Chapter 719 Making Some Contributions After Your Death Is Fine, Right? (1)

Wang Teng held the crystal skull in his hand and used his spiritual power to sense it.
He only felt at ease when he confirmed that the pope was gone.

The pope was a crafty guy.
Wang Teng didn’t know if he had other paths of retreat.
But currently, it looked as if the crystal skull was the last method he could use.

It made sense.
Spirit was something profound.
He hadn’t heard of any methods from Earth or the Xingwu Continent that was able to protect a person’s spirit without the body.

Even the Abyss Burial skill he got on Mount Saint was just a special battle technique with an extremely low success rate of hitting the soul out of one’s body.
Also, it wasn’t a normal method.
It would cause great damage to the soul of the body.

Abyss Burial was a forceful separation of the soul from the body.
The damage it caused to the soul couldn’t be healed.

The soul that left the body wouldn’t be able to survive for long in the outside world either.
It would disintegrate and disappear unless it was kept in the death space.

The death space was the legacy of the Cancer Palace.
The thick death aura in that space allowed the souls to survive inside.

Well, it was more appropriate to call them death souls rather than souls.
They had no consciousness and were controlled by others.
They were just floating inside aimlessly.

In summary, the death space of the Cancer Palace was a unique presence that wasn’t perfect.
Hence, it could be seen how hard it was for the soul to leave the body.
As for the pope’s Origin of Soul, it was able to leave the body with the help of the crystal skull.
Wang Teng was sure about this.
After all, the pope’s spirit was only at the Emperor Realm while his was at the Imperial Realm.
If he couldn’t do it, how could the pope?

Wang Teng kept his Emerald Glazed Flame and scanned his surroundings.
There were many attribute bubbles floating in the air.

His eyes lit up instantly.
These attribute bubbles were dropped by the pope when he died.

These were the attribute bubbles of a 13-star high-tier general-stage martial warrior.
They were hard to come by.
There must be good stuff among them.

Wang Teng released his spiritual power and swept the attribute bubbles over hurriedly.

Emperor Realm Spirit*560

Emperor Realm Enlightenment*620

Origin Of Soul*10

Ultimate Stage Metal Talent*480

Tremor Talent*350

Metal Force*8600

Constellation Force (Metal)*850

Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious*380

Golden Ray Sword Skill*250

Wang Teng kept the attribute bubbles silently and felt the changes in his body and the new knowledge in his mind.
He received many unfamiliar memories.

The spirit and enlightenment of the pope were both at the Emperor Realm.
Thus, the number was sizable even when converted to the Imperial Realm.
He received 56 points of spirit and 62 points of enlightenment.

Spirit: 1662/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Enlightenment: 1758/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Wang Teng was satisfied as he looked at the changes in these two attributes on his attributes panel.
There was a good increase in his spirit and enlightenment.
He was halfway through his journey in breaking through the Imperial Realm.

The end was in sight! He then focused on the Origin of Soul.
This was an unexpected gain.
After all, the Origin of Soul was extremely rare.
A normal kill wouldn’t give him the Origin of Soul attribute unless he attacked the soul of his opponent.
The pope was making things difficult for himself.
He removed his own soul from his body, giving Wang Teng a chance to burn it to death.
Hence, he got some precious Origin of Soul attributes.

As this Origin of Soul came from the pope, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to absorb it.
It would contaminate their own soul.
The consequences were serious.

It was like sewing another person’s limbs on your body.
You would definitely become a monster.

However, the system was a bug.
The Origin of Soul would be purified by the system and become a clean and pure soul.
That was why Wang Teng was able to absorb it without any implications.

10 points of Origin of Soul was a sizable number.

As the Origin of Soul merged into his body, Wang Teng felt a comfortable sensation washing over him.
He almost moaned in comfort.
It felt as if his soul had risen to heaven and almost couldn’t come back.

Wang Teng shuddered and quickly regained his senses.

He took a few seconds to calm down before letting out a long sigh.
Two sharp glints shot out of his eyes.
His gaze turned deep and profound.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel again and continued scrolling down.

Ultimate Stage Metal Talent: 460/5000

Tremor Talent: 350/7000

Two talents!

Wang Teng already had the ultimate stage metal talent, but the additional attribute allowed his talent to grow stronger.
It was advantageous for his cultivation.

Another one was the unique tremor talent.

The Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious he received from the pope some time ago contained the tremor conscious.
Wang Teng was extremely surprised at that time because the pope had managed to grasp such a special conscious.
Now, he understood.
The pope had a special talent.

It was easier for him to grasp the tremor conscious.

Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered when he saw this talent.
He closed his eyes hurriedly and sensed the changes in his body.

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