The blue-haired young man and the lady in purple gown froze.
They simultaneously turned to look at the two sisters in the cage.

“Are you mocking me?” the blue-haired young man asked in disbelief.

“Did I?” Lin Chuxia tilted her head and looked at the two of them innocently.

“Young girl, do you know the consequences of having a glib tongue?” the lady in a purple gown asked unhappily.
“Your tongue will get cut off.”

“Sister, I’m so scared.
This old lady is evil!” Lin Chuxia hurriedly hid in Lin Chuhan’s arms like a frightened little bunny.

The lady’s face turned black.

Her face was filled with astonishment as if she had heard something unbelievable.
Her mind couldn’t make sense of what was happening.

Her face turned green in anger.
She turned to the blue-haired young man and complained sweetly, “Young Master, look at them.
They’re scolding me.”

The blue-haired young man waved his hand and said to the two sisters, “It looks like you won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin.

“Do you think that I have a good temper!”

The young man seemed furious.
He was mocked and embarrassed by these people time and again.
His patience and temper were gone.

Killing intent seeped out of his body.

“Since none of you are talking, you can go and die.
Once you are dead, that coward will definitely appear!” the blue-haired young man said indignantly.

“Young Master, pass these two ladies to me.
I’ll educate them.” The lady in a purple gown sneered.
“No matter how tough they are, I’ll make them obedient.”

“Good!” The blue-haired young man gave an evil smile.
Seemingly thinking of something, he nodded and continued, “I’ll leave them in your hands.
Don’t disappoint me.”

“Don’t worry.
I promise that you’ll be satisfied,” the lady in a purple gown replied.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia’s expressions changed slightly.

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This lady was indeed wicked.

“We won’t let you succeed even if we die,” Lin Chuhan said resolutely.

“That’s not for you to decide.” The lady in the purple gown wasn’t worried that these two sisters would commit suicide.
Their limbs were tied up, and their Force was sealed.
They couldn’t kill themselves.
She said to a martial warrior at the side, “Open the cage.
I’ll bring them out.”

The martial warrior gave an ambiguous smile and sniggered.
“Zi Ling, don’t be too harsh on them.
If you hurt them, Young Master won’t be able to play with them.”

“Hmph, I don’t need you to tell me that.” Zi Ling rolled her eyes at the martial warrior.

The martial warrior almost got mesmerized by her pretty and cheeky expression.
He hurriedly shifted his gaze away, not daring to take another look.

She was the young master’s woman.
If he took another look and offend the young master, he would be in trouble.

He immediately opened the cage and raised his hand to invite Zi Ling to step forward.

Zi Ling straightened her neck like an arrogant white swan and walked inside.
She dragged Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia out roughly.

She might look frail and weak, but she was a general-stage martial warrior.
The blue-haired young man had invested many dan medicines in her.
She was stronger than a normal martial warrior.

Zi Ling patted Lin Chuxia’s face and said, “Little girl, why don’t you try being tough again?”

“Pfft!” Lin Chuxia wasn’t a delicate lady who was easy to bully.
She spat saliva at Zi Ling.

Zi Ling was stunned.
She touched the saliva on her face with wide eyes.
She was in disbelief.

“What about me? Does my saliva taste good?” Lin Chuxia chuckled.

“You’re looking for death!” Trembling in anger, Zi Ling raised her hand to slap her.

Lin Chuhan charged forward and slammed into Zi Ling with her head.
She couldn’t care since her younger sister was about to get hit.

Zi Ling didn’t expect Lin Chuhan to be able to use such a brutal method after her Force got sealed.
They were standing quite close, so Lin Chuhan slammed into her chest.
Her head throbbed in pain.
She retreated uncontrollably.

The slap intended for Lin Chuxia failed naturally.

Zi Ling couldn’t care about it.
She clutched her chest and gasped in pain.
She wished she could rub her chest to alleviate the pain, but the situation didn’t allow her to.

The expressions of the martial warriors beside her turned strange.
However, they didn’t dare to look again.
They lowered their heads and pretended that they didn’t see anything.

The blue-haired young man coughed awkwardly and asked, “Erm, Zi Ling, are you alright?”

“Young Master, I’m fine.
I’m good.” Zi Ling squeezed out a smile on her face.
She was pale.

“Why don’t you take a rest first? There’s no hurry to educate them.
I’m not in a rush,” the blue-haired young man said.

“No, I will educate them now.
I’ll let them know how I do things,” Zi Ling gritted her teeth and said.

“Erm… alright.
As long as you’re happy,” the blue-haired young man replied hurriedly.
He felt that Zi Ling seemed exceptionally terrifying at this moment.

Anger shot out of Zi Ling’s eyes as she glared at Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia.
If gazes could kill, the Lin sisters would have been cut into pieces.

