Chapter 747 Blue-Haired Young Man

Capital Xia had fallen!

This astonishing thought appeared in Wang Teng’s mind unconsciously as he looked at the situation in the city through his clone.

He didn’t know where the leader of martial arts and the three great commanders were or whether they were alive.
The alien spacecraft hovered over Capital Xiaa fearlessly, and the city was plunged into chaos.
Wasn’t it obvious that it had fallen?

What kind of presence had landed on Earth? How were they able to occupy the entire Capital Xia within two short hours?

Mind you, there were many powerful martial warriors in Capital Xia, including a bunch of general-stage martial warriors.
However, at one glance, there were no signs of general-stage marital warriors.
They were either captured or killed by the aliens or were hiding because they feared the invaders.

No matter what it was, it meant that the aliens were extremely powerful!

The clone received Wang Teng’s order and prepared to sneak into Capital Xia.
Suddenly, a ray of light shone down from the huge spacecraft in front, landing directly on the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft where the clone was at.

“Oh shit!” The clone was appalled.
He jumped out of the spacecraft and escaped without any hesitation.

The next instant, the light hit the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft and turned it into a ball of light amidst an explosion.

The clone appeared some distance away.
Staring at the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft that was about to disappear, a drop of cold sweat fell down his forehead.

What a close call!

He almost died before he saw any aliens!

But the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft was destroyed.
His master must be furious.
After all, he had received the plane not long ago and only used it a few times before it went out of commission.
What a pity.

The clone felt a little awkward.
He thought that he could avoid the detection of the alien spacecraft using the anti-detection device from Minos III, but he was too naive.

He got discovered almost instantly and paid the price.

That anti-detection device was rubbish!

Indeed, Sha Didi and his companions were a bunch of poor fellows.

Sha Didi received another grudge in his deep sleep.

The explosion in the sky attracted the attention of the people below.
Many of them raised their heads.
They didn’t know what had happened.

The clone executed the Shadow Merging Secret Skill and disappeared into the dark, hoping to evade detection of the alien’s spacecraft.

Fortunately, the ray of light stopped shooting after it destroyed the battlecraft.

The clone felt its way toward the alien spacecraft.
There was no need to visit other places.
He headed directly towards the enemy.
If he could find one or two aliens and get some information out of them, it would give his master an advantage for his plans in the future.

Soon, he came close to the spacecraft and found the entrance.

The entrance was extremely eye-catching.
The aliens might be exceptionally confident in themselves, so they left it wide open.

The clone hid in the dark and flew deep into the spacecraft.

There was a long corridor behind the cabin door.
The entire passageway was dim, so he was able to sneak in without any issue.

The clone proceeded quickly and met a bunch of aliens when it turned around a corner.

To his surprise, these aliens looked almost the same as humans.
The only difference was their long hair, which came in different and strange colors.

Their hair color wasn’t the unconventional hair colors youngsters liked to dye.
Instead, the colors were pure and natural.

These aliens laughed and chatted happily as they walked out.
They seemed to be heading outside.

The clone leaned close to the wall and merged into the darkness.
He remained silent.

Wang Teng understood these aliens’ abilities through the clone.

Compared to Sha Didi, these aliens hadn’t reached the planetary stage.
But, they were all at the general stage, and none of them was below the 12-star general stage.

The most important thing was, the Force they had wasn’t the ordinary Force.
It was constellation Force!

Wang Teng didn’t understand their language, so he could only watch them leaving the spacecraft.

With a heavy heart, the clone continued walking in.

He didn’t understand the internal structure of the spacecraft, so he could only search the paths one by one.
This spacecraft was huge with many passageways.
He didn’t know where to go.
The clone only knew that he must head towards the central region to get to the control room of this spacecraft.

That was the core of the spacecraft.

After walking for more than ten minutes, he finally came to the control room.
But when he reached his destination, he squinted his eyes.

The control room was enormous, and its infrastructure was strange.
There were devices everywhere.
Many aliens were operating them, looking busy.
In the center, there was a spacious and comfortable resting area.

A young man was sitting on the sofa there.
A few beautiful ladies stood beside him, feeding him crystal-clear fruits and massaging his limbs and back…

He must be enjoying himself!

There was a huge cage placed in front of him.
The Leader of martial arts and the other martial warriors were locked in it.

“Pfft!” The young man had long blue hair, and his pupils were azure blue.
He wore an unruly smile on his face as he spat out some seeds.
“This Earth is quite interesting.
It’s so underdeveloped, yet it’s a Land of Wakening.”

The clone’s gaze turned sharp.
This young man was speaking in their language.

“Land of Wakening!” Wang Teng was shocked.
He repeated the words in his heart.

The martial warriors in the cage remained quiet.
They waited for the blue-haired young man to continue speaking.

The blue-haired young man took the glass of red wine that a beautiful lady had passed him and stood up.
He stroll towards the martial warriors and continued, “There are many benefits in the Land of Wakening, enough to attract us.
If not, I wouldn’t really want to come to his remote and backward planet.”

He took a sip of wine and opened his mouth again.
“You guys are the leaders of this Country Xia.
No one is more familiar with the Earth than you.
I need you to cooperate with me.

“Of course, I’ll give you some benefits too.
As long as you help me get what I want and make me happy, I can bring you along as my subordinates when I leave this planet.
I will bring you out to a bigger world.”

The blue-haired young man was calm and composed the whole way.
The arrogance in his voice couldn’t be clearer.
It looked down on the Earth.

He felt normal to treat the Leader of martial arts and the others as his subordinates.
He even felt that this was charity, a gift for them.

“The universe is huge.
You might be formidable warriors on Earth, but out there, you’re nothing.
Your survival is tied with me.
You will only be able to break the barrier that has been stopping you and become a true warrior like me if you leave with me.

“So, you should consider this properly.” The blue-haired young man smiled confidently and sat back on the sofa.
However, the scene he imagined didn’t happen.
The people didn’t surrender.

“In your dreams!”

“Our Earth might be underdeveloped, but we will never be slaves!”

“That’s right, we’ll never be slaves!”

Angry shouts came from the cages.
The martial warriors from Earth were infuriated.
They stood up and glared at the blue-haired young man.

“Seriously… you’re tempting fate!” The blue-haired young man’s face became black as a pot, and his gaze turned cold.


He raised his hand and pointed at the cage.
A sharp ray of light penetrated one of the martial warrior’s head, leaving behind a glaring bloody hole.
The martial warrior fell to the ground.

“Old Chen!”

The martial warriors around him were flabbergasted.
As they stared at the corpse in astonishment, a chill surged into their hearts.

This 12-star general-stage martial warrior got killed so easily.

Although the three great commanders were furious, they didn’t make any sound.
This blue-haired young man had a short fuse.
Provoking him wasn’t a good idea.

The Leader of martial arts closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

“Who is it?” the blue-haired young man suddenly yelled.
He acted at the same time and pointed at the entrance of the control room.


A sharp ray of light shot out, and the clone was forced to reveal himself from the Shadow Merging Secret Skill.

“How bold of you.
How dare you infiltrate my spacecraft!” The blue-haired young man snorted.
He disappeared on the spot.

The clone turned serious.
He retreated when a figure appeared behind him and grabbed his throat.

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