Chapter 73: Star Bone!

The next day.

The exam paper was at 9 am.

However, at 7 am, the examinees were woken up by Second Lieutenant Luo’s whistle.

Yesterday, they had a really good time.

But, in the end, this bunch of examinees couldn’t win against the soldiers.
All the soldiers had really loud voices.
Their singing skills were not bad, either, and their voices didn’t go hoarse even after two hours of singing.

They couldn’t afford to provoke them!

Time to leave, time to leave!

The male students didn’t manage to see the military belle and had even embarrassed themselves.

The examinees woke up with a start when they heard the whistle.
They were in a daze.
But, when they remembered what Second Lieutenant Luo had said yesterday night, they sprung up immediately.

Disqualified from the exam?

They were awake!

They were entirely awake!

Everyone used their fastest speed to tidy themselves up and rushed out of the barracks.
They gathered in front of Second Lieutenant Luo.

When they looked at Second Lieutenant Luo, everyone had one single expression on their faces—hidden bitterness!

But, Second Lieutenant Luo just ignored them.
He chatted happily with Liu Wenshi and the other leaders from the Ministry of Education.
Occasionally, he would look at this watch.
Everyone gritted their teeth in hatred.

“Alright, it’s time.
Gather and number off.”

The examinees finished numbering off, just like last night.
Naturally, no one would fumble the ball at a critical moment like this.
Even if they were slower, the student beside them would help.

Second Lieutenant Luo brought everyone to the cafeteria for breakfast.
Then, he led them to a building.
The examinees waited for an entire hour before the exam started.

Two hours later, the bell rang.
The examinees left the exam venue.

The paper exam went smoothly.
At least, this was how Wang Teng felt.

But, looking at the faces of some examinees, they didn’t seem to have done well.
They sighed and moaned the moment they came out.

“Sigh, I didn’t study some of the exam topics.
I’m dead.”

We only had two weeks to prepare.
There’s not enough time at all.
I do have some impressions of some questions, but I just can’t remember the answer.”

“What did you choose for the third multiple choice? Is it A?”

“Isn’t it B?”

“I chose C.”

“F**k, I chose D…”

Wang Teng almost burst out laughing when he heard the students discussing beside him.
There were only four choices for a single question.
They chose all of them.

This was hilarious.

“It looks like you scored quite well.” Wang Teng saw a relaxed smile on Lin Chuhan’s face.

“Not bad.
It’s not difficult.” Lin Chuhan didn’t deny it.
As expected, for a top student like her, exam papers were a piece of cake.

“I did say that the paper exam this year wouldn’t be difficult.” Yang Jian ran over and asked for compliments.

Before this, he had already told them that the paper wouldn’t be difficult due to the exceptional circumstances this year.
Unexpectedly, he was right.

There was nothing to do in the afternoon, so the examinees took a tour around the military camp with Second Lieutenant Luo leading the way.
They also looked at the soldiers having their training.

Of course, they were not allowed to visit certain confidential areas.

While watching the soldiers’ training, Wang Teng picked up some strength and speed attributes.

But, he couldn’t get too close, so he couldn’t collect those that were further from him.
Also, pure strength and speed attributes didn’t affect him much.

To a martial warrior, Force was the foundation.

The stronger your Force, the stronger your physique.
Your strength and speed would increase along with it.

This was the difference between martial warriors and martial disciples.

After that, Second Lieutenant Luo brought the examinees to the shooting range to play with guns.
He allowed the examinees to have fun.

Wang Teng was delighted.

He didn’t expect this benefit.

Gun Skill*1

Gun Skill*1

After a round of collection, Wang Teng’s Gun Kungfu finally changed digits.

Gun kungfu, 2/10 (foundation)!

It rose from 1.8 to 2 points. It’s still better than nothing. Wang Teng congratulated and consoled himself at the same time.

Unfortunately, even in the military’s shooting range, he didn’t see any Gun Kungfu attributes.

9 pm.

Wang Teng was just preparing to rest when Liu Wenshi came to look for him.

“Uncle, why are you here?”

Yang Jian, who was lying on the bed and about to sleep, sprung up when he saw Liu Wenshi entering the room.

“I came to speak to Wang Teng,” said Liu Wenshi.

“Speak to me?” Wang Teng was surprised.
He had no interaction with Liu Wenshi.
Why was he looking for him?

“That’s right.
Wang Teng, can we go outside to speak?” Liu Wenshi nodded.

The two of them walked out of the barracks and found a secluded corner.

“Uncle Liu, why are you looking for me?” Wang Teng asked.

Liu Wenshi was delighted when he heard the way Wang Teng addressed him.
This young man had tremendous potential, but he still respected him greatly.
He smiled and said, “I’m not the one looking for you.
Someone wants to meet you.”

“Someone wants to see me? Who is it?” Wang Teng felt even more puzzled.

Liu Wenshi tilted his body.
A slightly plump middle-aged man walked out from behind the barracks.

“It’s me.
Student Wang Teng, it’s not so easy to see you,” the middle-aged man smiled and said.

“This is our Director He,” Liu Wenshi introduced in a respectful tone.

“Director He.” Wang Teng was shocked.
He thought of Liu Wenshi’s identity.
This Director He must be the highest-ranking official in the Ministry of Education.

“May I know why you are looking for me?” asked Wang Teng.

Director He noticed that Wang Teng had already guessed his identity, so he smiled and replied, “Wang Teng, you must have already become a martial warrior.”

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

Have I exposed myself?

How did he notice it?

