Chapter 740 Track (1)

Wang Teng didn’t think that these two ladies would be so fierce.
He shook his head and lifted his glass to take a sip of his wine, allowing them to argue among themselves.

Zhao Yaqin and Qian Duoduo were born into large and powerful families, so they knew when to stop.
Even though they were arguing, they didn’t irritate Wang Teng.
Instead, he felt a sense of achievement.
Two beauties were fighting for him.

Of course, with his temperament, he wouldn’t take this matter to heart.
He just shook his head and smiled.
Honestly, there were many ladies chasing him.
He didn’t lack one or two.

Zhao Yaqin and Qian Duoduo argued and chatted with Wang Teng simultaneously to strengthen their relationships.
Wang Teng was also bored, so he accompanied them and joined their conversation.

Time would fly when you had beauties attending to you.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the entrance.

“The Leader of martial arts is here!” someone shouted.
Thereafter, the hall turned silent.
Everyone looked in the direction of the entrance.

This was the second time this situation had happened tonight.
The first time was when Wang Teng arrived.
Now, it was because of the Leader of martial arts.

Three elders stood beside a middle-aged man under the night sky and walked into the hall.

The man was lofty.
His eyes were as dark as the night sky, and he had short white hair.
His face was angular and sharp, and his aura was exceptional.

His force of presence was overpowering.
When he walked, he gave off a domineering aura that suppressed everyone present.

The three great commanders accompanied him.
They walked slightly behind, allowing the Leader of martial arts to appear even more noble and mighty.

“Everyone is here!” The Leader of martial arts walked into the hall and smiled as he looked around him.

Everyone bowed respectfully.

“Sit down.
This is a fun night.
We won’t be talking about business today.” The Leader of martial arts nodded and continued walking forward.

The crowd cleared a path for him.
No one sat down.
They continued standing with respect.
Everyone’s gaze was focused on him.

Wang Teng, Zhou Xuanwu, and Xiao Nanfeng came forward to welcome him.
They continued bowing until the Leader of martial arts arrived in front of them.

The Leader of martial arts stopped and sized up the three martial warriors.
He nodded.
“Y’all did well.”

“Thank you!” Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were excited.

The Leader of martial arts held a highly respectable position in Country Xia.
Even formidable warriors like them couldn’t help but feel honored and elated.

Wang Teng wasn’t that impressed, but he still kept his respect and admiration for the Leader of martial arts.
After all, this was the person who had brought Country Xia to its current status.
It wasn’t an easy job.

Due to the rise of the martial arts era, any mistakes might cause the world situation to change.
They might be doomed eternally.

Country Xia kept progressing and developing, advancing carefully and vigilantly.
Finally, they became one of the strongest in the


His contribution could not be left unrecognized.
He was destined to leave a page in the book of history.

At this moment, the Leader of martial arts walked towards the podium in the hall.
Everyone’s gaze followed him.
It was obvious that the Leader wanted to speak.

On the stage, the Leader of martial arts scanned everyone below and smiled.
He opened his mouth, “Actually, I didn’t want to come.
Every time I appear, there will be a huge scene.
I can only hide in my imperial palace!”

They all chuckled when the Leader of martial arts teased himself.
The atmosphere relaxed instantly.

“Have a seat.
This is just a normal banquet.
There’s no need to be so serious,” the Leader of martial arts waved his hands and said casually.

Everyone finally listened to him and sat down.
However, the hall remained quiet.
The atmosphere just turned a little lively.


“I came today to see the three meritorious martial warriors!

“The Zhenli Clan has always been a pain in our neck.
This time, we finally exterminated them.

“The credit goes to Zhou Xuanwu, Xiao Nanfeng… and Wang Teng!

“I’m sure everyone is familiar with the first two names.
The last person is extremely young.
Many people probably know him, but you might not have heard of his achievements.
Let me introduce him to everyone today.”

The Leader of martial arts smiled as he looked at Wang Teng below the stage.
Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng moved sideways automatically, revealing his figure to the crowd.

The three great commanders smiled and looked at him in satisfaction.

On the other hand, Wang Teng was feeling helpless.
Everyone present was looking at him.
He might have been through many important situations, but this was the first time he was pulled out and complimented in front of the crowd.

It felt a little embarrassing!

“Cough, please be lowkey.
I know that I’m handsome, but can y’all stop staring at me like this? People might misunderstand if they see a bunch of men ogling me,” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and said.


The majority of the people were drinking.
When they heard Wang Teng’s words, they spilled their drinks on the spot.
It was a tragic sight.

Everyone looked at him with bitterness.

Wang Teng didn’t think that their sense of humor was so low.
He looked at them innocently.
“Hahaha…” The Leader of martial arts burst out laughing.
He pointed at Wang Teng and said, “You’re a cheeky fellow.”

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