Chapter 741 Track (2)

“I’m sure everyone has a deep impression of him now, right?”


Everyone felt speechless.
The impression was as deep as it could get.

At first, they only felt that Wang Teng was an exceptionally talented martial warrior.
His potential was impressive, but they didn’t know that he had such a cheeky side.
No one expected it, so they spurted their drink.
If it wasn’t unexpected, they would have remained unwavering.

“Alright, let me share Wang Teng’s achievements with you.
I’m sure all of you know about the sea beasts’ riot in Donghai.
Wang Teng is the greatest hero.
But before this, he had already made many contributions!

“He contributed in the battle of Yang City and Star Maple City on the Xingwu Continent and played a crucial part in both victories…”

The Leader of martial arts listed his achievements.
The people present were astounded.

Most of them had learned Wang Teng during the sea beasts’ riot.
The battles on the Xingwu Continent were kept within the military, so outsiders didn’t know about them.

Although Wang Teng had joined the military recently, he had already made so many contributions.

He faced a general-stage dark apparition even though he hadn’t reached that stage.
He managed to hold back the dark apparitions’ invasion and waited until reinforcements arrived.

Similarly, he hosted an array and resisted the terrifying devil lords, forcing them into a dire state.
He also fell into the Darkland but managed to fight his way out.
He survived the crisis and came back to Earth!

Everyone was engrossed as they listened to his stories.

Every single experience was enough for someone to boast about it for life.
It was hard to believe that Wang Teng went through everything.
You could say that his journey was sensational and dynamic.

How could a young man accomplish so many things?

Many important figures had brought their younger generations along.
At first, these youngsters were unconvinced, but as they listened to the Leader of martial arts’ speech, their mouths turned agape.

This must be a monster!

How old was he? Could he do all these things? He wasn’t giving them any chance.


They were around the same age as him, yet they were still indulged in their own pleasures and were leaving a comfortable and carefree life.
They felt useless when compared with him.

Zhao Yaqin and Qian Duoduo’s eyes were shimmering brightly.
No lady could say no to a hero.
Wang Teng struck the soft spot in both ladies’ hearts.
They almost wanted to pounce on him.

They weren’t the only ones.
Many young ladies present were looking at Wang Teng with bright eyes.
They looked like a bunch of fangirls.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He admitted that he was outstanding, but he didn’t like to be in the spotlight.


His life was so lonely!

It’s lonely to be in a high position… So cold

He could tell that the Leader of martial arts and the three great commanders wanted to push him to the front.
They were paving the path for him.

He was famous.
Everyone knew him, but having the Leader speaking up for him was an entirely different concept.
The Leader wasn’t just complimenting Wang Teng.
He also wanted everyone to know that he was supporting him.

Wang Teng could guess his intention.
Of course, he wasn’t the only one.
All the sly old foxes present understood the leader’s plan.

The banquet was successful.
The arrival of the Leader of martial arts pushed the atmosphere to a crescendo.
It was a worthwhile trip for everyone.

When the banquet ended, many people wanted to bid farewell to Wang Teng to deepen their impression in his mind and forge a closer relationship with him.
But he had already left with the Leader.

They were stunned once again.
Their idea of Wang Teng’s position in the Leader of martial arts’ heart climbed to new heights.
The rise of this young man was undeniable!

No one knew what they talked about that night.
No one ever saw Wang Teng again after that either.

Most of their plans failed.

As for Wang Teng, he had already left Country Xia.
He boarded his Queen Phoenix Battlecraft and headed to a dense primary forest.

Posiriah Plain!

An invisible battlecraft flew over at high speed, entering the territory of Country Boar from Country Xia.
However, it didn’t get detected.

It came silently like a ghost.

The aliens’ invisibility technology was used on the battlecraft.
Hence, even the most advanced detectors on Earth wouldn’t be able to find it.

This was Wang Teng’s Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
The invisibility technology was actually an anti-detection device he found on the Minos III spacecraft.

The current technology on Earth was unable to see through the invisibility cloak of the battlecraft.

The battlecraft arrived within the central region of the Posiriah Plains.
It finally landed and parked on an empty white piece of land covered with snow.


A figure walked down the battlecraft.
It was Wang Teng.

With a wave of his hand, the battlecraft on the snow disappeared.

Wang Teng didn’t stop.
He found his direction and walked into the dense forest.
A strong gale blew behind him, throwing the snow into the air and covering any traces the battlecraft could have left.

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