That’s impossible.
I’ve never revealed any loopholes.
Is he trying to fool me?

At first, Liu Wenshi was extremely curious.
Director He had painstakingly pulled some strings to enter the military camp in the middle of the night just to see Wang Teng.
He couldn’t understand why he did this.

Although Wang Teng had displayed the abilities of an extreme martial disciple, this was a little overboard!

Now, he finally understood Director He’s motive!

Wang Teng was actually a martial warrior?!

Liu Wenshi started to doubt his hearing.
However, Director He wasn’t shooting at random.
He was highly likely to have evidence.

“Director He, you must be kidding.
I’m just an extreme martial disciple.
How can I be a martial warrior?” There was no change in the expression on Wang Teng’s face as he smiled and replied.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to admit it.” Director He smiled nonchalantly.
He continued, “But, I hope that you can become the first in the actual combat assessment tomorrow.
I hope that you can perform better and let everyone notice you.”

“Don’t worry about it.
The university entrance exam is very important to me.
I will definitely do my best.” Wang Teng was blowing smoke.

Try my best.

But how can you what’s my best, haha!

Director He didn’t say anything.
He just took a box out of his pocket.
One could tell that he was a little unwilling from his expression, but he still opened it in front of Wang Teng.

“What is this?”

There was a bone the size of a palm inside the box.
It was entirely blackish green and was glittering and translucent, giving off a metallic luster.

It looked extremely beautiful.

“Star bone!” Liu Wenshi exclaimed.

“That’s right, it’s a star bone!” Director He nodded.
The flesh on his face was trembling slightly—heartpain.jpg!

“What do you think? If you show the power of a martial warrior during the actual combat assessment, this star bone will be yours!”

Director He said to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
He had heard of the star bone before.
It was the part of a star beast’s body that contained the most essence.
The chances of it appearing was extremely low.

Only those exceptionally talented and powerful star beasts living in special environments would give birth to star bones in their bodies.

Also, every star beast would only give birth to one star bone normally.

These star bones were not huge.
They were only the size of a palm, and some were even as small as a crystal bead.

The most important thing was, every single star bone contained special abilities!

There were many uses of star bones.
They could be used to create weapons.
In this case, their additional abilities would be attached to the weapons.
These weapons were treasures hard to come by.

Thus, one could see how rare and precious star bones were.

Why was Director He willing to take it out?

“Why?” Wang Teng didn’t lose his mind.
He stared directly at Director He and asked him.

“For promotion!” Director He smiled slightly.
He didn’t hide his intention and said straightforwardly, “I have been in this position for many years.
If I don’t find any opportunity, I’ll probably stay in this position until I retire.
However, heaven treats me quite well.
You are my opportunity.

“I have been in the political world for many years and am not young anymore.
I’ve already lost the determination to progress further in the martial arts path.
If this star bone contained defense abilities, I might have used it for myself.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t.
Hence, I plan to use it as a reward to draw people over to my side.

“I’ve never found someone worthy of this reward, so it’s still with me.
But, you’re different.
You’re young and have great potential.
You can also help me progress further in my career.
The star bone is precious, but in my heart, there are things more important than it.”

Director He was very direct.
He even blatantly exposed his ambition.

Wang Teng stared at him for a long time, but he didn’t sense anything worth suspecting.
That fat face even seemed extremely sincere.

This is strange!

However, Wang Teng knew that people like them were all sly old foxes.
He was still a little hesitant.

The star bone was good, but if he exposed his martial warrior ability during such an important occasion, he didn’t know what big trouble it might cause.

“I know what you’re worried about.” Director He seemed to be able to read his thoughts.
He continued calmly, “Let me advise you as an experienced hand.

“A martial warrior must fight!

“A martial warrior is different from a martial disciple.
The competition between martial warriors is much more intense than the martial disciples.
If one martial warrior wants to climb to the peak, he needs to consume an endless amount of resources, more than you can imagine.
There will only be more and more martial warriors, but the resources are limited.

“Where do these resources come from?

“Naturally, they are earned and snatched from other people!

“Even if you don’t fight with others, others will fight with you.
It’s alright if you’re ordinary.
However, you are outstanding enough and have amazing potential.
You will only have even more competitors and stronger opponents.
Many geniuses will be fighting with you for resources.

“Hence, even if you choose to remain low-profile and hide your abilities now, not long after, your true capabilities will still be exposed.
Others will force you to display your true power, unless you’re willing to be a coward and give up the resources in your hands without fighting.

“You will not be able to hide it forever.”

Director He’s words enlightened Wang Teng’s ignorance and left him reeling in shock.

A martial warrior must fight!

Wang Teng remembered the two martial warriors who had fought each other to death over an egg.
He also remembered the other martial warrior who came to find him to snatch his companion’s items from him.
In the end, he also died.

They were all fighting.
They were all forcing him to act!

Director He’s words seemed to make sense.
However, he still felt that something was weird.

“Wang Teng, you disappoint me.
You have great potential, but if you don’t have the right mentality to complement it, you might not be able to walk far in the future.” Director He sighed and revealed a disappointed and regretful expression.

“Forget it.
I won’t make it difficult for you.
Pretend that I didn’t come today.”

He turned and left.
It seemed as though he didn’t plan to speak to Wang Teng anymore.

Wang Teng looked at him as he walked further and further away.
He just continued staring at his back.

“Cough, Wang Teng, why don’t you reconsider?”

When Wang Teng refused to call him back, Director He cursed in his heart.
He had no choice but to turn around and ask in a flattering tone.

“Hmph, pinhead.”

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