Chapter 725 Our Chief Commander Is A Nanny… (2)

The Black Sand Magnetic Lizard acted fiercely when he took it.
It didn’t cooperate with him.

It was now enjoying the education from Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion in his space fragment, so it would become obedient very soon.
Neither beast nor human would accept reality obediently without a little bit of education.

He kept it because he wanted to get more Magnetic Physique attribute bubbles from it.
If not, he wouldn’t have even bothered to glance at it.

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were satisfied with their loot from the laboratories.
Even the scientists were valuable assets.

“What a waste.
Why did these scientists join the Zhenli Clan?” Zhou Xuanwu said angrily.

“It’s alright.
They belong to the country now.
We can order them around like free labor,” Wang Teng said.

“Cough, you don’t have to be so direct.
It’s called penitence, not cheap labor.” Zhou Xuanwu coughed awkwardly.
Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
Do you believe yourself?

Zhou Xuanwu pretended not to see Wang Teng’s reaction.
“I didn’t know that the Zhenli Clan kept so much useful lab data.
How did they do it?”

Most of the lab data were related to the conversation of Force into constellation Force.
Country Xia had only taken a small step forward in their research, but the Zhenli Clan was no slower than them.
It was understandable that they were astounded.

Wang Teng was also shocked.
He forgot that a majority of the lab data came from the alien spacecraft.
The pope brought the items out from the spacecraft to let his scientists study.

Would Zhou Xuanwu follow this clue and find out about the alien spacecraft?

If he did that, he might lose ownership of the alien spacecraft.

No, he wouldn’t admit it.

They had no evidence, so they couldn’t do anything to him.
Wang Teng knew that the pope kept the spacecraft a secret, so not many people would know about it.
Most of the higher authorities from the Zhenli Clan were dead.
This secret would be buried with them.

Wang Teng had already moved the spacecraft into his space fragment.

He got rid of all pieces of evidence perfectly.

“Who knows? Don’t underestimate the strength of their scientific research.
There’s only a fine line between a genius and a maniac.” Wang Teng spouted nonsense.

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were deep in thought.
They felt that Wang Teng made sense and nodded in agreement.

There were no others places worth noticing at the base of the Zhenli Clan.
The space used to store the spacecraft was discovered, but it was already empty.

The others would never guess that an alien spacecraft used to be here.
They thought that this space was created by the Zhenli Clan recently for some important purpose.

After taking a look around, Zhou Xuanwu shook his head and said, “It looks like these are the only important things.
Let’s leave.”

Wang Teng and Xiao Nanfeng had no objections.
They left the mountains and went back to their own battlecraft.

“Chief Commander!” Song Wanjiang and the others came out to greet him.

Wang Teng glanced around and saw many martial warriors getting treated.
He asked, “How are the casualties?”.

“We lost 136 men in total.
112 of them were 7-star soldier level and below while the other 24 were above it.
None of our general-stage martial warriors died in this battle,” Song Wanjiang said solemnly.

Wang Teng nodded.
They came with more than 1300 soldiers, but 136 of them had lost their lives.
This was a 10% death rate.

Most were low-rank martial warriors, but it wasn’t easy for the military to groom them.
Every martial warrior had been through countless battles.
Every single death was a huge loss.

However, Wang Teng also knew that deaths were inevitable in war.
The Zhenli Clan wasn’t a small organization.
They couldn’t bring them down without making some sacrifices.

Actually, this result was already satisfactory.
It was within his estimation.

This was the advantage of Wang Teng’s participation.

Zhou Xuanwu and he had chased after the pope and killed him.
After that, they returned quickly and suppressed the rest of the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan.

The fire array he suggested played an important role too.
It was able to curb the ice array and give additional help in fighting with the enemy general-stage martial warriors, taking away a lot of pressure on the martial warriors from the three troops.
This was why their casualties were so few.
Compared to their previous battles, this mission went exceptionally smooth.

“Around 200 martial warriors are heavily injured.
The others have small wounds, nothing serious,” Song Wanjiang continued.
“Where are the serious ones? Bring me there,” Wang Teng said.

“Yes!” Song Wanjiang replied hurriedly.
Under his lead, Wang Teng came to the treatment room in the battlecraft.

This battlecraft was designed specially for war.
All the necessary facilities were present.

Treatment for martial warriors was one of the most important things.
Hence, having a treatment room was essential.

“Chief Commander!”

“Chief Commander!”

Wang Teng caught the attention of the injured martial warriors when he entered the clean and tidy white treatment room.
The martial warriors got up to greet him.
Some that were unable to get up struggled to stand up straight.

To them, their chief commander was already showing them much concern and viewing them with high importance when he came to visit them personally.

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