Chapter 739 Alright, This Is An Idiot!

After Elder Yu left, the hall resumed its liveliness and noise.

Gentle music floated in the air.
The attendants served delicious food and wine to the guests.
The atmosphere was amazing.

The female officer led Wang Teng around the hall, introducing all the important people to him.
If the Zhou family saw the scene tonight, they might give up their thoughts about Wang Teng.

There was a hierarchy in every society.
Wang Teng didn’t think much about this, but when he reached a certain height, the things surrounding him would change naturally.

Currently, the people around him were all boss-level people in Country Xia.
Any one of them could cause a commotion in the country with a stomp of their feet.

This was power!

“This is the principal of Leiting Martial House, Lei Zhenting.”

“This is the principal of Jinlin University, Mr.
Liang Jinwu.”

“This is the sect leader of the Liehuo Sect in Dongbei.”

“This is the principal of Bailian Martial House, Qin Lianqin.”

“This is Mr.
Qian Boyu, the family head of the elite family, the Qian family.”

“This is Mr.
Zhao Hongfu, the family head of the Zhao family, one of the top three families in Capital Xia.”

The female officer was very responsible.
She introduced Wang Teng to all the important figures present.
Wang Teng received many praises, but the muscles on his face were getting tense.

Damn it, networking isn’t something everyone can do.
Wang Teng complained in his heart as he left with the female officer.

The Zhao family and the Qian family were the last to be introduced.
After Wang Teng left, Qian Boyu turned to Qian Yushu and said, “Did you see that? That’s the difference between you and him.
He’s able to chat calmly in front of all the general-stage martial warriors.
They even had to butter him up.
Can you do that?

“When he stood in front of you, you don’t even dare to make a peep.”

Qian Yushu’s face turned pale.
This was a huge blow to his dignity.
He took two steps back unconsciously.

“He has no family supporting him.
He relied on himself.
Look at you.
How much support did the Qian family give you? How many resources did we pour on you? Yet, you can’t even reach 1% of his achievements.

“With the difference in your abilities, what right do you have to talk behind his back?” Grandpa Qian felt angrier as he spoke.
He disregarded the other people at the scene and scolded Qian Yushu furiously.

“Look at yourself.
Don’t you know your level? If I hear you saying such offensive words outside, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

“Grandpa!” Qian Yushu was stunned.
His voice trembled.

Without the Qian family, he would be nothing.
He couldn’t advance on the cultivation path without resources or support.
He might even be sent to fight with star beasts or thrown into a dimensional rift to battle with dark apparitions for survival.

He didn’t dare to think about that kind of lifestyle.
He shuddered uncontrollably.

Qian Yushu didn’t think that his grandpa would reprimand him just because he talked bad about Wang Teng.

“Alright, alright.
Stop scaring him.
He’s a young man.
It’s normal for him to be competitive.” Zhao Hongfu stepped out to mediate the situation.

“Hmph, if we were at home, I’d have taken out my stick and hit him.
I want him to be competitive, but he has to choose the right opponent.
Is Wang Teng someone he can touch? All he did was talk behind his back.
Why don’t you do something in front of him instead? So infuriating!” Grandpa Qian said indignantly.

Qian Yushu didn’t dare to speak anymore.
He hid at the side and trembled in fear.

Qian Duoduo silently shifted away from him.
She felt that her cousin was embarrassing.

Zhao Yaqin was even more direct.
She looked at Qian Yushu with contempt and rolled her eyes at him.

Compared to Wang Teng, Qian Yushu was nothing!

“Grandpa, I’ll go over and take a look,” she got up and said to Zhao Hongfu.

“Go ahead.” Zhao Hongfu nodded happily.

“Grandpa, I’ll go too.” Qian Duoduo didn’t want to lose out.
She stood up and told Qian Boyu.

“Sure.” Qian Boyu glanced at Zhao Hongfu and nodded.
There was a sharp glint in his eyes.



Zhao Yaqin and Qian Duoduo glanced at one another.
They looked like two chicks preparing for a fight.
They raised their fair necks and snorted, then walked in Wang Teng’s direction fiercely.

Wang Teng didn’t know what was happening over there.
He had finally found a place to sit.
He told the female officer that she could leave while he picked some wine and delicious food for himself.
He started eating happily.

“This is not bad!

“There’re Force dishes! They must be made by Force chef masters.

“The wine is not bad either.
Oh my, this is 1982 Moutai!”

Just as he was enjoying his drink, two pairs of slender and beautiful legs appeared in front of him.
Wang Teng looked up and saw two pretty faces.
Their figures were top-notch.
He was stunned.

He was even more surprised when he saw the burning competitiveness in their eyes! O((O_0))

He had a bad feeling.

Why did they seem as if they were going to eat him alive? This was scary.

“Hi, nice to meet you.
I’m Qian Duoduo from the Qian family.” One of the young ladies had two ponytails and was wearing a beautiful pleated skirt.
She sat down beside Wang Teng and spoke to him enthusiastically.

“Oh, you are from the Qian family of Nanhai!” Wang Teng remembered.

“Yes, that one.
Why don’t we be friends?” Qian Duoduo was straightforward.

“Erm… are you always so direct?” Wang Teng asked.
He was stunned once again.

“Not really.
However, my mom told me that if I meet someone I like, I should go forward without any hesitation,” Qian Duoduo replied.

Alright, this is an idiot.
Wang Teng formed his conclusion.

Zhao Yaqin couldn’t stand still anymore.
She would lose her chance if she allowed Qian Duoduo to continue speaking.
Hence, she hurriedly sat down opposite Wang Teng and introduced herself, “I’m Zhao Yaqin from the Zhao family.
Nice to meet you.”

“Hello.” Wang Teng greeted her politely too.
He sized up both of them.

Zhao Yaqin had her hair tied up in a ponytail.
She was wearing a white dress and looked more mature and reserved.
Her style was different from Qian Duoduo’s.

However, when she looked at Qian Duoduo, her eyes were burning.
This meant that this pretty young lady wasn’t a demure and easy to bully little sheep.


Wang Teng knew why they were here when he saw their expressions.
He felt helpless.
“Don’t waste your time.
I have a girlfriend.’

“It’s alright.
You’re not married yet,” both of them replied in unplanned unison.
They didn’t mind

They glared at one another when they realized that they said the same thing.
Then, they looked away simultaneously and snorted.



Wang Teng: …

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