He had a feeling that the person who reached the planetary stage was from Country Xia.
It was most likely the true form of the clone.
He had conducted an investigation in the past few days.
From the information, he picked out the most likely suspect.

Without a doubt, Wang Teng had the ability, and he had been a rising star in this country.
Thus, he was his first suspect.

Moreover, he couldn’t be found until today.
This made him even more certain that Wang Teng was the person hiding in the dark.

“Are you trying to play hide and seek with me?” The blue-haired young man’s face turned cold and his gaze became stern.
“Let’s see if you have the ability to play the game.

A few figures flew out from the spacecraft and landed behind him, half-kneeling on the ground.

“Bring me all the people related to Wang Teng,” the blue-haired young man said indifferently.

The people received his order and turned into rays of light, disappearing in the night sky.

In the Sahara Desert, Wang Teng walked out of the spacecraft and felt the changes in his body.

He stared at the stars in the sky with shimmering eyes.

When his body was undergoing transformation, he was able to sense the echo of the millions of stars in the universe.

It was an incredible experience.

His body seemed to have turned into a mini universe.
The five stars floated above the sea of nihility, circling at a slow speed.

His body had the same origin as the universe.
Wang Teng felt that he could tour and survive in the universe with just his body.

This feeling was extremely strong, so strong that he wanted to put it to the test right away.

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Since ancient times, humans had been looking at the sky, yearning to visit the world above.
Yet, after thousands of years, no one was able to escape the restraints of gravity.

Even in modern times, when humans possessed technologies that allowed them to fly in the sky or spacecraft that could bring them into space, no one was able to step into the universe without any external help.

Even general-stage martial warriors couldn’t tour the universe with their own power.

Wang Teng’s eyes sparkled.
With a tap of his feet, his body gradually rose into the sky.

He moved slowly at the start.
As he flew up, his speed increased.
Soon, he bolted straight into the atmosphere like an arrow released from its bow.

A shrill sonic boom stabbed right into Wang Teng’s eardrums.

His body rubbed against the air around him, igniting sparks that finally turned into a large flame.
Soon, the fire engulfed Wang Teng’s body.

However, neither the ear-piercing sonic boom nor the flames around him hurt Wang Teng.
It didn’t even burn his clothes.

There was a layer of constellation Force wrapped around his body.
It completely cut off the flames and the sound around it.

Wang Teng felt that it wasn’t enough.
He raised his speed and charged into space like a cannon.
He disappeared on the spot within a split second, leaving a trail of eye-catching flames in the night sky behind him.

But no one saw him because this scene appeared in the desert.

After he reached the planetary stage, Wang Teng’s speed hit a frightening level.
He was able to travel faster than sound.
It was impossible to spot him.

At a certain moment, Wang Teng felt a resistance above him.
Something seemed to be stopping him from leaving the earth.

Wang Teng frowned.
His gaze turned sharp, and he released his fist.

His fist aura cut through the sky.
The invisible force stopping him disappeared, and Wang Teng continued shooting forward.

Soon, there was only emptiness in front of him.
The clouds, the air currents… everything was gone.
Only the cold loneliness and emptiness didn’t change.

Universe comprised space and time.

This was how the ancestors defined the universe.

Wang Teng stood in the dark emptiness.
The blue planet floated below him, with a boundless void in front.
Some distance away, there were shimmering stars scattered on this black canvas.
It was beautiful and out of the world.

There were stars, countless of them.

This was the first time he was standing in the universe.
He felt emotional.

The sense of achievement was incomparable.
He could stand in the universe without any external help.
The joy of breaking the boundaries of life welled up in his heart.

“This feels amazing!” Wang Teng clenched his fist and smiled.
Then, his gaze turned cold.
He looked in Country Xia’s direction and murmured to himself, “It’s time to go back!”

The blue-haired young man sent his men to escort everyone related to Wang Teng to Capital Xia.
This included the Wang family, Lin Chuxia, Lin Chuhan, Dan Taixuan, and even his classmates like Hou Pingliang and Baili Qingfeng.

Almost everyone who knew Wang Teng was caught.
The technology of the alien civilization was extremely advanced.
No one was able to escape their search.

In the middle of Capital Xia, a metallic high platform was being built below the gigantic alien spacecraft.
The Wang family, Lin Chuhan, Lin Chuxia, and the others were locked up in different cages.
These cages were hung in mid-air for everyone to enjoy.

The blue-haired young man ordered his men to place a table and chair on the high platform.
He then sat down casually.
Beautiful ladies surrounded him, massaged his legs, and fed him food.
He looked like a playboy.

There was a faint smirk at the edge of his lips.
Finally, he opened his mouth and said, “If you don’t tell me where Wang Teng is, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

He treated Wang Teng as his first opportunity on the earth.
He would definitely get the clone skill.
If these stupid and backward Earthlings didn’t cooperate with him, he didn’t mind conducting a massacre.

The entire Wang family was shocked and infuriated.
They were worried.
They didn’t know that the aliens wanted to target Wang Teng.

Grandpa Wang and the others didn’t know why the alien invaders wanted to look for Wang Teng.
However, they were certain that it wasn’t for anything good.

The younger generations and Wang Teng’s aunts were terrified.
They stared at Grandpa Wang unconsciously.

“Why are you anxious? The worse is death,” Grandpa Wang said calmly with a fierce aura, suppressing the astonishment and anger in his heart.

“Dad, do you know where Wang Teng is? He’s so powerful; he must be able to beat these aliens.
If he doesn’t come, the aliens will kill us,” Wang Teng’s aunt, Zhao Huili, stammered.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei’s faces turned black.

“Mom!” Wang Yanan’s expression changed and called her mom hurriedly.

They were blood-related.
Her words were a little hurtful.

Little Teng might be a talent, but he isn’t the aliens’ match.
Aren’t you sending him to death by asking him to come out?” Wang Shenghong was infuriated.

“But if Wang Teng doesn’t come, we will die!” Zhao Huili said in fear.
“I don’t mind death, but Yanan and Yalong are still young.”

“You!” Wang Shenghong turned green in anger.
He raised his hand and wanted to slap her.

“Alright, don’t embarrass yourself.” Grandpa Wang waved his hand and glanced at Zhao Huili.
“Do you think these aliens will let us go after Little Teng comes?

“Those who are not our kin are sure to be of a different heart!

“Even if Little Teng appears, the aliens wouldn’t release us.

“Little Teng is our only hope.
If he stays hidden, we might live.
The aliens will keep us alive to lure him.”

Zhao Huili was stunned by Grandpa Wang’s words.
She had made those statements out of fear, but Grandpa Wang’s reminder doused her with a bucket of cold water.
Her face turned pale.

Wang Teng was their only hope, but what had she said…

“Old man, you’re too noisy!” The blue-haired young man’s expression turned ugly.
He sneered.
“It seems like you want to do this the hard way.
Alright, have a taste of despair.
I have ample time to play with you.”

With a wave of his hand, the cage lit up with blue arcs.

The people in the cages got electrocuted.
They trembled in pain.
The electrocution wouldn’t cost them their lives, but they would experience continuous pain.
It was a perfect torturing method.

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