Wang Teng suddenly appeared on the high platform as if he had materialized out of thin air.
The abrupt eruption attracted everyone’s gaze.

The first person to react was Grandpa Wang, followed by the Wang family and the other martial warriors.

Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, and the other general-stage martial warriors heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the familiar figure on the high platform.

This fellow was finally back!

Regardless, the Wang family was saved temporarily.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei were stunned when they saw Wang Shengguo.
Tears continued falling down their eyes involuntarily.

You couldn’t blame them for being too weak.
A normal human was nothing in front of these alien invaders.
They didn’t have any chance of resisting.

No one could understand their pain and suffering.

They were overjoyed and worried at the same time.

They were elated because Wang Teng’s appearance meant Grandpa Wang was safe.
It also saved the entire Wang family.

They were worried because the aliens were too powerful.
Would Wang Teng be their match?

Wang Shenghong, Wang Shengjun, Zhao Huili, and others felt emotional.
This was the joy of surviving an ordeal.

Wang Yanan’s gaze landed on Wang Tang.
She could finally feel at ease.
She seemed to have found her moral support.

The younger ones like Wang Haoran and Fang Qianwen shouted in excitement.
In their eyes, Wang Teng was the strongest.
He was a famous genius in Country Xia and even the world.
With his appearance, he would definitely be able to defeat the aliens and take revenge for them.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia’s eyes shone brightly when they saw Wang Teng.

This was the only thought in their minds.

“Is that your man?” Zi Ling stared at them in disdain when she saw their expressions.

She received two angry replies.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia didn’t care about their image and cursed directly in front of these alien invaders.
However, after they said it, they were stunned.

Lin Chuhan.
When the lady said that Wang Teng was their man, Lin Chuxia didn’t disagree.
Instead, she shouted back at the lady too.

Lin Chuhan shook her head.
Chuxia was probably furious and retorted because they shared the same hatred for the enemy.

She stopped thinking about this.
After all, this wasn’t the right time to think about such random things.

Zi Ling got enraged again.
She glared at them and said, “Wait for Young Master to kill him.
He has killed many so-called geniuses on this planet.”

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were furious.
Lin Chuxia wanted to respond, but Lin Chuhan pulled her back and shook her head.

Lin Chuxia swallowed her anger and looked in the direction of the platform.
Her gaze was filled with concern.

Zi Ling scoffed and kept quiet.
She wondered what hopeless expression they would give after Wang Teng got killed.

Things would get more interesting then!

The blue-haired young man stood up slowly.
His face was filled with contempt as he stared into Wang Teng’s eyes and opened his mouth.
“Did you just say I deserve to die?”

“Is there something wrong with your mind?” Wang Teng tilted his head slightly and looked at the other party as if he was an idiot.
“I said all of you deserve to die.
All of you, not just you.
Don’t you understand the human language?’

“Something wrong… with my mind?” The blue-haired young man was stunned.
He was in a daze from the scolding.

This brat was sharp-tongued!

The blue-haired young man had never received such treatment before.
His expression turned gloomy, and the muscles on his face twitched uncontrollably.

Some distance away, the general-stage martial warriors stared at them weirdly.

As expected of Wang Teng!

Sharp-tongued and conceited!

He wasn’t afraid of these aliens with profound abilities and hurled insults at them as he normally would.

He was the real Wang Teng.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were staggered too.
They felt a tinge of sympathy towards the blue-haired young man.

Zi Ling, who was beside them, froze.
She was appalled.
Did she hear correctly? Did he really say that?

The respectable young master in her heart got scolded??

Where did this Earthling get his courage from?

“Do you want to die?” the blue-haired young man squinted at him and asked furiously.

“Come on babe~” Wang Teng hooked his finger at him.

The blue-haired young man went into a daze.
He didn’t understand what Wang Teng was saying.

Wang Teng didn’t want to waste any more time.
His expression turned dark, and he shouted, “Come here, you idiot!”

Everyone was shocked by his shout, and they stared at him absentmindedly.
Their mind shut off temporarily.

The blue-haired young man’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.
Anger had engulfed him entirely.
A powerful force of presence surged out from his body as his blood boiled.

He tapped the ground with his feet, leaving a large hole on the ground.
Cracks like spiderwebs spread around the hole.

The blue-haired young man shot out, turning into lingering shadows as he dashed towards Wang Teng.
He had exceeded the speed of light.

Wang Teng turned serious.
He stomped the ground, smashing the head of the martial warrior in charge of the execution of Grandpa Wang.
Blood splattered everywhere, and a huge hole appeared below it.
Wang Teng had already disappeared.

Dan Taixuan and Ye Jixin were flabbergasted when they saw this scene from the sky.
Waves of bewilderment crashed into their hearts.

This wasn’t the speed of a general-stage martial warrior!

They exchanged glances with each other.
An incredible thought popped out in their minds.

Had Wang Teng reached that level?!

At this moment, Wang Teng and the blue-haired young man had already collided.
Both of them released their fists.
It was brute force against brute force.

A thick constellation Force erupted from their bodies!

The constellation Force on the blue-haired young man’s body was blue in color.
It rose up behind him like a towering tsunami, surging towards Wang Teng in full force.

Wang Teng didn’t dare to be careless.
The star formed from the constellation earth Force started spinning furiously above the sea of nihility in his body.
Boundless constellation earth Force shot out.

The constellation earth Force gathered into a mountain with Wang Teng in the middle.
It pressed down on the gigantic wave opposite him, forcing it down.

Some distance away, the spectators could no longer see signs of the blue-haired young man or Wang Teng.
They only saw the towering tsunami and the majestic mountain.

It was a grand and magnificent scene!

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