Chapter 718 So, You Can Die! (3)

“… Are you sure you’re comforting me?” Zhou Xuanwu was speechless.

“Of course.
There’s no doubt about it,” Wang Teng said seriously.

“Alright, let’s not waste any time.
The pope should be dead now, right?” Zhou Xuanwu rolled his eyes and asked.
“Should be.
He must have turned into minced meat now.” Suddenly, he remembered something and activated his Eyes of Essence to scan the ground below.

“Huh?” His gaze paused for a moment.
Then he snorted and said, “Give me a moment.”

Wang Teng disappeared and went to the center of the explosion.
Only residual Forces were left here now.
They wouldn’t hurt him.
He stood on the ground and smiled.
Then, he started speaking to the seemingly empty surroundings.
“You’re a sly old fox.
You tried to use this method to escape.
However, I must admit that you’re brutal.
You destroyed your own body and left a wist of Origin Of Soul.
If I wasn’t careful enough, you would have run away.”

He seemed to be talking to himself.
There was no response.
Only the residual Forces danced in the air.

“You still haven’t given up, have you?” Wang Teng sneered.
He stopped talking and released his spiritual power along with a strand of Emerald Glazed Flame.

The ground in front of him exploded, and a crystal skull flew out.
It wanted to run away.
However, Wang Teng was prepared.
The Emerald Glazed Flame swept over and formed a cage around the crystal skull.

“Wang Teng!” A bitter and exasperated voice came from within the crystal skull.
It belonged to the pope.

The pope’s spiritual power had reached the Emperor Realm, so the power of his Origin Of Soul should be at the same level.
By right, he couldn’t detach his Origin Of Soul from his body.

Wang Teng was suspicious at the start, but when he saw the crystal skull, he understood.
This was a special crystal skull.
It could store one’s Origin Of Soul!

The pope’s Origin Of Soul couldn’t leave the crystal skull.
He would have done it if he could.

“Loser, stop barking,” Wang Teng said calmly.
“Ah! This shouldn’t have happened!” The pope roared in anger.
“If I knew about this, I should have opened a dimensional rift and brought the dark apparitions over.
I’d have made sure you died with me!”

“Indeed, you should die.
Why are you still thinking of bringing the dark apparitions over? You can’t remain in this world.” Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold.
He instilled his spiritual power into the crystal skull and scanned it.
Immediately, he found where the pope’s Origin Of Soul was.

“What are you doing?” The pope screamed in terror when he felt the powerful spiritual power.

“Killing you!” Wang Teng pulled his Origin Of Soul forcefully out of the crystal skull.
It was a muddy ball of light that was flickering like burning flames.
However, it had dimmed a little.

Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy.
The Emerald Glazed Flame flowed out.

“Wait, if you let me go, I’ll tell you the way to convert Force into constellation Force.”

The pope got frightened when he felt the heat of the flame.
He shouted in a hurry.

“I know it already.
You don’t have to tell me.”

“You know it? How’s that possible?” the pope asked in disbelief.

“I just know it.
You might treat it as a secret, but I’ve already grasped it,” Wang Teng said confidently.

Actually, he didn’t know the pope’s method, but he wasn’t worried.
He was a bug.
Was this a problem for him?

This was a huge blow for the pope.
He believed Wang Teng after he saw his confident expression.
This young man was mysterious and powerful.
He had no choice but to believe him.

“Are you done speaking? If you are, you can leave,” Wang Teng said.

“Wait! Wait!” The pope replied quickly, “I can tell you an astonishing secret!”

“I don’t want to know.”

The pope was stunned.

What the hell?

Why wasn’t he following the script??

“So… you can die now!” Wang Teng scoffed.

He released his Emerald Glazed Flame, swallowing the pope.
The Origin Of Soul struggled frantically.

The pope howled in exasperation and unwillingness.


With a soft sound, the pope of the Zhenli Clan, who had ruled the region for so many years, turned into a wisp of green smoke and disappeared from the world.

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