Huge waves formed of Force swept through the air.
However, they couldn’t move the mountain erected in front.

Suddenly, the two illusions disappeared, and the two young men separated.
They were Wang Teng and the blue-haired young man.

After retreating a few hundred meters within a split second, they floated in mid-air and stared at each other.

“You’ve indeed advanced to the planetary stage!” The blue-haired young man was dumbfounded.
He turned grim.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him, but his reaction was a confirmation of the guess.

Dan Taixuan and Ye Jixin saw this scene some distance away.
They couldn’t hide the astonishment on their faces nor suppressed the bewilderment in their hearts.

Wang Teng had advanced to a stage no one on Earth had ever reached!

From what the blue-haired young man said, this realm was called…

They didn’t understand what these three words represented, but they knew that the power represented by this stage was incomparable.

The power of the attack and the speed they used to test one another was already beyond their imagination.

On the other side, Zi Ling’s eyes widened in surprise too.

This Earthling had reached the planetary stage!

She thought that Wang Teng would be ruthlessly tortured to death by her master, but this Earthling wasn’t a weakling easy to bully.

The blue-haired young man opened his mouth and said with a calm expression, “The clone is yours, right? You hadn’t reached the planetary stage at that time, so you used your clone as a scout while you stayed hidden.
After you advance to the planetary stage by some means, you think that you have the power to fight with me, so you came out.
Am I right?”

Wang Teng didn’t deny it.

“If that’s true, you’re too naive!” The blue-haired young man sneered.
“You don’t know the distance between you and me!

“There’s a difference between planetary stages.
I wonder what luck you have to be able to advance to the planetary stage on this underdeveloped planet, but you won’t be able to comprehend the difference between the weak and the strong!”

The blue-haired young man’s arrogant words echoed in the sky.
The expressions of the Earth’s martial warriors around them changed.
He might sound a little conceited, but this was the truth.
The martial arts civilization on Earth and in outer space was different.

Wang Teng might have reached the planetary stage but…

Suddenly, a terrifying Force exploded from the blue-haired young man’s body.
He disappeared on the spot, leaving no traces of him behind, not even a lingering shadow.
He appeared directly in front of Wang Teng and laughed like a maniac.

“You should feel fortunate to be able to die in my hands!”

An ice-blue battle sword had appeared in his hand.
He aimed it directly at Wang Teng’s heart.

The tip of the sword was covered with a cold ice-blue glow.
It seemed to be able to cut the air.
A clear white line appeared in mid-air.

The wind brushed against the blue-haired young man’s hair, blowing it up.
His cold-blooded and arrogant face was revealed to everyone.

On the other hand, Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change despite facing such a powerful move.
His gaze remained composed as he stared into the blue-haired young man’s eyes.
The blue-haired young man was stunned.

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A clear metallic clang was heard.

No one knew when this strange pitch-black weapon appeared in the path of the long sword and forcefully blocked the lethal attack.

Naturally, Mo Que couldn’t be compared with the ice-blue long sword, but Wang Teng had enveloped it with a thick layer of earth Force, so its defense ability was incredible.
That was why it didn’t get chopped into two instantly.

Even so, a faint white mark could be seen on Mo Que.
It was obviously left by the ice-blue long sword.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He felt powerful energy surging towards him, knocking his entire body backward.

The blue-haired young man rushed forward and struck his ice-blue long sword out continuously.
The frightening sword glow flew towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng tapped his feet in mid-air to stop himself from falling back.
Then, he twisted his body and dodged the multiple slashes of the sword.

His mind spun furiously.
He knew that he couldn’t beat the blue-haired young man with only one element.
His opponent wasn’t a beginner in the planetary stage.

He had at least reached the third level of the planetary stage!

It was recorded in the planetary stage scriptures that there were nine levels in the planetary stage.
Every advancement in level would cause a great change to your ability, allowing you to overpower any low-level martial warriors in your realm.

By right, based on level, Wang Teng would never be the blue-haired young man’s match.
After all, Wang Teng was only at the first level of the planetary stage.
The difference between the first and third level was huge.

Fortunately, he had his trump cards.
All his five basic elements had advanced to the planetary stage simultaneously.
If he released them in unison, he wouldn’t lose to the blue-haired young man.

At the same time, another two stars started spinning in Wang Teng’s body.
They were the wood star and the water star!

Wood, water, and earth.
The Forces within these three stars erupted.

Wang Teng held his weapon with both hands and threw it out.
Green, blue, and yellow colors merged together, forming a terrifying blade glow.

