Wang Teng stood up in the spacecraft.
His black hair and clothes were dancing in the air even though there was no wind.

The lights that erupted from his body disappeared quickly.
They had only appeared for a split second.

Five stars were slowly spinning above the sea of nihility in Wang Teng’s body.

It was impossible to describe the five stars with words.
They were exceptionally beautiful.
With a faint light mist floating around them, they looked dreamy.
The stars were formed by numerous droplets of light.
They seemed like mysterious and magical crystals.

This was the aggregate of constellation Force.
Each star possessed a mysterious and frightening power.

Unnoticeable fluctuations flowed out from the stars continuously.

Wang Teng thought that he had completed the advancement process, but suddenly, a change occurred.

The cores in the five stars started spinning.
Soon, they turned into whirlpools.
A powerful suction force could be felt from within.

Wang Teng’s mind started trembling abruptly.
The spiritual power laying prone in his consciousness was woken up from its sleep.

After his spiritual power reached the Imperial Realm, it had turned into a liquid state and gathered in his mind like a huge dragon.

The suction force woke up the spiritual dragon, and it roared.
Five streams flowed out from its gigantic body, gushing toward the emptiness at the bottom of the sea.

At this moment, Wang Teng sensed the connection between them.
There seemed to be a link between his consciousness and the emptiness below the sea.
Invisible strings linked these two together.

The five streams from the spiritual dragon sunk deeper and deeper.
Soon, they reached the sea of nihility.

The five streams of spiritual power combined with the five stars with the help of the suction forces.
They landed in the abyss at the core of the stars and started twirling violently.
Soon, they merged with the cores.

The five stars started vibrating violently.

All the spiritual power flowed towards the stars.
Nothing was left.
The sea of nihility resumed its calmness as if nothing had ever happened.

The five stars floated above the boundless sea of nihility silently, giving off a faint glow on its surface.

At this moment, an invisible and strange energy was released from the five stars.
It flowed through Wang Teng’s body.

The transformation had started!

As the invisible force filled with vitality and power spread throughout his body, tremendous changes started taking place in Wang Teng’s muscles, bones, and organs…

Unknown transformations were happening at the cellular level too.

If one didn’t experience this change, one wouldn’t be able to imagine it.

This was a jump in the status of life.
It was a change in the very nature of a human.

The process sounded extremely slow, but it was actually as fast as lightning.
Within a few seconds, Wang Teng had transformed entirely.

A faint and powerful aura burst out of his body.
At this moment, his body had finally turned into the body of a planetary stage warrior!

As the five stars in Wang Teng’s body calmed down, the stars in the sky regained their peace.
However, many people on Earth had noticed this extraordinary phenomenon.

Far away in the White Eagle Nation, the capital was occupied by an alien spacecraft.
This spacecraft was different from the one hanging above Country Xia, but it was similarly huge and terrifying.

A golden-haired young man was standing on the top of the spacecraft.

His hands were placed behind his back and his golden hair was swimming in the wind.
He appeared holy and divine.
Looking at the sky with his narrow eyes, he suddenly smiled.
Someone managed to reach the planetary stage on his own on this underdeveloped planet.
What’s more, this isn’t a normal planetary stage breakthrough.

“The stars around this planet wouldn’t have reacted if it was just a normal advancement.

“It’s been a long time since this scene last occurred.”

In Country Inka, a young man with brown hair was sitting at the top of a spacecraft.
He looked into the night sky with his deep eyes and exclaimed, “What a surprise.
It looks like this trip is getting more and more interesting~

In Country Star, on Mount Saint, a green-haired lady stood on the roof of the Holy Temple.
Her white long gown floated against the wind.

Alais stood behind her quietly.
However, when she raised her head and saw the stars glittering in the sky, her gaze changed.

“You seem happy?” the green-haired lady in front suddenly asked.

Alais was shocked.
Her gaze immediately turned indifferent, and she replied, “That’s none of your business.”

The green-haired lady smiled gently.
She didn’t get angry and whispered instead, “Things are getting interesting.
I wonder who advanced to the planetary stage!”

This scene didn’t just happen in these three places.
The other aliens who had invaded Earth came out of their territories in astonishment.
Some were surprised, some were curious, and others were contemptuous.

No matter what their thoughts were, this matter had attracted the attention of all the aliens.

The blue-haired young man stood at the top of his spacecraft and stared into the universe.
His expression was gloomy.

This was a huge variable in his plan.
A planetary stage martial warrior had appeared on Earth.

This was an underdeveloped planet.
The planetary stage shouldn’t exist here.

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