Chapter 716 So, You Can Die! (1)

Zhou Xuanwu reacted in time and followed closely behind Wang Teng.
He charged toward the pope.
This was a rare chance!

Wang Teng waited for a long time before he found this opportunity.
If the pope remained vigilant right from the start, he wouldn’t have gotten tricked so easily.

You could say that luck played a huge role in this result.

Of course, Wang Teng’s shamelessness helped a lot too.
Someone like Zhou Xuanwu would never think of a despicable trick like using poison.

The pope was so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.
He realized that if he used his Force, it would hasten the speed at which the poison invaded his body.

However, he didn’t have a choice.
If he didn’t use his Force, he would die.
Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu wouldn’t let him go easily.

The pope’s mind worked furiously.
He quickly made a decision.

He… turned and ran away!


He must escape!

If there was life, there was hope!

This wasn’t the time to be stubborn.
He would be killed if he didn’t run away.

He turned into a ray of light and escaped into the distance, abandoning his subordinates and the entire base of the Zhenli Clan.

“Your Highness!” The martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan screamed in despair when they saw this scene.
They felt the anger of being betrayed.

Was their pope forsaking them and escaping on his own?

All the martial warriors were in disbelief.
They were flabbergasted.
“You will all die for the Zhenli Clan.
It is a worthy death.
The Zhenli Clan will not forget its saviors.

“Everyone, don’t worry, I’ll take revenge for


The pope escaped quickly as his sorrowful voice echoed over.

The martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan screamed in anger.
After finally seeing their pope’s true face, they felt their world crumbling

Many martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan were brainwashed and fooled.
To them, the Zhenli Clan was everything.
They thought that their mission was to save the world as the saviors.
However, the pope destroyed their illusion.
They weren’t saviors of the world.
They were just a bunch of rats getting surrounded and killed.

How pitiful!

How sorrowful!

Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu were stunned and puzzled when they saw the pope suddenly running away.

Did the legendary pope of the Zhenli Clan throw away his dignity and run away?

He left without any hesitation!

The evil clansmen weren’t the only ones who couldn’t accept it.
They found it unbelievable too.

Any formidable warrior had their dignity.
The pope of the Zhenli Clan was a powerful fellow.
Hence, his actions were a little unexpected.
“Chase!” Wang Teng didn’t stop.
His speed increased exponentially as he chased after the pope, leaving a trail of lingering shadows behind him.

He took so much effort to force him into a tight corner.
He wouldn’t let him escape so easily.

Besides, the pope was the core of the Zhenli Clan.
If he escaped, the clan might reappear in another corner of the world.
It would grow secretly and continue to make trouble in the world.

This person must die!

Zhou Xuanwu understood this logic too, so he followed behind them hurriedly without any hesitation.

“Commander Xiao, stay behind and exterminate the other martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan.
No one must be left out.”

His voice sounded beside Xiao Nanfeng’s ears.

Xiao Nanfeng was exasperated.
He was also a chief commander, yet he could only stay back and clear up the scene while Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu chased after the pope.
The credit for annihilating the Zhenli Clan would mostly be given to Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu.
He would be lucky to get a spoonful.

At this moment, Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu had caught up with the pope.
They shouted, “Stop running!”

“Surrender and we might spare your life.”

The pope increased his speed when he heard this.
Do you think that I’ll believe you?

If he didn’t run, he would die.

He wasn’t stupid.
Based on his experiences, he knew that Country Xia wouldn’t let him go.

Wang Teng yelled again when he saw the pope quickening his pace.
“You can’t run away.
Do you feel your Force stagnating? The more you use it, the more you can’t control your body.

“Do you remember the poison I placed in your body while you were in the sleeping cabin? Both poisons came from the same source.
You thought that you had cleared it completely, but it was actually hiding in your body.

“Once a new poison enters your body, the two will attract each other and penetrate your body at a speed faster than you can imagine.”

The pope’s expression changed entirely.
He was flabbergasted.

He was right!

Wang Teng was right!

His body was in a tragic state.
His actions and thoughts had slowed down.
If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to escape.
“Stop struggling for nothing.
This will only increase the poison’s spread.
At that time, you will die without us doing anything,” Wang Teng continued.
He got more excited as he spoke.
“How can my poison Force be suppressed so easily? If you don’t clear it in time, you will die a terrible death.
Your entire body will rot.
The pain will be excruciating.

“The process will start from your head.
You will drop hair and become a bald man first.
Take a long hard look at your smooth long hair for one last time.
None will be left in a bit.

“Next is your face.
Your skin will dry up bit by bit.
Your eyes will go blind, your neck will decompose, and your tongue will decay.
Your ears will be filled with pus and you will turn into a hideous monster.
You will look horrifying.”

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