Chapter 715 You Can Defeat Any Opponent By Being Despicable!

Wang Teng’s eyes were shimmering.
He was enlightened, and a golden sword glow flashed past his eyes.

Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious!

He grasped the sword conscious the pope had executed using an unexplainable method.

The pope had already reached the tenth level, so Wang Teng started directly from there.
He jumped nine levels at once.

Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious: 60/10000 (tenth-level)

Also, what you saw on the surface wasn’t the real gain.

There was tremor conscious in the Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious.
This was an entirely new conscious.


It could affect everything!

Air, metal, water, earth, and even other consciouses and ultima… everything could be affected by it.
Once the vibration frequency reached a certain level, any object, no matter how tough and hard, would crumble under the vibration.

No wonder his Strength of Ultima almost broke just now.

This tremor conscious was a bug! However, this bug was in his possession now.
The pope would never imagine that the conscious he had worked so hard to grasp would get stolen by Wang Teng so easily.

Wang Teng smiled slyly like a little fox.
He thanked the pope sincerely.

“Thank you!”

“?” The pope was in a daze.

What was going on? Why was this fellow thanking him?

Most importantly, he could feel the sincerity in his gratitude.
He wasn’t acting.
His expression was real.

Was there something wrong with his mind?!

Why was he thanking his enemy? Would a normal person do this?

Zuotian Liehua and Zhou Xuanwu were stunned too.
They couldn’t understand Wang Teng’s actions.

“Hmph!” The pope couldn’t comprehend Wang Teng’s thought process, but he felt unhappy when he saw his smile.
He snorted and vanished from his position.

Wang Teng turned serious.
Not daring to let down his guard, he moved quickly like a ghost.


They turned into two balls of lights, one gold and one red, and collided in the air.

“Runemasters, continue running the array and exterminate the Zhenli Clan!” Wang Teng’s voice resounded in the ball of light.
“Yes!” the runemasters replied in unison.


The rune array continued running.
Lava gushed out and turned into a giant dragon.
It charged toward the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan.

The runemasters from the Zhenli Clan were manipulating their array too.
They gathered the ice energy in the atmosphere and turned it into an ice dragon.
It started clawing the lava dragon in the sky.

Boom, boom, boom…

Explosions never stopped.

The martial warriors from both sides continued their intense and fierce battle.
“Wang Teng, let me help you!” Zhou Xuanwu didn’t sit back either.
With a loud shout, he joined the battle between the pope and Wang Teng The intensity of the battle rose!

The outline of a turtle appeared above Zhou Xuanwu’s head.
It bellowed and dashed out along with the blade glow.
The blade attack was dense and powerful.
The thick yellow light dazzled the crowd, submerging everything in its path.

The pope had no choice but to retreat.
His expression was hideous.
Wang Teng launched his attack almost immediately after Zhou Xuanwu.
Mo Que appeared in his hand, and he hurled his blade and sword consciouses out as if they were unlimited.

Instantly, claps of thunder, splashes of waves, and howls of the wind resounded in the sky.
They wreaked havoc among the clouds, creating a unique and magnificent scene.

All the martial warriors retreated in astonishment.
They finally understood how Wang Teng was able to become the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop at his young age.

His ability was heaven-defying!

The martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan were bewildered.
Seeing this, the martial warriors from the three troops grabbed the chance and attacked like a bunch of maniacs.

Cries of agony surrounded the mountains.
The martial warriors started falling like droplets of rain.



The battlefield was like a concert of explosions.
General-stage martial warriors fell and self-destructed at the last instant, sparking a frightening chain reaction.
Within a few minutes, around five to six general-stage martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan had sacrificed their lives.
Their numbers dwindled quickly.

On the troops’ side, some general-stage martial warriors were injured, but there were no deaths.

By now, the general-stage martial warriors on the troops’ side more than doubled the number from the Zhenli Clan.
The situation was irreversible.

As for the soldier-level martial warriors, there were casualties on both sides, but the three troops had the upper hand.

There were lesser deaths among the high-ranked martial warriors from the troops, and this was a crucial element in this battle.
One high-rank martial warrior could handle more than ten low-rank martial warriors.
Hence, the victory of the troops was almost apparent.

The pope’s expression turned ugly when he saw this scene.
He knew that the Zhenli Clan was powerless now.
Nothing much about it could be done.
The hatred towards Wang Teng and his companions grew stronger.

However, he knew that if this continued, he might lose his life here too.

Wang Teng’s ability had exceeded his imagination.
Moreover, Zhou Xuanwu had also joined the battle.
Even he found it difficult to handle the duo.

The pope blinked.
Suddenly, a shout was heard beside him.

“Big Dipper Flaming Blade!”

The pope felt his heart skipping a beat.
He swung his sword and forced Zhou Xuanwu back.
Then, he flung it in the direction of the sound.


A flaming blade glow collided with his sword glow.
It extinguished instantly.

The pope was stunned for a moment.
This attack was too weak.
It shattered at a single hit and wasn’t as powerful as the other attacks.

Before he could react, a black mist shot out from the extinguished blade glow and engulfed


“Oh shit!” The pope’s expression changed.
He held his breath and used Force to block all his pores.

Still, it was too late.
The black mist seeped into his body instantly.

He had experienced Wang Teng’s poison before, so he knew how difficult it was to deal with.
He had a bad premonition.

They were in a battle, so he didn’t have the time to clear the poison Force in his body.
He didn’t think that he would fall into Wang Teng’s trap due to a moment of negligence.


“You used poison… despicable!” The pope glared at Wang Teng.
Flames of anger almost shot out of his eyes.

“You can defeat any opponent by being despicable!” Wang Teng sniggered.

Zhou Xuanwu glanced at him weirdly.
He had great admiration for Wang Teng’s shamelessness.
He had to admit that he made sense!

You can defeat any opponent by being despicable!

Should he be more despicable when fighting with his opponents in the future?

No, no… Zhou Xuanwu shook his head hurriedly.
He shouldn’t do something that would tarnish his reputation.
He needed to think about his future.

“Move! Take his life when he’s poisoned!” Wang Teng ordered Zhou Xuanwu to act without any hesitation.

He hid the poison Force in his flaming conscious and threw it at the pope when he was struggling to cope with their barrage of attacks.
That was how he managed to poison the pope.
It wasn’t an easy feat.

The pope was poisoned with the Demon Lotus poison.
His ability was affected, so this was the perfect time to kill him!

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