Chapter 727 The Alien Awakens (1)

Wang Teng didn’t know that he was being called a nanny.
But soon, he found out.

Song Wanjiang chased after him.
He waited in the treatment room for the result and only came running after Wang Teng when he knew that everyone’s injuries had gotten better.

“Nanny-Chief Commander, we still have many other injured martial warriors.
Why don’t you help them too? Everyone can recover faster and contribute to the troop more,” Song Wanjiang dashed over and said.

“What did you call me just now?” Wang Teng’s gaze turned dangerous.
He glared at Song Wanjiang

If he heard it right, this fellow had called him nanny!

To hell with a nanny!

Why don’t you be the nanny! Wang Teng was infuriated and felt humiliated.
He might be treating his troop well, but he wasn’t a nanny!

“Erm… Chief Commander, you must have heard wrong!” Song Wanjiang felt cold sweat on his forehead.
His head went numb, and he almost shivered in fear.

“Say it one more time and I’ll let you know the consequences,” Wang Teng said fiercely.

He must stop this trend before it started.
If not, his reputation would be destroyed.

“Yes, yes!” Song Wanjiang replied readily.

“Alright, gather everyone on the deck.” Wang Teng snorted.

“I’ll do it immediately.” Song Wanjiang was elated.
He went to carry out the order while almost skipping.

Very soon, the deck was filled with martial warriors from the Black Sparrow Troop.
They were confused.
They gathered in their little groups and discussed in low voices.

“Why did they gather us here?”

“I don’t know.
I hope it ends soon.
I need to go back to recuperate.”

“Since they have gathered everyone, there must be something important.”

While everyone was talking, the martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger Troop and the Xuanwu Troop, who were on their own battlecraft, looked over curiously.
Their attention was attracted.

Very soon, Wang Teng arrived with Song Wanjiang and the other deputy commanders.

“Quiet!” Song Wanjiang opened his mouth and said, “We’ve gathered everyone here because we want to let Chief Commander treat all of


“Treat us?!”

Everyone glanced at one another in bewilderment.
Their expressions were the same as the heavily injured patients from before.

The chief commander was going to treat them? They found it absurd.

Wang Teng saw their reaction, but he was too lazy to explain himself, directly executing his Bestow Of The Goddess instead.

The light rain fell and rained on everyone.


The doubtful martial warriors trembled and made an indescribable sigh uncontrollably.

It wasn’t just one or two martial warriors.
All of them made the same sound.
It was so loud that the other two battlecrafts also heard them.

They were puzzled.

What just happened?

Why were the martial warriors from the Black Sparrow Troop moaning suddenly?

Although they had noticed the light rain, no one knew what it was.
Light Force was extremely rare.
Only Alais possessed it, so it was normal that no one had seen it before.

By the time the martial warriors on the deck regained their senses, Wang Teng had left.

They finally understood that the chief commander was indeed treating them.
Moreover, the effects were amazing.

“He’s our nanny!” someone suddenly said.

These martial warriors were all young fellows.
They played games normally, so they understood the other meaning of this word.


“Indeed, he’s a nanny!”

“Our Black Sparrow Troop has our own nanny now!”

Everyone found this nickname appropriate and acknowledged it.
It started spreading throughout the troop at the speed of light.

Wang Teng didn’t know anything.
He had returned to his own room.
He wanted to sit down and count his gains properly.

His clone had brought back plenty of good stuff, including the alien spacecraft.
He didn’t have the time to investigate it properly in the past.

Now, it belonged to him, so he could do anything with it.
The instant he sat down, Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng came to find him.
They had heard of his ‘nanny’ deeds.

Normally, the three troops guarded their own territory, so they wouldn’t know much about the Black Sparrow Troop.
Even if there were news, it would take a long time to reach them.

However, they were parked side by side.
News spread within a second.
And it was not like Wang Teng planned to hide it.
Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were anxious.
There were many injured patients in their troops.
If they weren’t treated in time, there might be long-term side effects, hindering their cultivation in the future.

“Wang Teng, quick! Follow me!” Zhou Xuanwu pulled him out the instant he saw him.

“Wait, what are we doing? Can you explain first?” Wang Teng was surprised.
This was the first time he saw an impatient Zhou Xuanwu.
He was puzzled.

“What explanation? We know about your ‘nanny’ deeds.
Quick, we need to save people,” Zhou Xuanwu said.

Wang Teng didn’t hear much, but he heard the word ‘nanny.’ His face turned as black as the bottom of a pot.
He pushed Zhou Xuanwu away and replied in anger, “Who are you calling a nanny? If anyone dares to say it again, I’ll teach him a lesson!”

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