Chapter 713 Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious… Tenth-Level!

The lava surged out without stopping from the dormant volcano under the influence of the array.
Wang Teng controlled the energy and transformed it into lava dragons.

Nine lava dragons appeared in the sky.
They coiled and soared down.

With their roars thundering in the mountains, it was a magnificent scene.

The evil clansmen were appalled.
They started running away, leaving their pope to deal with the nine lava dragons alone.
After all, the lava dragons were aiming for the pope too.
They pressed down furiously, bringing along a scorching heat.


The pope’s face turned black.
He didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so decisive and attack immediately.
Even more, his first move was so powerful.

He wanted him to experience it personally? Why would he do something like that? Was he so bored?

The pope wanted to curse.
This young lad was a wicked fellow.
He wanted to kill him, but he made it sound so pretty.

The prettier his words, the more vicious his attacks were.

The nine lava dragons didn’t have their own thoughts, so no matter how bitter the pope felt, they would still attack him.
Within a few breaths, the nine lava dragons were less than ten meters away from the pope.
Their giant bodies loomed above him, bringing along the scorching temperature of the lava.
The crimson bodies were reflected in the pope’s eyes.
His pupils constricted slightly.
Even as a 13-star general-stage martial warrior, he didn’t dare to underestimate this attack.

The pope raised the battle sword in his hand and released the Force in his body.
It gushed out like a tsunami, forming a large golden shield in front of him.


The nine lava dragons finally arrived.
They slammed heavily on the golden shield.
The clash was loud and resonant.

The golden shield trembled violently.
Both sides were at a standstill!

“Did he block it?!” The evil clansmen were staggered.
They stared at the point of collision.

Zhou Xuanwu and the others frowned.
Were they unable to defeat the pope even with the array? Had his ability reached such a frightening stage? Crack!

However, at this moment, a clear cracking sound broke the balance.

Everyone froze for a moment.

Then, more cracking sounds were heard.
The crowd looked in the direction of the sound and saw spiderwebs forming on the golden shield.


The golden shield couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore and shattered.
Astonishment appeared on everyone’s faces.

Next, the nine lave dragons turned into a pool of lava and rained down on the pope, submerging him entirely.


The evil clansmen lost their ability to speak.
Their faces turned pale, and despair gushed into their hearts once again.

Even their pope was defeated.
What hope did they have?

The martial warriors from the three troops were stunned by this scene, but they regained their senses quickly.

“Kill all the evil clansmen!”

Angry shouts echoed, and the martial warriors charged forward.
When the enemies’ morale fell, the other party’s morale would rise.

The Zhenli Clan’s martial warriors were demoralized, so the martial warriors of the three troops rode on the wave and took advantage of the situation.
The guardians of the Zhenli Clan were all at the general stage.
They were between 10-star and 12-star.

They were the first to bear the brunt of the troops’ attack

The deputy commanders of the three troops were general-stage warriors too.
The two deputy commanders of the Xuanwu Troop were just a level below Zhou Xuanwu.
They were at the 12-star general stage and were extremely powerful.

All the general-stage martial warriors possessed amazing destructive skills.
They scattered out to prevent injuring one another.

The general-stage martial warriors turned into balls of lights and slammed continuously into one another, releasing powerful impacts.
Some executed fist consciouses, some released palm consciouses, but most of them possessed sword and blade consciouses.
At their level, reaching the ‘conscious’ stage wasn’t difficult.
It was just a matter of intensity.


Suddenly, there was a loud explosion.

An 11-star general-stage martial warrior from the Zhenli Clan was killed.
The person who took his life was a general-stage martial warrior from the Xuanwu Troop.
He chopped the evil clansman’s head with his blade, splattering blood everywhere.

Attribute bubbles dropped from the evil clansman’s body.
They fell to the ground along with the corpse.

Wang Teng was focused on the lava in front, so he didn’t notice the situation here.
Fortunately, the bubbles wouldn’t disappear anytime soon.
He could pick them up later.
Following the death of the first general-stage martial warrior from the Zhenli Clan, the morale of the evil clansmen was impacted once again.

The guardians turned grim.
They started to feel fearful.

General-stage martial warriors were also humans.
If this continued, they would fall under the enemies’ blades.


At this moment, an explosion occurred in the pool created by lava.
Crimson, molten lava splashed everywhere.

A figure dashed out from within.
It was the pope of the Zhenli Clan!

He wasn’t dead!

Everyone was shocked.
“He’s not dead!” Zhou Xuanwu squinted.

Wang Teng wasn’t surprised.
He had already seen the situation inside the lava using his Eyes of Essence.
The pope’s aura might be a little unstable, but his vitality was still strong.
He wouldn’t die easily.
“Your Highness!”

“Your Highness!”

The martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan were elated and started cheering.

The pope ignored their cheers.
His face had turned green with anger, and his clothes were all torn and tattered.
There were many burnt marks on his skin.
He looked miserable.

He glared at Wang Teng.
“You caught me by surprise.
Again and again, I suffered in your hands.
I haven’t seen a young man with such potential for a long time.”

“I accept your compliments,” Wang Teng replied shamelessly.
The pope choked.
He continued angrily, “I won’t waste time with you.
You should be proud that you managed to force me to this stage.
But you’re too naive if you think you can kill me.”

“You can have a taste of it again.” Wang Teng smiled calmly.
Lava flowed out from the ground like a spring.


The lava formed a long river and surged towards the pope.

“Hmph!” The pope snorted and raised his sword.

A terrifying sword conscious shot into the air.
The golden glow was glaring and sharp.
Anyone who looked at it would get hurt.
They felt a stinging pain in their eyes, and tears started falling uncontrollably.
Some weaker martial warriors even had blood dripping down their eyes.
Both their eyeballs were injured.

The martial warriors turned away, not daring to stare at it anymore.

The pope had a sharp golden glint in his eyes too.
He stabbed straight at Wang Teng.

Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious… tenth-level!

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