Chapter 731 Spiritual Contract And The Spacecraft Core! (1)

As the Spiritual Shield shattered, Wang Teng finally saw the scenery in the depth of Sha Didi’s mind.

There was a ball of smoke made from his spirit floating in his consciousness.
It kept tossing, turning, and screaming in pain.

This was Sha Didi’s spirit!

However, his spirit was being mauled cruelly at this moment, so it was very weak.
One couldn’t tell that it was at the Imperial Realm.

Unluckily, he met Wang Teng who was also at the Imperial Realm.

Also, Wang Teng didn’t just reach the Imperial Realm.
His spiritual power was almost at the intermediate level while Sha Didi’s seemed to be at the beginner stage.
He had probably just set foot into the Imperial Realm.

In addition, Wang Teng possessed the perfected stage Spirit Penetration.
Sha Didi had no chance of resisting.

After he succeeded, his gaze landed on the area where the Spiritual Shield had cracked.
A few attribute bubbles had dropped there!

That was right.
Attribute bubbles!

Wang Teng was stunned.
Attribute bubbles could appear in the consciousness?!

They were everywhere!

Let me give a thumbs up to the system!

Wang Teng didn’t hesitate and picked up the attribute bubbles.

Spiritual Shield*25

Imperial Realm Spirit*65

Spiritual Shield*30

Imperial Realm Spirit*115

Imperial Realm Spirit*85

Spiritual Shield*18

When these attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body, he froze for a moment.
He knew that there would be Spiritual Shield and Imperial Realm Spirit attribute bubbles, but he didn’t expect such a large number.

He received 73 points of Spiritual Shield attributes and 265 points of Imperial Realm Spirit.

As the Spiritual Shield entered his body, the related cultivation method also appeared in his mind.
The scenes of cultivation floated into his memory too.

In these images, a Plato being who looked like Sha Didi was cultivating.
He controlled his spiritual power and tried many times to assemble it into a shield.

At first, he could only form a shield the size of his palm.
It was translucent and broke at a single touch.
However, through his perseverance and effort, the shield got stronger and bigger.

Toward the end, the shield reached the size of the one Sha Didi formed when he was fighting with Wang Teng.

This was obviously Sha Didi’s cultivation process.
This knowledge and understanding had become part of Wang Teng’s memory now and turned into his experience and enlightenment.

Wang Teng only had 73 points of Spiritual Shield, so he wouldn’t be able to reach Sha Didi’s level at once.

Spiritual Shield: 63/100 (well-versed)

However, Wang Teng was satisfied!

He received another spirit skill, and it was the defense skill he lacked.
This was a great gain.

Also, he had added 265 points of Imperial Realm Spirit directly to his spirit attribute tally.
He didn’t need to divide them multiple times like in the past.
If it had Spiritual Realm or Emperor Realm, only a fraction of the actual amount would be added to his attribute count.

Spirit: 2027/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Wang Teng looked at his Imperial Realm Spirit on his attributes panel.
It had exceeded the 2000 mark.
He was overjoyed.

This was a huge rise!

“Who on earth are you?

“Why? How can you possess such powerful spiritual power?”

Sha Didi’s furious voice burst out from the ball of spirit, attracting Wang Teng’s attention.

The voice was filled with disbelief.
He didn’t think that an Earthling would possess a higher spiritual power than him.

“Me? I’m merely an Earthling, just like what you think,” Wang Teng said calmly.

As they were speaking, his spiritual power swarmed towards the ball of spirit, closing in on Sha Didi gradually.

“Damn it, don’t come over!” Sha Didi’s ball of spirit kept retreating.
He was afraid of Wang Teng and didn’t dare to get too close to him.

Wang Teng didn’t get impatient.
He seemed calm and composed like a cat hunting a mouse.
He felt that Sha Didi wouldn’t be able to escape.
The rat was trapped in the hole.

He kept his distance to prevent Sha Didi from pouncing on him.
After all, he didn’t know what other methods this alien had up his sleeves.

“Don’t you want to have an exchange with me? What are you afraid of?” Wang Teng stepped closer and said with a smile.

Sha Didi felt like cursing.
If he didn’t still didn’t understand that he was fooled, he would be an idiot.

This Earthling must have realized his intentions right at the start, but he still wasted time enticing him.
How bored must he be to do such a useless thing!

Sha Didi almost went crazy.
His eyes were filled with bitterness.
He felt helpless and weak like a little child who got bullied.

“What do you want?” Sha Didi asked in anger.

“Give me everything you have and I might consider letting you go,” Wang Teng said.

“… What a huge appetite you have.” Sha Didi was astounded.
The demands of this Earthling exceeded his expectation.
No wonder he didn’t get fooled.

What a sly fellow!

This little creature didn’t seem like an Earthling.
The other humans he met were ambitious, but there was a limit to it.
They took the bait obediently after a few temptations.

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