She must take revenge for hitting her chest!

The blue-haired young man turned away and ordered his men to open the other two cages.
He pulled the Wang family and Wang Teng’s friends out and lined them up in a row on the high platform.

He returned to his seat on the high platform and enjoyed the service of his beautiful servants.
He then pointed at Grandpa Wang who was the first in the row and said coldly, “Let’s start from him.
We’ll kill this old fellow first.
Chop off his head and hang it up!”

Everyone’s expression underwent a huge change.
This blue-haired young man wanted to kill Grandpa Wang!

“Damn it!” Wang Shengjun, Wang Shenghong, and the other members of the Wang family were infuriated.
They came in front of Grandpa Wang to protect him.

“Kill me if you dare.
Why are you targeting the elderly!” Wang Shengguo stood up and shouted.

“Move! An old man should be the one to die first,” Grandpa Wang pushed everyone aside and said calmly.

“Dad!” Everyone was sorrowful.

“Don’t be impatient.
Everyone will get their turn.” The blue-haired young man didn’t raise his head as he spoke.
“Pull the others away.
Kill the old man first.”

“Yes!” the martial warriors replied in unplanned unison before going forward to drag everyone away.

“Bastard, how dare you?!”

The Wang family was struggling, so the martial warriors had to hold them back forcefully.
They wanted to let them witness the death of Grandpa Wang personally!

“Dad, it’s our fault.” Wang Shengguo was filled with guilt.
Tears fell down continuously.

“Don’t be sorry.
Tell Little Teng that I’m proud of him!” Grandpa Wang shook his head and gave a gentle smile.

“If you’re done talking, you can die!” A martial warrior raised his blade and aimed it at Grandpa Wang’s neck.

The Wang family shouted in despair.

“Attack!” Furious shouts suddenly came from around them.
A few figures dashed out from the high buildings and charged towards the platform.

“The little rats are finally moving!” The blue-haired young man smirked.
“Stop them!”

A few figures rushed up the platform and started fighting with the martial warriors who had appeared in the sky.

No time was wasted.
Explosions resounded in the sky instantly.

The martial warriors who dashed out were Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, and a few other familiar faces.
They didn’t get caught by the blue-haired young man.

They were planning to hide.
When they heard that the Wang family got caught, they sneaked into Capital Xia and hid in the tall skyscrapers.

In the end, they still had to come out.

The blue-haired young man wanted to kill the Wang family.
Based on their relationship with Wang Teng, they wouldn’t be able to face him if they didn’t stop the young man.

Dan Taixuan and the others didn’t think that the aliens were so powerful.
They were at the disadvantage almost instantly.
They had no extra energy to take care of the Wang family.

The martial warrior on the high platform didn’t get affected.
He swung the blade in his hand down as if he hadn’t seen the battle in the sky.

This blade was extremely fast and sharp.
Dan Taixuan and the others wanted to help, but they didn’t have the time!

The Wang family thought that they were saved, but they rejoiced too soon.
They closed their eyes in despair and pain.

It was torture for them to witness the execution of Grandpa Wang.

Especially his sons.
They couldn’t do anything even though their father was in danger.
No one was able to understand their agony and suffering.

The blade was inches away from Grandpa Wang’s throat.

Grandpa Wang felt the chilling cold stinging the skin on his throat.
The blade glow had already wounded his skin.
Blood seeped out.

He closed his eyes without any fear.
At his age, death didn’t mean much anymore.
He just didn’t expect himself to die in the hands of aliens.

He felt a tinge of regret.
He didn’t manage to see his beloved grandson getting married and having children.
He wouldn’t be able to witness the Wang family climbing to greater heights.

Grandpa Wang sighed from the bottom of his heart and closed his eyes.
This might be his end, but it wouldn’t be the end of the Wang family.

However, the pain and death he expected didn’t happen.
Instead, a loud explosion echoed beside his ear.

It was so close that his eardrums started hurting from the vibration.
At the same time, a strong wind brushed against his face.
He almost fell back due to the impact.

A gentle force held him up and stabilized his body.

Grandpa Wang opened his eyes slowly and saw a familiar person standing in front of him.
The alien who was holding the blade a moment ago had fallen to the ground.

“Little Teng!” Grandpa Wang couldn’t believe his eyes.

This person was Wang Teng.
He had rushed here from the Sahara desert.

“Grandpa!” Wang Teng turned and glanced at Grandpa Wang.
He said apologetically, “I’m sorry that I made you suffer.”

“You shouldn’t have come back!” Grandpa Wang wasn’t elated.
Instead, he was worried.

“It’s alright.
I’ll take it from here.” Wang Teng shook his head without any explanation.
He turned and looked at the blue-haired young man, his expression turning cold.
“All of you deserve to die!”

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