A strong sense of helplessness and frustration filled up his heart.
He felt that he had been forsaken by the era.

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