Chapter 72: Come And Sing, No Need To Feel Shy!

The examinees who passed the level inspection were currently sitting in the buses.
A long line of buses was formed as they headed towards a certain direction.

At the start of the day, there were close to 3000 martial arts examinees.
Now, after the level inspection, less than half remained.
There were only around 1000 people left.

The rejection rate was quite high.

The buses drove for approximately an hour before slowing down gradually.
During the entire trip, the curtains on the buses were closed, so the examinees didn’t know where they were.

“Get down the bus!”

After the bus stopped, Liu Wenshi’s voice was heard outside.

The examinees got down the bus.

They soon realized that there was actually a heavily guarded military camp in front of them, with a sentry placed at the entrance.
Soldiers stood there with rune rifles in their hands as they scanned the people who came.

A solemn atmosphere filled up the air.
Instantly, all the examinees became reserved.
No one dared to speak loudly.

“The martial arts exam is in a military camp!”

However, there were still people discussing in hushed voices.

“This is the martial arts exam.
It’s much stricter than the normal university entrance exam.
Even the exam venue is in the military camp.”

“This is extremely frightening.”

“No noise is allowed in the military camp.
Be quiet.” Liu Wenshi frowned and scolded the examinees.

Instantly, the soft discussions that sounded like flies buzzing disappeared entirely.

All the examinees looked at him intently.

At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing a military uniform walked over.

“You’ve finally arrived.”

“Sorry to make you wait so long,” said Liu Wenshi politely.

“Follow me in.
However, you have to park your cars outside.” The man wearing a military uniform didn’t say much.
He led the examinees straight into the military camp.

The examinees queued up in a long line.
Under the lead of Liu Wenshi and the man wearing a military uniform, they walked through the gates.
There was a round of checking and scanning before they entered the military camp.

The entire military camp seemed exceptionally spacious.
It was very quiet, and the atmosphere was solemn.
Occasionally, soldiers on duty would walk past them.

Three steps a post and five steps a sentry.

The straight backs, the stern and resolute faces, and the neat and uniform steps were all exuding the aura soldiers should possess.

The examinees finally experienced what was meant by the soldier’s strength of character.

“So handsome!”

The eyes of the ladies lit up when they saw the soldiers, each exuding a unique aura.
They almost wanted to rush forward and get their signature.

When the man wearing a military uniform in front saw this scene, he burst out laughing.
“Ladies, if you lay your eyes on any of the soldiers, go ahead and chase them.
I guarantee with my conscience that our soldiers are the best and most outstanding men.”

The ladies couldn’t help but feel shy when they heard this.

But, who knew what they were thinking deep down?

Wang Teng couldn’t help but glance at Lin Chuhan.
Fortunately, she didn’t get enchanted by the soldiers!

The male students were already unhappy when they saw the ladies get infatuated with the soldiers.
They got even more furious when they heard the man’s words.

You are outstanding, but you are not the most outstanding or the best.
There will always be people better than you.
If not, where do you place us?

These martial arts examinees were naturally all proud and arrogant.
How could they admit defeat easily, especially in front of the ladies?

“Hahaha, you little fellows, if you are not convinced, we can have a competition tonight.” The man wearing a military uniform laughed loudly.

The students instantly got excited.
They seemed eager to give it a try.

“Second Lieutenant Luo, they still have an exam tomorrow.
Please don’t cause trouble for me,” Liu Wenshi said helplessly.

“What’s the problem? They just have their papers tomorrow.
It won’t affect them much,” the man wearing a military uniform replied nonchalantly.

“Don’t say this to me.
Tell this to your boss.
Go and say this to Governor Jiang.” Liu Wenshi rolled his eyes.

“Boring!” The man wearing a military uniform pouted.

A few moments later, he led everyone in front of a row of wooden houses.

“This is where you will be living.
There will be four people in one room.
Please find your own roommates.”

“I will give you half an hour to tidy up.
Half an hour later, we will start dinner on schedule.
If anyone misses it, you will have to sleep hungry tonight.

“Also, I have to remind you that you must obey the military rules since you are in the military camp.
All the rooms must be neat and tidy.
You must place your luggage properly and not throw them everywhere.
You have to fold your blankets and your pillows into squares when you’re not sleeping.
We will have people checking on you.

“If anyone can’t do this, they will be disqualified from the exam!”

After the man in a military uniform finished speaking, the students’ expressions changed.
They would get disqualified if they didn’t fold their blankets properly?

What kind of stupid rule is this!

“Second Lieutenant Luo is right.
Since you’ve entered the military camp, you need to obey the military rules.
You will be punished if you make a mistake.
There will be no exception.
Thus, don’t think that you can act fearlessly just because you are talented.
I have already reminded you.
You can decide what you want to do,” Liu Wenshi nodded and said.

“We have already started counting down.
You only have half an hour.
Hurry up and move!” Second Lieutenant Luo suddenly shouted.

His expression was stern and cold.
The amiable feeling a moment ago had vanished into thin air.

“Go ahead!”

Liu Wenshi instructed the students.

The examinees quickly started moving.
Half an hour wasn’t too much or too little.
Some ladies were extremely slow in tidying up their belongings, so they didn’t dare to waste any more time.

