Chapter 712 Only An Evil Man Could Torment An Evil Man!

The evil clansmen looked up at the great array in the air, and their expressions changed.
They were dumbfounded.

“Why is there an array here?” “When did they lay down this array?” The evil clansmen started panicking.
This array was exceptionally huge.
It covered the entire area, and the aura it gave off was terrifying, making their hearts shudder.
“Is this your trump card?” The pope remained composed.
However, his gaze had turned sharp.
“You came prepared.
It looks like you’re determined to exterminate us.”

“The Zhenli Clan has been around for too long.
It’s time to finish you off,” Zhou Xuanwu replied.

“Haha, it’s too early to laugh.” The pope smiled.
“We have an array too.”

He suddenly bellowed.

“Activate the clan protection array!”

With his order, the three snow mountains where the Zhenli Clan was located started trembling.
A large icy blue array slowly made an appearance.


Amidst a loud explosion, the array started moving.
The snow on the ice mountains started to float into the air and gathered together.

In an instant, a snow-white dragon made of snow and ice was formed.
Its large body twisted and coiled in the sky.
Every single one of its scales appeared life-like.
It was as if the ice dragon was a real animal.


A scary bellow came from the mouth of this ice dragon.

“When we were building the headquarters, I ordered my men to build this array.
My Divine Ice Dragon Array made use of the coldness in its surroundings.
Adding the snow mountains, its power is magnified.
Do you think that you can exterminate us with just some normal array? You must be dreaming!” the pope said calmly.

His voice was oozing with confidence.
Anyone could sense it.

The evil clansmen were elated.
If their pope didn’t remind them, they might have forgotten that they had an array too.
Their base was well-hidden, so no one could discover them most of the time.
Hence, the array became an ornament.

was exa

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression turned a little strange.
This situation was exactly like Wang Teng had predicted.
Indeed, the Zhenli Clan made use of the cold and ice here to lay down an ice-element array.
If they had carved the same element array, it wouldn’t be able to overpower the Zhenli Clan’s one.

However, they bypassed this trap and found another way out.
They decided to form a fire array deep in the snow mountains.

Fire and ice!

The confidence of the pope might be shattered into pieces once he learned of it.

Wang Teng remained calm, though.
He just stared at the pope strangely.

The pope was puzzled by his gaze.
The veins on his forehead bulged out, and he took a deep breath.
“Clueless brat.


The ice dragon in the sky seemed to have heard his order.
It charged toward Wang Teng furiously.

“Oh shit!” Zuotian Liehua, who was observing silently at the side, was worried.
She stared at the ice dragon in bewilderment.

Wang Teng had no chance of survival if that astonishing attack landed on him!

But soon, she realized that Wang Teng and the troops from Country Xia didn’t look worried.
Instead, they seemed to be waiting for a good show.
Their eyes were filled with excitement.

Zuotian Liehua was confused by this scene.

What is this?

Aren’t they worried?

Or is there something else going on?

Just when Zuotian Liehua was hesitating, a rumble was heard from the snow mountain below.

At the start, the sound wasn’t obvious, so many people disregarded it.
However, it grew louder and deafening like a clap of thunder echoing in the sky.


Almost instantly, everyone saw the snow mountain below Wang Teng erupting.
A crimson glow spurted out.
It was dazzling.

A scorching heat spread throughout.


Another deafening explosion shook their eardrums.
A flame formed from lava shot into the sky.

The fire pillar passed through Wang Teng’s body but didn’t harm him.

A green ball of flame appeared around him, covering him up like a green shawl.
It laid on him like a cloak and flickered in the wind.

“Go!” Wang Teng shouted.
The fire pillar seemed alive.
It gathered into a lava dragon in the sky and shot towards the ice dragon.

The evil clansmen were thunderstruck, staring absent-mindedly at the lava dragon.
They were at a loss for words.

“How was this possible?”

Many people started muttering to themselves in disbelief.

They didn’t think that such a powerful fire-element array could be formed within the snow mountains.

Even the pope was bewildered and puzzled.

Why was there lava here?

He couldn’t accept this and felt a little awkward.
A moment ago, he was telling them confidently that his array made full use of the topography and the troop’s array wouldn’t be able to fight with theirs.



The two dragons bellowed and roared.
Then, they collided in the air.


At the start, the two giant dragons started corroding each other.
They were of an equal match.
But as time passed, the ice dragon started melting under the high heat.


The lava dragon bellowed and swallowed the ice dragon.
The ice dragon melted, evaporated, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

All the evil clansmen were shocked.
They stared at the sky with wide eyes and took a few steps back uncontrollably when they saw the flying lava dragon.

If the lava dragon touched them, even a martial warrior might turn into ashes!

No one dared to underestimate the power of the lava dragon.

Zuotian Liehua was stunned.
This array was so powerful!

The array that they carved within this short time was so powerful that the Zhenli Clan’s array was broken almost instantly.
This was terrifying!

“How’s my array?” Wang Teng stood in mid-air and asked the pope calmly.

The corners of the pope’s eyes started twitching.
He almost couldn’t control his expression.

This result was different from his expectations!

Their array got destroyed so easily!


This was too embarrassing!

Zhou Xuanwu laughed secretly.
He felt that Wang Teng was the pope’s nightmare.
Some distance away, Xiao Nanfeng, who got heavily injured by the pope, felt delighted when he saw the pope’s awkward expression.

Indeed, only an evil man could torture another evil man!

He didn’t like Wang Teng, but he had to admit that he was strong.

“It looks like you can’t give any comments just by looking.
In that case, why don’t you experience it yourself?” Wang Teng smiled and raised his finger, pointing at the pope.

The lava behind him assembled into eight gigantic dragons.


The nine lava dragons roared and dashed towards the pope.

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