Chapter 751 This Human Didn’t Seem Normal!

In the boundless desert, a figure was walking alone.
There was a long trail of footsteps behind him, stretching all the way into the horizon.

This was Wang Teng.
He was searching for signs of star beasts to hunt for attribute bubbles.
There seemed to be no living creatures in the desert, but there were many star beasts hiding below the sand.

Earlier, Wang Teng had killed three rounds of desert star beasts that attacked him.

The sun hung high in the sky, burning the land below.
Direct exposure to the sun in the desert might cost you your life, but Wang Teng was casually strolling through the Sahara.
His lips weren’t dry, and there was no perspiration seen on his forehead or body.
He looked as if he was taking a walk after a meal.

Everything was normal, if you ignored the strange cries coming from his mouth.

“Dear little beasts, come out quickly!

“Don’t hide! Let’s play a game of you kill me or I kill you

“It’s really fun.
I guarantee that you won’t feel like playing after you finish this round.
Come out quickly…”

Wang Teng sang in a soft voice.
He sounded like a strange uncle trying to bewitch a little girl.
It would be a miracle if a star beast came out to find him.

Only Wang Teng could think of this method.
His mind worked in strange ways.

Suddenly, there was a movement under the sand to his left.
With a bang, a black figure shot out.

It was a huge black lizard.
It looked like the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard Wang Teng had caught in the past.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up as if he had seen a treasure./ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

The instant the huge black lizard pounced on him, Wang Teng swung his fist.


The huge black lizard flew out a long way.
All the bones in its body broke, and it fell weakly to the ground.
It had died.


A few attribute bubbles dropped out.
Wang Teng picked them up immediately.

Sand Control Talent*10

Earth Force*380

Blank Attribute*325

Wang Teng’s eyes shone.
He had received the Sand Control Talent from this large black lizard.
Although it overlapped with the Heart Of Zhongyan and the Magnetic Physique and was less powerful than them…

It was still a talent!

Also, the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard once said that its companions were living in this desert.

After seeing the black lizard, Wang Teng had enough proof to believe that this was the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard’s companion.

As expected, while he was in deep thought, the sand around him churned, and numerous huge black lizards started crawling out.
They hissed at Wang Teng.




Wang Teng had provoked the entire lizard race when he killed that huge black lizard.
This was their territory.
They were always the predators.
They wouldn’t allow an invader to wreak havoc in their base.


Two larger black lizards appeared in front of Wang Teng.
Based on the intensity of their Force glows, they were at least at the 12-star lord level.

There were two 12-star lord-level star beasts within this race.
This was extremely rare!

The black lizards around them moved aside to clear a path for these two bosses, who stopped in front of Wang Teng and said, “Human, how dare you invade the territory of the Black Sand Lizards?”

“So what if I did?” Wang Teng cut it off.


One of the Black Sand Lizards wanted to continue speaking, but Wang Teng interrupted it once again.
He pretended to be scared and said, “What do you want to do? Do you want to eat me? You’re so cruel.
This is so scary!”

The Black Sand Lizard: …

This human didn’t seem normal!

“Don’t eat me.
My meat is sour.
It isn’t nice at all.
I’m not lying.
Please believe me,” Wang Teng continued hurriedly.

“I have eaten human meat before.
It’s delicious,” the lord-level Black Sand Lizard said calmly.

“No, no.
I’m different from the other humans.
My meat isn’t good at all.
I’m being honest,” Wang Teng shook his head fervently as if he was terrified.
He kept retreating.

The Black Sand Lizards around him inched closer.
The entire area was packed with lizards.
There was no path for him to escape.

Wang Teng didn’t even know how many Black Sand Lizards there were in this area.
How did they manage to support so many lizards?

“There isn’t much food here.
Even if it’s sour, we will still eat it,” the other lord-level Black Sand Lizard said.


The ordinary Black Sand Lizards got excited.
There was only one human, and he was definitely not enough to fill up their stomachs, but they hadn’t enjoyed human meat in a long time.
Hence, they were happy to have a small bite of him to cleanse their palate.
After all, it wasn’t easy to find a human here.

The Black Sand Lizards bared their teeth and smiled eerily at Wang Teng.

“Wait, I have your friend.
I brought your clansman back,” Wang Teng said suddenly.

“Clansman?” The lord-level Black Sand Lizard asked curiously.

“That’s right.
Take a look.
I spent a lot of effort to save it.
You should thank me.” Wang Teng took out the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard from his space ring.

The instant the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard appeared, the other Black Sand Lizards started getting restless.
They hissed at the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard in the cage.

The Black Sand Magnetic Lizard hadn’t come to its senses yet.
It opened its eyes in bewilderment and realized that it was back in this familiar desert with many irritating and familiar fellows around it.

It lowered its body and hissed at the Black Sand Lizards.

Wang Teng was stunned.

What’s this?

This Black Sand Magnetic Lizard seemed to be an enemy of these bunch of Black Sand Lizards.
It seemed angry to see them.

“Deviant!” The cold voices of the two lord-level Black Sand Lizards were heard.

“Deviant?” Wang Teng was stunned.
He understood this scene.
This Black Sand Magnetic Lizard was a mutated lizard and wasn’t recognized by its clansmen.

“Haha, I didn’t know that star beasts had discrimination.
Interesting.” Wang Teng glanced around him with interest.
There was disdain in his gaze.

“Human, give this lizard to me,” a lord-level Black Sand Lizard said.

“What if I don’t?” Wang Teng chuckled.

“Then you can die with it.” The lord-level Black Sand Lizard howled indignantly and ordered, “Kill them!”

The Black Sand Lizards around started hissing.
They didn’t pounce on Wang Teng.
Instead, as they hissed, the sand on the ground started floating up, painting the sky yellow.


It was a frightening scene.
The entire race used their sand control talent at the same time.

It was like a huge sandstorm.
The sand formed a wall, and the visibility inside was almost zero.
The sandstorm surged toward Wang Teng.

“This looks good!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He felt that he could add this battle technique to his collection.

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