Chapter 733 Mick 3957!

Inside the Plato beings’ spacecraft.

Wang Teng followed Sha Didi’s instructions and arrived at the control room.

The control room was right in the center of the spacecraft.
This was an extremely important location.
Once the control room was damaged, there would be a breakdown, and the entire spacecraft would be destroyed.

Wang Teng didn’t know if there were any faults in the spacecraft.
After all, it was attacked when it landed.
However, based on Sha Didi’s attitude, the problem wasn’t huge.

He would be seeking death if he used a useless spacecraft to transact with him.

Very soon, Wang Teng walked through a corridor made of metal and came in front of a silver-white metallic door.

“Is this the place?” Wang Teng recalled Sha Didi’s instructions and opened a screen beside the door.
He entered the code Sha Didi had told him.

The door slowly opened with a beep.

This wasn’t a large room, but it looked like a scene from a science fiction movie.
All the devices were turned off, and the control room was dull and silent.

The entire spacecraft was in hibernation.
The core cube was needed to activate it.

Wang Teng walked over and smiled.

The pope had the spacecraft for a long time, but he didn’t manage to enter the core area.
Yet, Wang Teng did it.

He walked to the center of the control room as he thought about this.
There was a seat there, the only seat in the control room.

Wang Teng sat down and tilted the seat to the most comfortable angle.

At this moment, the floor in front of the seat vibrated and a dark golden pillar rose up gradually.
There was a square hole in the


This was where he should place the core cube.

“I hope you didn’t lie to me.
If not…” Wang Teng took out the core cube and instilled his spiritual power into it.

If he wanted to leave his spiritual mark in the cube, he needed to use his spiritual power.

The process was smooth.
Wang Teng successfully left his mark in the cube without any accidents.

Blue lines started glowing on the core cube.
The patterns were extremely simple at the start, but they soon spread throughout the entire cube.
There were countless lines on it.

Wang Teng’s gaze lit up.
He could clearly sense the connection between him and the cube.
It looked like Sha Didi wasn’t lying to him.

He seemed to trust the power of the spiritual contract entirely.
If not, he wouldn’t have given Wang Teng control of the spacecraft so easily.

Unfortunately… a smirk appeared on the edge of Wang Teng’s lips as he thought of something

“I just need to place the cube into the pillar.” Wang Teng placed the core cube into the hole in the golden pillar without any hesitation.

Once the core cube was placed into the hole.
the blue lights on the cube merged into the golden pillar, and numerous blue lines started to appear on the golden pillar too.
The lines covered the entire surface and stretched all the way onto the floor.
It was connected to the entire spacecraft.

Wang Teng was curious.
The technology used to create this spacecraft was interesting, giving people an impressive feeling.

Suddenly, the entire command room lit up.
All the devices entered work mode and woke up from their slumber.

“My dear master, welcome to the Minos III Spacecraft.
I’m the intelligent system-Mick 3957!”

A gentle voice sounded in the command room suddenly.

Mick 3957!

Wang Teng didn’t like this name.
He wanted to complain.
Why don’t you call yourself 9527!

“Intelligent system!” Wang Teng called.

“Yes, you can call me Mick 3957,” the voice was heard again.

“Mick 3957, why is this your name?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“That’s because I’m the 3957th Minos III spacecraft made by the Mark Technology Company,” Mick 3957 said.

“Your name is so random!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but complain.

Mick 3957: …

“Don’t you have a hologram?” Wang Teng thought of his Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
These two spacecraft couldn’t be compared in terms of technology, but the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft had a virtual image for its intelligent system.
This was a humane design.
Yet, this high-tech spacecraft didn’t have it.

“My previous master didn’t set a virtual image for me.
If you like it, I can show you a sample.
I can come out at any moment.
It’s a piece of cake.” Mick 3957’s voice was filled with confidence.

Yes, Wang Teng heard confidence in its voice.
It looked like the intelligence system was extremely high-tech.
It exceeded Wang Teng’s expectations.

“Nevermind, it’s fine.” Wang Teng felt embarrassed to create the virtual image.
Its previous master was most likely Sha Didi.
If he didn’t do it, he wouldn’t either.


“3975, what’s the condition of this spacecraft?” Wang Teng finally asked the crucial question.

The instant he threw this question out, a screen appeared in front of Wang Teng, with blue-colored data floating on it.

“My dear master, this spacecraft is 15% damaged.
The main Force engine isn’t damaged, but two out of the six auxiliary engines are unfunctional.
30% of the reserve energy is still available…” Mick 3957 started introducing

“Force engine!” Wang Teng started pondering

“Yes, the spacecraft uses a Force compression unit to compress mass reserves of constellation Force into energy to sustain the sailing of the spacecraft,” Mick 3957 said.
“Constellation Force!” Wang Teng nodded.
He asked, “Can we set sail right now?”

“No problem!” Mick 3957 replied.

“No hurry.
We’ll have a chance to try it in the future.” Wang Teng shook his head.
“Continue to hibernate.”

“Yes, my dear master.” Mick 3957 obeyed Wang Teng’s order and went silent.
The entire command room dimmed.

Wang Teng took out the core cube and closed the command room.
He went back to the room where the aliens were sleeping.

“How is it? You should have controlled the spacecraft already, right? Can you let me go now?” Sha Didi asked as soon as he saw Wang Teng coming back.

“Don’t be impatient!” Wang Teng smiled.

“Don’t forget that we have signed the spiritual contract.
If you renege, there will be serious consequences,” Sha Didi’s expression changed as he threatened him.

“Ah, that will be so scary!” Wang Teng pretended to be scared, patting his chest.
Sha Didi was rendered speechless.

Could you be a little more fake?

He suddenly had a bad feeling.

This fellow didn’t seem scared.
Was he honestly not afraid of the power of the spiritual contract?

That was impossible!

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