Chapter 730 Spiritual Duel!

“Universe Behemoth!” Wang Teng was tempted.

This time, the bait Sha Didi threw out had attracted his attention.
But he was a little puzzled.

“What’s the difference between the Universe Behemoth and our star beasts?” Wang Teng asked.

“Haha, don’t compare the Universe Behemoth with an ordinary star beast.
They’re two different concepts.” Sha Didi scoffed.

“What’s the difference?” Wang Teng wasn’t angered by his attitude.
Instead, he got more curious.

“The Universe Behemoth is a powerful presence.
Any creature that’s given the title has the ability to destroy a planet.
Do you think an ordinary star beast can be compared to it? A normal star beast is nothing in front of a Universe Behemoth.”

Wang Teng was astounded.
Was the Universe Behemoth so impressive?

A Universe Behemoth could destroy a planet.
What kind of presence was that?

Wang Teng suddenly felt fortunate.
The Earth had never met a Universe Behemoth in the past.
If not, it wouldn’t be able to withstand a single breath from that beast.

How scary!

Suddenly, he felt excited.
Since the Universe Behemoth was so powerful, the weapon made from its star bone must be an ultimate divine weapon, right?

Wang Teng suddenly felt curious.
Did this guy have this weapon? Was he honestly willing to take it out to exchange with him?

“Since the Universe Behemoth is so powerful, how are you able to get its star bone to forge a weapon? Don’t lie to me.”

“Why would I lie to you? We found this treasure after spending much time and effort.
If you want it, I can exchange it with you.
Of course, you need to give me something in return,” Sha Didi said confidently.

“What do you want?” Wang Teng asked with shimmering eyes.

“It’s not about what I want.
It’s about what you can give.
The Universe Behemoth is precious and extremely rare.
I can’t give it to you easily.”

“Let me think about it.” Wang Teng pretended to be in deep thought.
In his heart, he was sniggering.
This stupid little brother must have some big ambitions.
That was why he threw such a huge temptation out.

“Think about it slowly.
I’m not in a hurry.” Sha Didi didn’t urge him.

Then a moment of silence ensued.
This was a fight of patience.
They waited to see who would speak up first.

Wang Teng wasn’t in a hurry either.
He didn’t believe that Sha Didi would be able to take out a divine weapon.
Even if he did have it, he wouldn’t give it to him.

If he took it out, he would definitely snatch it from him like a dog snatching meat.


He wasn’t a dog!

All in all, Wang Teng felt that he was lying.
Hence, Wang Teng decided to grasp the initiative.

“Oh right!” Wang Teng suddenly shouted.

Sha Didi was elated.
He thought that Wang Teng couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Since you’re already awake, why don’t you open your eyes? You have no sincerity.
Are you trying to trick me?” Wang Teng took a few steps back and said with vigilance.

Sha Didi felt like cursing.
You sure took your sweet time to notice this.

He had been closing his eyes for almost half a day.
If he wanted to do something, he would have done it already.
He wouldn’t need to wait.

“You’re lying, right? Everything you said is fake.
Universe Behemoth, star bone, you’re just lying.
You’re a bad person!” Wang Teng shouted.

“Wait,” Sha Didi yelled back.
“I wasn’t lying.
I didn’t open my eyes because I just woke up and my eyes haven’t gotten used to this environment.
I didn’t think that you would misunderstand.

“I’ll open them now.
Let’s chat properly.
Don’t run away.
I have no evil intention!”

He coaxed many times before Wang Teng stopped and looked at him curiously.
Sha Didi was afraid that he would run away again so he quickly opened his eyes.
However, he saw pair of eyes with a strange crimson glint staring at him.


“Oh shit!” Sha Didi was shocked.
He wanted to close his eyes immediately.

“It’s too late!” Wang Teng mocked.
He instilled his spiritual power into Sha Didi’s eyes, filling them with crimson red light.

Sha Didi’s gaze turned muddy.
Wang Teng’s spiritual power had invaded his consciousness.

“Huh?” At this moment, he got a shock.

When he was invading Sha Didi’s consciousness, he felt resistance.
A powerful spiritual power was circling in Sha Didi’s consciousness.
It involuntarily turned into a defensive wall, blocking Wang Teng’s spiritual power.

“Get out!” Sha Didi’s angry voice sounded in his consciousness.

“He has Imperial Realm Spiritual Sower!” Wang Teng muttered to himself in surprise.

He could sense that Sha Didi’s spiritual power had reached the same realm as him.
This was the first time he met someone on his level.

But he came from another planet so it wasn’t strange.

Fortunately, Sha Didi seemed to have just entered the Imperial Realm.
Hence, there was still a huge difference between them.

“Stop struggling in vain!” Wang Teng snorted.
He instantly elevated his spiritual power.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power formed numerous thorns in his mind and flew toward the shield.

Spirit Penetration!

Wang Teng used a spiritual attack on Sha Didi.

“Damn it, it’s a spiritual attack!” Sha Didi’s voice was filled with anxiety.
He shouted, “Spiritual Shield, block it for me!”

A spiritual shield created from spiritual power appeared not far away from Wang Teng.

Clang clang clang…

In an instant, metallic sounds were heard in their mind.

Wang Teng’s Spirit Penetration collided with his opponent’s Spiritual Shield.
Without any sparks, they started destroying each other.

Sha Didi’s Spiritual Shield managed to block Wang Teng’s spiritual attack.

“Spiritual defense!” Wang Teng was elated.

This was good stuff!

It was a spiritual defense skill!

He wanted it!

“Young man, you’re a sly person.
I almost fell for your trap.
However, you won’t be able to reach my consciousness.” Sha Didi’s voice resounded in his mind.
He sounded furious yet proud at the same time.

“Really?” Wang Teng snorted.

He was too naive if he thought that he could block his attack just like that.


He added more blank attributes to his Spirit Penetration.

Wang Teng had never used his Spirit Penetration ever since he received it.
Hence, it was maintained at the foundation stage.

His saved-up blank attributes came in handy now.
He used them to raise his Spirit Penetration’s level, increasing it from foundation to well-versed, small achievement, big achievement, and finally perfected stage.

Spirit Penetration: 3000/3000 (perfected)

The level-up cost him close to 5000 blank attributes.
Fortunately, Wang Teng had accumulated many blank attributes, so he had a choice.

“Try my attack again!” Wang Teng smiled and released his spiritual power one more time.
It gathered in front of him.

Very soon, sharp and long spears appeared in Sha Didi’s consciousness.

His attack went from thorns to spears.
The difference was huge.

Sha Didi had a bad premonition when he heard Wang Teng’s confident boast.
Seeing the long spears, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“How is this possible? You…” Sha Didi stuttered as if he had seen a ghost.

He couldn’t even perform this powerful spiritual attack.
Yet, this Earthling was able to do it.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Go!” Wang Teng was too lazy to waste any time.
He moved his thoughts, and the spears shot towards the Spiritual Shield with a sharp glint.

Sha Didi was flabbergasted.
He released the spiritual power in the depth of his mind to withstand Wang Teng’s attack.


The spears had slammed into his Spiritual Shield, giving birth to a loud explosion in his consciousness.
Sha Didi screamed in pain.


Cracks started appearing on the Spiritual Shield.
Sha Didi no longer felt delighted or arrogant.
He shouted in a hurry, “Stop! Stop this immediately!”

Wang Teng sneered.
He didn’t show any signs of stopping.
In fact, he added more spiritual power, and the spears increased in intensity.



Spiritual Shield collapsed and Sha Didi screamed in agony again.

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