Chapter 735 The Taste Of Freedom

“What do you mean by you can’t take them out?” Wang Teng frowned.
“In the federation, all the scriptures and battle techniques above the planetary stage are monopolized.
You need to sign a spiritual contract when you buy them.
If you reveal it to others, you will die immediately,” Sha Didi said fearfully.

“Why is it the spiritual contract again?” Wang Teng furrowed his brows.
He was puzzled.
“Don’t lie to me.
Based on what you said, there are many races in the Olant Federation and the population must be a few trillion.
How can everyone sign the spiritual contract? It doesn’t make sense.”

“No, you don’t understand how scary the federation is.
No one can escape unless it’s your personal battle technique or scripture.
You can teach other people if it’s yours.
However, these scriptures and battle techniques are in the hands of the powerful factions.
Nobodies like us don’t have the chance to possess them,” Sha Didi said seriously.

Are planetary stage formidable warriors nobodies? Wang Teng suddenly realized how small he was.

Sha Didi didn’t look like he was lying, but to be safe, he used his Bewitch to confirm his words.

Wang Teng then turned grim.
Sha Didi was telling the truth.
The Olant Federation had a strong understanding of copyrights!

It wasn’t hard to understand.
The Olant Federation used a system similar to the copyright system on Earth.
All the martial warriors could only learn scriptures and battle techniques by purchasing them or coming up with their own.
Anyone who broke the rules wouldn’t be punished by law.
They would die instantly instead.

This was a good and domineering plan.

If he managed to create his own scripture and battle technique in the future, he might be able to earn a large sum of money.
It would be a continuous source of income.

This was an opportunity!

But he was in a difficult situation now.

Wang Teng wondered how he could obtain the planetary stage scripture and battle technique from Sha Didi.

Sha Didi had already woken up from the Bewitch skill.
His face was pale.
Using the Bewitch skill two times on him strained his spiritual power greatly.
He wouldn’t be able to recover anytime soon.

He looked at Wang Teng in fear.
Suddenly, he felt that his future might be miserable.
It was bleak.

“Oh right, I must be an idiot!” Wang Teng suddenly clapped his hands, his eyes lighting up like bulbs.
He thought of a plan.

He had forgotten about the system.

Although the chance was lower, he would be able to get the scripture and battle technique attribute bubbles from Sha Didi without killing him.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned dangerous.

Sha Didi shuddered.
He felt a chill running through his body.
He had a bad premonition again.

“I will let you out now,” Wang Teng suddenly said with a smile.


Sha Didi was stunned.

Why did he want to let him out suddenly? What was this?

But he was overjoyed.
If he was released, he would have a chance to escape.
After all, he was a planetary stage warrior!

He was confident in himself.

“But before you come out, you must start cultivating first,” Wang Teng said.
Sha Didi was puzzled again.
What did letting him out have to do with cultivating?

He couldn’t understand this guy.
He was confused.

Wang Teng didn’t care what he was thinking.
He opened the handcuffs and legcuffs that were binding him.

Sha Didi immediately sensed the presence of Force.
He felt invigorated.
Never mind, coming out is good anyway!

I will teach this Earthling a lesson once I recover!

He made his decision and started sucking the Force outside using his Force skill scripture.
At the same time, Wang Teng opened the sleeping cabin.
Sha Didi sat up instantly.
He wanted to laugh.

It was so difficult!

It was tough!

He had been locked up for such a long time.
Finally, he could taste freedom…


However, besides the taste of freedom, he also felt a sharp pain in his head.


Wang Teng was holding his brick.
He was worried that the alien’s head was harder, so he used his strongest Strength of Ultima.
He did his best for this attack!

Fortunately, the effects were good.

Sha Didi went in a daze after this brick attack.
His vision turned black, and his ears were ringing.
He was at a loss.

Where am I?

What just happened?

Who am I? Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He saw an attribute bubble falling.

It worked! He started hammering the alien even more violently.

Bang, bang, bang…

Wang Teng started beating him like a drum.
Sha Didi’s face was badly bruised, and he was in a state of confusion.
He didn’t know why he had landed in this terrible state.

After some time, Wang Teng finally stopped.
He wanted to continue, but this was the limit.
Sha Didi couldn’t drop any more attribute bubbles.

However, he was already satisfied with the floor of attribute bubbles.

Get it!

Star Wood Scripture*3

Star Wood Scripture*5

Star Wood Scripture*3

Constellation Force (Wood)*10

Constellation Force (Wood)*8

Indeed, it worked!

Sensing the content of the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng was elated.

As these bubbles merged into his body, an outline of a figure appeared in his mind.
The figure sat in mid-air as if he was cultivating.

The figure was transparent.
When it started cultivating, Wang Teng could clearly see the situation in his body.
Spots of light lit up and scattered across his entire body…

At the same time, some profound memory fragments appeared in his mind.
It turned into his experience and enlightenment.
The process didn’t last for long.
Wang Teng finished absorbing the knowledge quickly.

He opened his eyes and let out a long breath.
A sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

Star Wood Scripture!

This was a planetary stage scripture!

Wang Teng felt emotional.
He had finally obtained a planetary stage scripture.
It contained the method to convert Force into constellation Force.
After receiving this scripture.
he understood the parts that baffled him when he was trying to create his own scripture to convert Force.
Besides the Star Wood Scripture, he also picked up constellation wood Force attribute bubbles.
Unfortunately, Wang Teng stopped Sha Didi the moment he started cultivating, so he only received 35 points of it.

Never mind, he could accumulate them in the future!

Wang Teng shook his head and looked at Sha Didi, who had fallen back into the sleeping cabin.
He helped him wear the handcuffs and leg cuffs again before sealing the sleeping cabin.

Sha Didi tried his best to open his swollen eyes.
He wanted to cry.

He was locked up the second he smelled the air of freedom.
He even got beaten up for no reason.

He felt wronged…

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