Chapter 720 Making Some Contributions After Your Death Is Fine, Right? (2)

A certain change occurred in his body.
He could release a tremor whenever he wanted.
At the same time, the memories of this talent appeared in his mind.

The tremor talent could create vibrations.
It was easy to use too.
Once the vibration inside the body reached the same frequency as the tremor outside, it would spark the tremor Force.

This talent could be useless but frightening!

Why was it useless?

The requirements for this talent were extremely high.
The vibration frequency in the body had to be the same as the frequency outside.
The higher the frequency, the greater the power.

However, the higher the frequency, the greater the pressure on the body.
Once the body couldn’t withstand the frequency, it would collapse.

The pope understood this disadvantage, so he found another method of using it.
That was through the tremor conscious.
As such, he wouldn’t need to use his body to withstand the force of the tremor.
He only needed to instill it into his attacks, and it would have the same effect.

But the effects were limited.
There was a vast difference from the real power of tremor Force.

The pope might have evaded the disadvantage of this talent using this method, but he neglected the essentials.

If he had decided to push the boundaries of his physique, his body would have been able to withstand a certain degree of tremor Force.
He didn’t need to train his physique until it was extremely strong.
He only needed to release his tremor talent entirely.

After all, this was a physique talent.
Someone with this talent would definitely have a stronger resistance to tremor Force than a normal person.

If the pope had grasped the tremor talent entirely, Wang Teng felt that he would have a harder time killing him.

Wang Teng’s eyes shone when he thought about this.

This talent was suitable for him.
His physical body was strong enough to handle the tremor Force.

Wang Teng finally realized how important a tough body was to a martial warrior.

In the past, there was the Amalgamate Blade Scripture.
Now, there was the tremor talent.
These powerful and unique skills and talents required the body to be strong and tough.

Wang Teng won on the starting line.
This further showed the importance of training one’s body from a young age.
The tremor talent was capped at 7000 points.
The highest limit of his other talents was 10000 points.
This meant that the tremor talent wasn’t the most powerful one.

Wang Teng cultivated the Ancient God’s Body, so this tremor talent wasn’t a problem for him.

He stretched his hand.
The muscles and bones under his palm, as well as the cells in his body, were vibrating

The vibration started to grow stronger gradually.
The frequency started to increase too.

Suddenly, the air in front of him started trembling.
As his vibration frequency increased, the air started trembling even more.


A faint cracking sound was heard!


Suddenly, a dull bang occurred, and a thin black crack appeared in front of him.

A terrifying and cold fluctuation could be felt inside the black crack.
Wang Teng knew that this was a dimensional rift.
At this moment, his expression changed and he hurriedly stop the vibration of the cells in his body.

In that short moment, a large number of cells in his body had died.
The Ancient God’s Body might be powerful but so was the tremor power.
Since it was strong enough to open a dimensional rift, it could also cause damage to his body.

Of course, this was just a small injury.
His body wouldn’t collapse so easily.
Wang Teng stopped because he didn’t want to injure himself for nothing.

This talent is indeed exceptional! Wang Teng’s eyes glowed brightly, and a smile appeared on the edge of his lips.
If I can increase this tremor talent to the perfected stage, I can execute a stronger tremor.
At that time, I can shatter the body of a 13-star general-stage marital warrior.
Wang Teng felt extremely good about himself.
He kept his thoughts and looked at the Force row.

This time, he had gained 8600 points of metal Force.
This allowed his metal Force to rise exponentially and enter the 12-star general stage!

This was his first Force that had reached the 12-star general stage!

He had to admit that a 13-star high-tier general-stage martial warrior was indeed powerful.
He dropped 8600 points of Force attributes! Wang Teng had never received so many attributes from a single person.

A 13-star high-tier general-stage martial warrior was an attribute-making machine.

Beside the normal metal Force, he also received 850 points of constellation metal Force.

This was a large amount too.
Mind you, Wang Teng only had less than 100 points of constellation metal Force now.

Even the earliest constellation Force he had, the fire Force, was only at around 300 points.
He had worked hard to reach this number.

Now, he received 850 at once.
It felt as if he struck the lottery!

Constellation Force was powerful.
He had experienced it personally when fighting with the pope.
The same attack could be many times stronger when the constellation Force was used.

The pope didn’t have much constellation Force.
If not, he would have been stronger.

Metal Force: 1285/35000 (12-star)

Constellation Force (Metal): 935

Finally, Wang Teng also received 380 points of Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious and 250 points of Golden Ray Sword Skill.

One was a tenth-level sword conscious while the other was a metal element sky-rank skill and battle technique.

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