Chapter 737 The Spotlight Of The Banquet

After the Force floating airship landed in the military airport, Zhou Xuanwu, Wang Teng, and the martial warriors alighted the airship under everyone’s gaze.

The three of them were walking side by side, but when the three great commanders came to welcome them, Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng took a step back in unplanned unison, allowing Wang Teng to take the lead.

Wang Teng was stunned when he noticed their actions.

He wasn’t the only one.
The three great commanders and the martial warriors behind them were surprised too.
They found it unbelievable.


Wang Teng might not understand their gesture, but they did.
Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were silently telling them that the first-class merit of this mission belonged to Wang Teng.

The lieutenant colonel and the colonel lost to a young man who just became a major!

And they seemed to acknowledge him wholeheartedly.

This was astonishing!

The three great commanders quickly regained their composure and patted Wang Teng’s shoulder.
Smiling in satisfaction, they said, “You did well.
You didn’t disappoint us!”

“It’s the result of everyone’s hard work.
I couldn’t have done it alone,” Wang Teng said with guilt.

Mind you, he stole a large portion of the Zhenli Clan’s treasures.
He felt ashamed to accept their compliments.

If they knew what he had done, they wouldn’t be all smiles.
They might take the lead and beat him up.
But in this situation, they felt that Wang Teng was being humble.

Look, he was young and powerful, but he remained humble and calm.
What a rare character!

If they could, they wanted to award Wang Teng with the title of the model of his generation.

Zhou Xuanwu smiled.
“Don’t be modest.
If not for you, we wouldn’t have been able to deal with the Zhenli Clan so smoothly.
We couldn’t have killed the pope either.”


“The pope of the Zhenli Clan is dead!”

Everyone was astounded.
They stared at Zhou Xuanwu and Wang Teng with wide eyes.

“Y’all… killed the pope of the Zhenli Clan!” the bulky Commander Long said in amazement.

Commander Yong and Commander Hong looked at them too.
The pope had always been a thorn in their hearts.
They wouldn’t feel at ease unless this person was gone.

I saw him self-destructing personally,” Zhou Xuanwu replied.

“Self-destruct!” The three great commanders and the other officials were dumbfounded.

The pope of the Zhenli Clan self-destructed!

This sly old fox who was afraid of death chose to self-destruct?

They were in disbelief.
They looked at one another, unable to accept this truth for a moment.

“Are you sure?” Commander Hong hesitated before asking “Yes.
If there are any questions, you can ask the surrendered Zhenli Clan members.
They saw it personally.
That person was the pope of the Zhenli Clan.”

“This is the space ring he left behind after he self-destructed.
You can bring it back to confirm,” Wang Teng took out a space ring and passed it to Commander Hong.

After hearing their words, most people started to believe them.
The pope of the Zhenli Clan had indeed self-destructed himself!

How pitiful!

How sorrowful!

Such a powerful character chose to self-destruct in the end.

“Come, let’s go back.
All of you are the heroes of this mission.
We have prepared a banquet for you guys.
The Leader of martial arts will also attend,” Commander Yong smiled and said.

“The Leader of martial arts!” Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng’s eyes lit up.

The other officers were surprised too.
They didn’t think that the Leader of martial arts would personally come to welcome the martial warriors back.
They were envious.

Wang Teng was surprised too.
He had only seen the Leader once.
After that time, he never made an appearance.
It was surprising that he decided to appear in public because of the Zhenli Clan.

They didn’t waste any time and escorted the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan to their cells.

After everyone left, what happened here spread to all the martial warriors from the different factions.

The Zhenli Clan was exterminated!

The pope of the Zhenli Clan was killed!

At night, the Leader of martial arts would be holding a banquet for Wang Teng, Zhou Xuanwu, and the other martial warriors.

Every piece of news was more astonishing than the last.

Tonight, many other important figures would be present since the Leader of martial arts was coming.
The different factions started working and fighting for a chance to take part in this banquet.

This was an opportunity for them to see the Leader of martial arts and get to know many important figures in Country Xia.
Everyone wanted to seize this chance.

It would be unwise to underestimate the influence of these powerful factions.
They were able to settle everything within half a day.

6 pm.

In a banquet hall somewhere in the military zone.

The hall was extremely lively.
Light shone brightly, and many important figures from various factions gathered in the hall, conversing with one another.

They would occasionally glance at the entrance.

“Old Zhao, you’re here too!” A voice came from a corner of the hall.
A muscular old man walked over with a few youngsters behind him.

There were a few people sitting in that corner.
The old man among them smiled when he raised his head and saw who it was.
He stood up.
“Qian Boyu, your family is in Nanhai, but you received the news too and hurried all the way here?”

“Haha, how can I not come? This is such an important event!” The muscular old man called Qian Boyu chuckled.

“You’re right.
The Donghai crisis had caught everyone’s attention, and now, the Zhenli Clan is annihilated.
I’m sure everyone knows about it.” Zhao Fuhong nodded in agreement.

“Major Wang Teng is rising in the military like a shooting star!” Qian Boyu lamented.

“I heard that he’s not even 20 years old.
Our younger generations can’t be compared with him.” Zhao Fuhong nodded, taking the chance to reprimand the younger generations in his family.

The youngsters behind them appeared frustrated.
They had heard Wang Teng’s name so many times that they wanted to vomit.

They were all young people and were highly talented.
Hence, they had their pride.
They hadn’t seen Wang Teng in action, so they felt that everyone was exaggerating.

In addition, the elders kept using Wang Teng to scold them, so they didn’t feel good.

The two elders didn’t notice their expressions.
They started chatting again.
“I heard that Major Wang Teng isn’t married.
I should have the young ladies from my family interact with him.” Zhao Fuhong’s eyes were small, but they gave off a sharp and bright glint as he smiled.

“Haha, Old Zhao, is that your plan? My granddaughter, Qian Duoduo, is a renowned beauty with many admirers.
Major Wang Teng will be interested in her if he sees her.” Qian Boyu sniggered.

“Hmph, my Zhao Yaqin is not bad either.
Let’s have a bet.
Let’s see who will win Wang Teng’s heart first.” Zhao Fuhong snorted.
I’m not afraid of you!”

These two old men started quarreling over this matter like two young kids.

There was a pretty young lady standing behind each of them.
They started blushing when they heard their words, looking a little shy.

They were all young ladies who hadn’t experienced love.
It was impossible for them to remain calm when their elders were sorting their love life.
However, when their eyes met, they sensed enmity in each other’s gaze.

Sparks flew everywhere!

They didn’t have any bad feelings towards Wang Teng.
They had seen his pictures.
He was handsome, powerful, and had a bright future ahead.
No woman could reject a man like him.

In that case, all opponents were their enemies.

A handsome young man standing beside Qian Duoduo noticed their expressions, his face turning black.
He opened his mouth uncontrollably and said, “I heard that Wang Teng has relationships with many ladies.
You must be careful.
Don’t get tricked by him!”

The atmosphere turned silent instantly.
Qian Duoduo and Zhao Yaqin stopped glaring at each other while Zhao Hongfu and Qian Boyu looked at him sternly.

“Qian Yushu, have you forgotten what I told you before we came?” Qian Boyu asked angrily.

“Grandpa, I…” Qian Yushu’s face turned pale.

“Colonel Zhou Xuanwu, Lieutenant Colonel Xiao Nanfeng, and Major Wang Teng have arrived!” someone shouted.

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