The blue-haired young man squinted.
He didn’t have any time to waste.
He quickly released his Force and wielded his sword.
A sword glow cut through the air and met with the blade glow.

This sword and blade glow shot right into the sky, almost boring a hole in it.
The two glows collided and started destroying each other.
A deafening explosion occurred.

The strong gale swept through the sky.
Everyone fell from the impact.

The alien martial warriors under the blue-haired young man couldn’t care about Dan Taixuan and the other Earth martial warriors anymore.
They quickly retreated until they couldn’t be harmed by the residual impact.

Dan Taixuan and the others protected the Wang family and brought them away from the battleground of Wang Teng and the blue-haired young man.
They were ordinary people, so the aftereffects were enough to cost them their lives.

The residual impact wreaked havoc, destroying numerous skyscrapers in the surroundings.
This used to be the prosperous central district of Capital Xia, so there were many skyscrapers, office buildings, and shopping malls.
However, everything was razed.

After the blade and sword glow devoured each other, Wang Teng and the blue-haired young man’s figure could finally be seen again.

The blue-haired young man stood on a building that was chopped into two and stared at Wang Teng who was standing erect on another tall tower.
He opened his mouth with an ugly expression.

“You possess three elements!”

He sounded exasperated and unconvinced.
He couldn’t accept the reality in front of him.

He always thought that he was a genius, a level higher than other aliens.
The Earthlings on this underdeveloped planet were nothing to him.

Yet, he discovered an Earthling who was on par with him in terms of ability and even possessed more talent than him.
As someone who just reached the planetary stage, he was able to fight with a third-level planetary stage martial warrior.

This sudden change was a huge blow to the arrogant young man.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to show me the difference between the weak and the strong?” Wang Teng asked in a calm tone.

There were no emotions in his monotonous voice, but his words were extremely stinging to the blue-haired young man.
He felt humiliated and embarrassed.

The blue-haired young man’s face turned green and white in anger.

Damn it, he didn’t expect an Earthling to have such exceptional talent!

He knew a few other geniuses, but none of them possessed three different elements and had all three of them reaching the planetary stage!

There weren’t many talents like him in the universe!

Yet, there was one on this underdeveloped planet.
He didn’t understand!

No matter what, this was a tight slap to his face.
The blue-haired young man had never felt so embarrassed before.
His face was hurting.

“Don’t stop.
Continue your performance.” Wang Teng hooked his finger at the blue-haired young man again.

He wanted to trample the young man’s confidence little by little.
He would shatter everything this young man was proud of one by one.

This was the only way to appease his anger!

“This is outrageous!” The blue-haired young man exploded in anger.

This Earthling had the balls to humiliate him?!

Where did he get his confidence from? What right did he have? Who did he think he was?

Anger overpowered his logic.
The blue-haired young man furiously activated the constellation Force in his body and charged toward Wang Teng.

Violent explosions ensued.
The two young men turned into two rays of light.
They collided in the air without stopping, destroying numerous buildings with their attacks.
They fought from the ground to the sky, from the sky to the top of the spacecraft.

No matter how hard the blue-haired young man tried, he wasn’t able to hurt Wang Teng.
The longer he fought, the more he felt that his opponent was extraordinary.

This Earthling was able to survive to this moment with his first-level planetary stage ability.

Only a real genius could do this.

He had to admit that he wasn’t as talented as this Earthling.

But the more he felt this way, the stronger his jealousy.
His eyes turned red, and he lost his composure entirely.

The light around his battle sword grew thicker, and a blue sword glow stabbed into the sky.
Roaring waves a hundred meters tall surged out, one after another.
There seemed to be no end to them.
They covered the entire sky.

Ultima Water Sword Skill!

Thousand Crashing Ripples!

Large waves crashed towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng stared at the waves seriously.
He could sense the overwhelming power of this move, so he immediately released the five Forces in his body.
The five different elements shot out of his body.

At the same time, a sword glow exploded from the Mo Que in his hand.
It soared into the sky.

Scorching flames congregated on the surface.

This was the planetary stage battle technique he had received!

He had used his blank attributes to raise it to the perfected stage.
Besides that, he merged the other four different elements sword consciouses into this sword move.
The sword glow became even more terrifying.

The energy inside turned berserk.
They were going to explode at any moment.

Amidst the terrifying airwaves, Wang Teng felt that he was on the verge of losing control of his sword.
He released his move without any hesitation.

Raging flames covered the surface of the sword glow as it swept towards the towering waves.

The sky was split into two, waves on one side and flames on another.
It was a majestic sight.

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