Chapter 738 An Old Man-Yu Xiuxian!

A group of people walked in a few seconds after the announcement.
The three people in the lead were all wearing military uniforms.
They sparkled under the lights in the hall.

These three would be a powerful presence no matter where they went.

Both Xiao Nanfeng and Zhou Xuanwu were important figures.
They guarded the dimensional rifts and prevented dark apparitions from landing in their world.
They had many merits on them.

They were worth respecting!

Yet, they were overshadowed by the young man between them.
He caught everyone’s attention.

The young man remained calm and composed as he stepped on the red carpet.
He exuded a powerful aura silently and stepped forward with his shoulders wide.
He scanned the surroundings with his deep gaze.
All the martial warriors felt their hearts trembling.
They couldn’t control their astonishment.

Even some general-stage martial warriors felt the same way.
They were appalled.
This young man was indeed exceptional and powerful!

This young man was none other than Wang Teng.
He was attending this banquet with Zhou Xuanwu and the others.

“Chief Commander Zhou, Chief Commander Xiao, Chief Commander Wang!” The military officers in charge of tonight’s banquet hurriedly came forward to greet them.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were used to this situation, so they nodded at him.

Wang Teng was familiar too.
He nodded at the officers.

“You’re welcome!” The officers felt honored as they led the way.

“Bring Wang Teng around.
You don’t have to care about us.” Zhou Xuanwu waved his hand and left with Xiao Nanfeng.

Soon after, they were already happily chatting with the crowd.
The people closed to them came over and struck up conversations.

Wang Teng was speechless when he saw the two of them abandoning him.

Did you have to do that?

Where’s your compassion? You forsake your comrade on the battlefield and went to enjoy yourselves!

“Chief Commander Wang, please follow us.
Let us introduce some important guests to you,” the officers said.

Wang Teng felt his head hurt.

There were many people present, and he was in the limelight tonight.
By right, he should converse with everyone.

Wang Teng found it boring, but he couldn’t leave directly.
He could only go with the flow.

“I just need one person to accompany me.
The rest can continue your work,” Wang Teng said helplessly.
He submitted to fate.

The officers didn’t object.
A 20 years old female officer was left to guide Wang Teng.

She brought Wang Teng to an elder who was nearby and introduced him, “This is Mr.
Sun Tianhua, the family head of the Sun family in Capital Xia.
The Sun family is a renowned martial arts family.
They have groomed many general-stage martial warriors.”

The other family heads got envious when Sun Tianhua was the first to be introduced.

Wang Teng was prepared to be a tool.
He nodded at the other party and exchanged some greetings with him.
Then, he wanted to leave.

However, the other party didn’t give him the chance.

“Chief Commander Wang, your reputation precedes you, but seeing you in person makes me think that your reputation is too humble.
You’re indeed young and outstanding.
As expected of the leader of your generation…” Sun Tianhua was brimming with joy.
He was extremely enthusiastic.
He wanted to grab Wang Teng’s hand and have a long conversation with him.

“You’re too polite.” Wang Teng felt that this old man was exceptionally good with words.

Your reputation precedes you but seeing you in person makes me think that your reputation is too humble.
Listen, this is how you should praise a person with class and elegance.

He loved people who were polite and sweet-tongued.
It looked like the banquet wouldn’t be so boring after all.

The female officer introduced the next guest.

“This is Governor Li from Jinlin.
He came to congratulate you personally.” “Thank you, Governor Li!” Wang Teng nodded.

“Old Jiang is lucky to have a powerful young man like you in Donghai.
I can’t compare myself with him anymore!” Governor Li shook his head and smiled.
He was a tall and lofty man with an exceptional aura.

“This is the deputy minister of education, Qu Liangyong.” The female officer brought him to a slightly short and plump middle-aged man.

“Deputy Minister Qu!” Wang Teng was surprised.
He thanked him hurriedly.

This was an important figure in the ministry of education.
All the martial arts university students were under him.

“Good, good! You’re indeed the leader of your generation!” Qu Liangyong was elated.
He patted Wang Teng’s hand intimately.
“You’re flattering me,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“You’re too humble.
No one has the same talent as you in this world,” Qu Liangyong complimented.

“If you continue praising me, the world might be too small for me,” Wang Teng joked.

“Hahaha…” Qu Liangyong laughed and waved his hand.
“Go ahead.
There are many people waiting for you.
Don’t waste your time on


“I guess I’ll have to listen to you.” Wang Teng smiled and followed the female officer to greet the next person.

Soon, they arrived in front of an old man.
He was sitting alone in a corner.
Many people wanted to speak with him, but they noticed his empty surroundings and understood the situation.
They didn’t dare to disturb him.

The female officer was extremely respectful towards this elder.
She bowed at him before introducing him earnestly, “This is the principal of The First University, Mr.
Yu Xiuxian.”

Wang Teng was slightly surprised.
He looked at the amiable old man who seemed like an elder next door.
He couldn’t tell that this was a formidable character in the education world from his appearance.

He couldn’t help but remember the scene when he was applying to universities.

At that time, the recruiter from The First University told him that their principal wanted to see him dearly, even instructing the recruiter that he must bring Wang Teng back.

He wondered if that was true.

However, Wang Teng did have a strong impression of this elder.

Yu Xiuxian looked at Wang Teng kindly like an elder looking at his grandchild.
He smiled and said, “I knew that you were exceptional.
It’s a pity that you chose Huanghai Military Academy in the end, but I’m happy that you’re able to come this far.

“Talent is important, but you must have been through many obstacles to reach this stage.
I feel at ease that Country Xia has you.”

Wang Teng was stunned.
He sensed a different emotion in the elder’s words.
There was deep and great love in his heart.

The powerful bear the world in their mind!

This elder cared about the world!

He treated the younger generation with love and expectations.

Wang Teng didn’t think that there was such a person in this era.
In the past, this elder would be called a saint.

He was deeply touched.
He lowered his head slightly and bowed at the elder.

Yu Xiuxian nodded and smiled.
He turned to walk straight to the entrance, disappearing from the door.
It felt as if he came today just to see Wang Teng, to see this outstanding young man who was the future of the country…

Wang Teng watched him silently as he left.
Many people stopped their conversations and stared at the elder too.
For an instant, there was total silence in the hall.

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