Chapter 753 Moons In The Sea! (2)

Blank attributes were the most important thing to Wang Teng currently.
He had accumulated enough to raise his Star Water Scripture to the perfected stage.

Next, he looked at his earth Force.
His earth Force was at the 13-star high-tier general stage.
If he collected more points, he would be able to achieve a breakthrough.

However, the ten thousand points of earth Force wasn’t enough for it to enter the planetary stage.
There were no changes to his attributes panel.

Wang Teng knew that he must convert all his normal Force into constellation Force before he could jump from the general stage to the planetary stage.

Finally, there was the Sand Control Talent…

When the talent merged into his body, Wang Teng felt a change in his physique.
He seemed to be able to control sand naturally.
With a wave of his hand, he could move the sand below his feet.

He opened his palm.
The sand on the ground rose up like an upside-down waterfall and twirled around his arm, changing its shape according to his thoughts.
At one moment, it was a long sword.
A second later, it turned into a battle sword, a flower, a bird, a fish…

“This Sand Control Talent is more flexible than the Heart Of Zhongyan,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.

There was an obvious difference between these two talents.

The Heart Of Zhongyan allowed him to control rocks and stones, but its emphasis was on strength and brute force.

The Sand Control Talent was more flexible and detailed.

Wang Teng remembered the Magnetic Physique.
There were some similarities between these two talents.
Both allowed him to control sand, but the Magnetic Physique could help him control things with magnetic fields and formed magnetic fields.
This was a unique ability, so its power was stronger… If only I could merge these three talents! This absurd thought appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

At first, this was just his wishful thinking.
It was an extravagant hope.
He never expected the attributes panel to give him a reaction.

The attributes board showed him the formula of the merger…

Sand Control Talent + Magnetic Physique + Heart Of Zhongyan = Heart Of Magnetic Essence!

Cough… the way it was displayed wasn’t important.
The most important thing was, after the merger of these three abilities, Wang Teng received an entirely new talent…

The Heart Of Magnetic Essence!

This was a higher-class physique talent!

The memories of the Heart Of Magnetic Essence floated into Wang Teng’s mind.
He immediately understood how it worked.

In summary, this talent comprised the merits of the Magnetic Physique, the Sand Control Talent, and the Heart Of Zhongyan.
Adding on, the potential of this talent was higher, and it was more powerful.

Heart Of Magnetic Essence: 1000/10000

Wang Teng was stunned when he saw the attributes panel.


The limit of the Heart Of Magnetic Essence was ten thousand.
This was higher than all the physique talents he had ever received.
Even the Demon Lotus Poison Body couldn’t be compared with it.

Of course, the Ancient God’s Body wasn’t counted.
He cultivated that.

The astonishing limit of the Heart Of Magnetic Essence delighted Wang Teng.
He felt like he had just combined three normal items into one divine item.

This was a huge gain!

But its starting points are 1000 points.
I’ll need more blank attributes to push it up.
Never mind, I’ll look at it when I have extra blank attributes.
Wang Teng shook his head, lamenting how poor he was.

He had just received ten thousand blank attributes, but they weren’t enough at all.
He was poor!

Wang Teng grieved over his fate for a few seconds before gathering his emotions and heading further into the desert.
His destination was the next oasis.

Night came.

Wang Teng arrived at the next oasis just in time.
He didn’t want to spend the night in the desert.

Cultivation was cultivation, resting was resting.
He mustn’t maltreat himself.
Finding a comfortable resting place was essential.
After all, he loved to enjoy life.

Wang Teng built a bonfire in the oasis and took out some star beast meat to barbecue.
A strong fragrance spread out, whetting his appetite.
After filling up his stomach, he started cultivating.

He added all the blank attributes he gained to the Star Water Scripture, so it was at the perfected stage now.

He activated the five scriptures together.
They rumbled and spun furiously in Wang Teng’s body like five engines, converting his normal Force into constellation Force.

Time flew.
Five days had passed.

One night, Wang Teng sat cross-legged in the cultivation room in the Minos III spacecraft and slowly opened his eyes.
There was a sharp glint in them.

A powerful and profound aura spread out from his body.
He had exceeded the realms of the general stage!

Wang Teng couldn’t control his happiness.
All the basic five elements of Forces in his body had been converted into constellation Force.

It was a tough journey.
He had worked hard for so many days before he succeeded.

Wang Teng almost cried in joy.

If other people knew that he only used a few days to convert all his five basic elements’ Forces and was still pretending to feel touched by his hard work, they might kill him out of jealousy.

Anyone that loved to act pretentious should die a terrible death!

However, Wang Teng was honestly thinking this way.
He was in a tense state after he learned of the alien invasion.
He was afraid that unexpected changes might happen if he was a step too late.

Hence, his heart was torn with anxiety for the past few days.

He might be deep in the desert, but he still paid attention to what was happening in the outside world.

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