Chapter 744 Heaven Fire Meteor! (2)


He added a poison that could weaken these star beasts.
He wasn’t stringy with the dosage either, treating them with care.

Mind you, Wang Teng was an advanced-stage poison master.
He was able to concoct a poison that had no taste or smell.
Normal people wouldn’t notice it, much less this bunch of stupid centipedes.

The lord-level centipede was raging.
It hissed angrily.

But it realized that it was gradually losing control of its body.
Fortunately, it was at the lord level, so it could withstand the effects a little longer, unlike the other centipedes who couldn’t move at all.

However, it knew that if this continued, it would be unable to move soon.

Although unwilling, it didn’t dare to stay here any longer.
It hurriedly crawled back to its cave and wanted to hide underground.
Once it entered its cave, other star beasts wouldn’t be able to find it.

“Thinking of running away?” Wang Teng knew that he couldn’t wait anymore.
He wouldn’t allow his prey to escape.
He moved and instantly dashed out of his hiding place.

At the same time, he released Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion.

“Young lads, go ahead and kill!” Wang Teng laughed as he ordered them.

“Human!” The lord-level centipede was astounded and infuriated.
Yet, it remained a coward and continued resisting the effects of the poison.
At the same time, it increased its speed and crawled towards its cave.


Wang Teng waved his hand.
Numerous flying daggers shot out under the control of his spiritual kinesis.
They instantly appeared above the lord-level centipede’s head.

“Damn it!” The lord-level centipede was caught unawares.
The flying daggers came so quickly that it didn’t have any time to react.
It could only shrink its body into an arch to evade the rain of daggers.


The flying daggers hit the ground and formed a large hole.
The lord-level centipede almost jumped in fright.
It scurried away in a hurry.

The flying daggers flew into the air amidst the dust and started chasing it.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

A sonic boom sounded.
The lord-level centipede shuttled back and forth in the valley.
It looked miserable, but it managed to dodge many rounds of attacks.

“Is it an expert in dodging?” Wang Teng muttered to himself with a strange expression on his face.

Wang Teng saw the lord-level centipede arching and snapping its body continuously to evade the flying daggers.
He was honestly impressed.

Mind you, his flying daggers were known for their speed.
It was almost impossible to evade them, but this centipede’s springing skills were amazing

However, its evading method was a little weird.
Wang Teng almost wanted to laugh.

It was hard to imagine that this lord-level star beast managed to learn this evading tactic.
It was impressive.

But after looking at it for some time, Wang Teng found the gist.
He took out a longbow from his space ring and pulled the bow.

A light arrow assembled by Force appeared on the bow.

Aurora Holy Arrow!

This was the sky-rank battle technique he had gained from the holy knight of the Sagittarius Palace.
It was finally put to use now.


Wang Teng controlled his flying daggers to attack the lord-level centipede while aiming his arrow in a certain direction.


The flying daggers failed to hit the centipede again.

The lord-level centipede dodged the lethal attack with its springing body skill.
It was just a short distance from its cave.
It could enter it soon.

it was elated, feeling that it had survived the crisis.
Right then, a sense of danger swarmed into its heart.


A faint sonic boom came from the space in front of him.

The lord-level centipede squinted.
It saw a light arrow flying toward it.
It wanted to evade, but its body was still in an arch position.
Even more, because of its movement, it landed directly on the spot where the light arrow was going to hit.

crow W


The light arrow pierced into the lord-level centipede’s body.
It exploded, and blood splattered everywhere.
Its body was almost cut into two.

The next second, the flying daggers arrived and swallowed it.

Lord-level centipede, dead!

“No matter how sly you are, you’ll still die.” Wang Teng shook his head and collected the attribute bubbles happily.

Poison Force*3600

Blank Attribute*4200

Ultimate Stage Poison Talent*120


A pure poison Force flowed around Wang Teng’s body and was converted into his own Force, merging with the poison Force in his Force nucleus.

The Demon Lotus Poison Body started waking up.

Wang Teng’s body was like a huge poison furnace merging all the poison Forces together and pushing them through a certain bottleneck.


He trembled.
The bottleneck vibrated and broke.
His poison Force had advanced another stage!

11-star general stage!

Wang Teng stretched his back.
His body was full of powerful energy as his bones cracked loudly.

The metal armor flaming scorpion and Little White killed the other centipedes around them and were preparing to claim credit from Wang Teng.
They felt his aura when they got closer to him.

He has become stronger again! The metal armor flaming scorpion was dumbfounded.

“Done?” Wang Teng asked.

We even dug out their star cores and star bones.
They’re all here.” The metal armor flaming scorpion took out many poison-element star cores and three poison-element star bones.
He tried to flatter Wang Teng

“Well done,” Wang Teng praised them.
He glanced around him and picked up the attribute bubbles silently.

The attribute bubbles flew over under the control of his spiritual power.

Poison Force*500

Blank Attribute*280

Poison Force*320

Poison Force*410

Blank Attribute*550

Wang Teng was elated.
He collected another round of poison Force and blank attributes.

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