The examinees were all in a flurry.
The arrogant and proud appearance they put up a while ago were all thrown to the back of their minds now.

The man wearing a military uniform smiled and said to Liu Wenshi, “These fellows lack a beating.
Give them to me for a week.
I’ll make sure that they become docile and obedient.”

“Haha, you’re really not afraid of trouble.
Some of them possess the potential to become martial warriors.
We don’t know how high they will climb in the future.
Aren’t you scared that they will take revenge on you when the time comes?” Liu Wenshi teased him.

“Haha, I’ve groomed many martial warriors.
If there weren’t a hundred, there should be fifty.
Why will I be afraid of these little babies?” Second Lieutenant Luo replied in disdain.

“Fine, fine, fine, you’re impressive.”

Wang Teng and Yang Jian were in the same room.
The other two roommates were also from class eight.
Everyone knew each other, so it would save much trouble when they lived together.

As for Lin Chuhan, she lived with another three female students.

She was quite popular in class.
Many people looked for her to ask her questions about their studies.
Although she was a little quiet and cold, she always helped her classmates whenever they had any problems.

Half an hour passed very quickly.
Soon, Second Lieutenant Luo’s voice was heard from outside.

“Come out and gather!”

The examinees didn’t dare to dawdle around.
They quickly ran out.

Fortunately, half an hour was enough for them.
The ladies didn’t dare to waste any time either and quickly tidied their luggage.
Then, they waited to gather.

“From the front to the back, number off!”

The examinees lined up neatly.
When they heard what he said, they immediately started numbering off from the first person.




It didn’t take long to complete the attendance.
There were a total of 1352 examinees!

“Very good, everyone is present.
It looks like you remembered what I said.” Second Lieutenant Luo nodded his head in satisfaction.
He continued, “Now, follow me to the cafeteria for your dinner!”

The examinees followed Second Lieutenant Luo and arrived at the cafeteria.
There were already many soldiers having their meals inside.
Only one area was empty.
It was obvious that this space was prepared for the examinees.

When the soldiers dining there saw this bunch of examinees, they raised their heads and sized them up.
However, soon after, they lowered their heads back and continued eating.
The entire process was extremely quiet.

“Half an hour.
Gather outside when you finish eating.”

Once the order was given, the examinees charged into the cafeteria.
They found their seats and sat down to have their dinner.

They had only been in the military for a short time, but they had already started executing every order without fail…

To hell with executing every order without fail!

—They were mainly afraid of getting disqualified from the exam!

The examinees had no one to complain to.
They had already cursed Second Lieutenant Luo hundreds of times in their hearts.
They silently swore that they would never apply for military academies in the future.
This was too disgusting!

After everyone finished eating, it was already 7.30 pm.

The lights in the camp were lit up, and military songs were playing loudly in the field.
The solemn military camp appeared a little more lively because of the song.

“Young ladies, young men, are you interested in singing a few songs?” Second Lieutenant Luo smiled and asked.

“Are there any beautiful sister soldiers? There’s nothing we can’t sing!”

Someone was exceptionally bold and shouted this sentence.
Instantly, there was an uproar among the crowd.


“That’s right, are there pretty sister soldiers?”

“We can’t have a duel, but we can compete in singing!”

“Good riddance!” Second Lieutenant Luo laughed in anger.
He had never seen such an unbridled bunch of people before.
“Come, come, let’s go over and have a competition.
If you win, we will let you take a look at our military belle.”

“You can’t go back on your words!”

The examinees got bolder when they noticed that he didn’t mention getting them disqualified from their martial arts exam.
They even dared to challenge Second Lieutenant Luo.

Liu Wenshi shook his head when he saw this.

This Second Lieutenant Luo wasn’t an easy person to deal with.
They still had an exam tomorrow.
Would it be alright for them to play so hard at night?

But, as he looked at how excited the examinees were, he felt that he should just let them be.

“Forget it.
They can use this chance to relax.”

“I wonder how the examinees that went to Bailian Martial House and Leiting Martial House are.
What’s the situation in their military camps?” a leader from the Ministry of Education standing beside Liu Wenshi suddenly asked.

“They don’t have an unreliable leader like Second Lieutenant Luo, so they should be fine,” another leader from the Ministry of Education smiled and replied.

“Hahaha, that’s true.”

Second Lieutenant Luo brought the examinees to the field and shouted at the soldiers who were singing.

“Brothers, this bunch of brats heard you singing and felt unconvinced.
They want to compete with you.
What do you think?”

“Let’s compete.
No one is backing down!” a soldier that looked like the platoon leader walked over and said.

“Let’s compete!”

“Let’s compete!”

The other soldiers got excited too.
They didn’t back down and started cheering.

“Let’s compete.
We’re not afraid of you!”

The competitiveness of the male students was aroused.
They wanted to perform well in front of the ladies.

Who knew? They might pass the martial arts exam and even return home with a girlfriend!

They felt happy just thinking about it.

Immediately, singing voices were heard on the field.
The sounds of clapping, accompaniments, and cheering merged to become a beautiful symphony.
Tonight was a restless night!

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