Chapter 724 Our Chief Commander Is A Nanny… (1)

In the base of the Zhenli Clan.

The third mountain was where the laboratories and the treasures of the Zhenli Clan were at.

Wang Teng, Zhou Xuanwu, and the others were standing in a treasure room.
The martial warriors from the three troops were counting the items inside, including ores, spiritual herbs, rune weapons, and many others.

Zhou Xuanwu walked around the room and frowned.
“Why do I feel that this treasure room is a little empty? Is the Zhenli Clan so poor?”

Wang Teng stared at the ground, pretending that he didn’t know anything.

“It’s indeed too little.
It seems as if someone emptied the place before us.” Xiao Nanfeng frowned.
He was puzzled.

“Yes, I agree.
The Zhenli Clan is really poor,” Wang Teng agreed pretentiously

The other two chief commanders didn’t suspect anything.
Wang Teng had never left the battlefield, so he didn’t have the time to commit the crime.
They didn’t think that he was the culprit.

The martial warriors finished counting quickly and placed the items in their space equipment.

Space equipment was rare, but there were three troops here.
They could gather a few of them.
They weren’t like Wang Teng who stole a pile of them from the dark apparitions.

That was right, a pile of them.

Moreover, these pieces of space equipment weren’t very useful for him.
He had the space fragment, which had enough space to store many things.
Of course, this was Wang Teng’s secret.
Only Dan Taixuan had seen him using the space fragment to keep his Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
However, even she thought that he just had a piece of space equipment with huge space inside.
She didn’t think that he had a space fragment.

No one would go in that direction.

The martial warriors from the different troops were reporting their tally of the items to Wang Teng, Zhou Xuanwu, and Xiao Nanfeng.
These were spoils of war.
All three troops took part in this mission, so these items would be distributed among them.
Counting them was necessary to prevent any dirty tricks in the future.

Wang Teng waved his hand and said to Song Wanjiang, “Old Song, you can handle this matter.
You don’t have to count for me.”

Song Wanjiang was stunned for a moment.
Then, he gave a bitter smile.

The other chief commanders yearned to get these resources to strengthen their power and authority in the military.
These treasures could be used to help them win the support of other people.

Every team needed a large number of resources to strengthen themselves.
These resources needed to be approved and acknowledged by the chief commander.
Hence, in everyone’s heart, the chief commander was someone irreplaceable.

As part of the system, having ability wasn’t enough.
You needed to give benefits at times.

But Wang Teng was too lazy to care about all these.
This wasn’t his ambition.

His aim was the formidable path.
People without enough ability would give benefits to other people to secure their reputation, but Wang Teng was definitely the most powerful soldier in his troop.
Anyone would respect and fear him.
He didn’t need to play the system.

Song Wanjiang understood this logic.
Just like what their chief commander said, he wouldn’t stay in this position for long.
That was why he didn’t care.

Thinking about this, Song Wanjiang felt elated and dejected at the same time.
Look at him, his horizons had already passed the position of the chief commander.
On the other hand, they were still trying their best to become one.

In comparison, they seemed narrow-minded.

Fortunately, Song Wanjiang understood himself well.
He knew that he couldn’t be compared with Wang Teng, so he threw these thoughts out of his mind after a few seconds.
He acknowledged Wang Teng’s order with respect and went to count alone.
He didn’t dare to bother Wang Teng again.
Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng gave forced smiles.
They couldn’t be as indifferent as Wang Teng.
These treasures were extremely important to them.
They wouldn’t give them up easily.
They didn’t know that Wang Teng had already taken his pick.
These were just the leftovers.
It was no wonder he could act so casual about them.

After some time, a martial warrior ran over and reported, “Chief Commander, we found the laboratories of the Zhenli Clan!”

“Oh!” Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng’s eyes lit up.
They said hurriedly, “Lead the way.”

The martial warrior brought them to the laboratories.

Wang Teng remained calm.
However, he had to pretend that he didn’t know anything.
He wore an interested expression on his face as he followed behind them.

After some time, they arrived at the laboratories.

The three troops had their own laboratories too.
After all, in this era, every faction would use the most advanced methods to find new ways to advance on the martial arts path.
Star beast experiments and human experiments were common among all the factions.

But, some factions were more humane and used criminals with the death penalty for their experiments.
A few of them even asked for the other party’s consent first.

Alright, that was enough explanation for now.
All in all, lab data was extremely important.

Wang Teng didn’t take the lab data.
He just copied some documents he deemed important.

It wasn’t hard for him to differentiate the important ones.
After all, his medical knowledge had reached the small achievement stage.

Wang Teng also took the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard that possessed the Magnetic Physique.
He kept it in his space fragment.

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