Chapter 711 You Can Do It! All The Best!


The blade and sword consciouses of the fighters wreaked havoc in the air.
The long blade conscious cut through the air and collided with the blade conscious.

A huge explosion rang through the snowy mountains.
Tremors shook the peak as if an earthquake was rocking the land.
The frightening Force swarmed over like terrifying sea waves.

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression changed.
The powerful force slammed into his body, throwing him back like a cannonball.


A sword wound appeared on his chest.
Fresh blood spurted out and flew in the sky.

Zhou Xuanwu was appalled.
He stopped himself forcefully and stared at the pope.
“You’ve indeed taken that step!”

“You’re wrong.
I haven’t taken the step yet.
I’ve only raised my foot, but it’s enough to deal with you,” the pope said indifferently with a calm expression.

Zhou Xuanwu’s gaze flickered.
He was stunned.

He was already so powerful before he reached the other stage? This was unbelievable!

Wang Teng turned serious too.
He activated his Spiritual Sight and saw a ball of special energy in the pope’s body.
That was constellation Force!


This ball of constellation Force had reached 1% of the entire Force in his body.

Even so, his ability had exceeded that of Zhou Xuanwu, who was a 13-star high-tier general-stage martial warrior.
Constellation Force was frightening! Wang Teng looked at the constellation Force in his body.
It was small and pitiful.

He had four constellation Forces: fire, earth, wood, and metal.
Yet, they were less than 0.1% of his entire Force.
They sat in a lonely corner in his Force nucleus like an abandoned child.

Never mind, he shouldn’t compare it…

Wang Teng chose to ignore it.
If he said it out, he might get mocked and looked down upon by the pope.
“Are you alright?” he came beside Zhou Xuanwu and asked.
He wasn’t planning to evade just now.
He wanted to fight alongside Zhou Xuanwu, but the guy was too fast.
Before he could react, the two of them had started their fight.

You couldn’t blame him!

Zhou Xuanwu felt a little awkward too.
He wanted to block the pope’s attack when he rushed forward, but he failed.
He even got injured.

This was the first time he had suffered such a huge defeat in his many years of battles.
However, this also represented how powerful the pope was.
He had surpassed normal general-stage martial warriors.

“I won’t die.” Zhou Xuanwu shook his head sternly, continuing in a grim tone, “You’re right.
We can’t view him as a normal martial warrior at the peak of the general stage.
We might not be his match even if we attack together.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He was also deep in thought.
With his ability, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the pope using normal means.
He had to use his trump cards.

“Activate the arrays,” Wang Teng pondered before suggesting.

“Alright.” Zhou Xuanwu nodded.

They wouldn’t activate the array easily because of the special topography here.
They were standing on snowy mountains.
If they activated the array, they might wake up a dormant volcano and cause an avalanche.
Their own people might be injured by the force of destruction.

However, they could only do this if they wanted to deal with the pope.

“Are you done talking?” The pope’s voice came from afar.
“If you’re done, I’ll send you to meet your maker.”

His gaze was calm as he walked over confidently.
The sword in his hand glowed brightly in gold.
It was a frightening sight.

“I’ll block him.
Go and activate the array!” Zhou Xuanwu said without turning his head.
His gaze turned sharp.

“Are you sure? Will you get chopped to death?” asked Wang Teng.

Zhou Xuanwu’s face turned black.

What can you expect from a hog but a grunt? Was he cursing him? Couldn’t he say something better?

His chest heaved up and down furiously.
He was infuriated.

“Cough, I’ll let you take care of the matters here then.
You can do it! All the best.” Wang Teng hurriedly ran away when he saw Zhou Xuanwu’s reaction.

Zhou Xuanwu: …

The pope’s gaze flickered.
He looked at Wang Teng and didn’t chase after him.
Instead, he turned to Zhou Xuanwu and said, “Staying back will only bring you death.”

“I admit that you’re very strong, but you’re too conceited.” Zhou Xuanwu’s expression didn’t change.
The aura on his body increased exponentially.

Boom! Boom! Boom! A thick and powerful yellow Force shot into the sky.
At this moment, Zhou Xuanwu’s battle conscious was entirely activated!

“Come and fight!” Zhou Xuanwu clutched his blade and took a large step forward.
An angry roar escaped from his throat like a provoked beast.

The pope of the Zhenli Clan squinted.
Even he didn’t dare to look Zhou Xuanwu in the eye.

As expected of the chief commander of the Xuanwu Troop.


A terrifying sword conscious erupted from his sword, and a dense golden sword glow cut through the air.


A long blade smashed into the golden sword.
Force explosions were heard instantly.


The blade slashed down with immense power, forcing the pope and his sword to drop a little.

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression was exceptionally cold and grim.
His short hair stuck out like needles.
At a battle of this level, he would fight like a maniac.
After a successful attack, he released his frightening power again and chopped his blade down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Force explosions continuously sounded in the mountain.
The pope’s expression changed slightly as he was forced to retreat.
He was being suppressed by Zhou Xuanwu!

This made him exasperated!

The pope looked irritated from his expression.
His gaze turned cold.
Powerful Force surged out from his body, and he faced Zhou Xuanwu’s sword attack head-on.

The offense was the best defense!

At their level, their battle awareness was exceptionally strong.
They could launch their retaliation within a split second once they found a chance.

The two of them had turned into two huge balls of lights.
The golden and yellow colors kept intertwining and crashing in the air.

On the other side, Wang Teng had already arrived above the snow mountain on the left of the Zhenli Clan’s base.
This was the dormant volcano they had found on the map.
It was only a short distance from the base of the Zhenli Clan.
The array built around this dormant volcano was enough to surround the evil clan’s base.

“Runemasters, activate the array!” Wang Teng’s stern voice echoed.

The runemasters below had already prepared themselves.
They sat down cross-legged and instilled their Forces into the different points of the array.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard.
The snow mountain below their feet seemed to be shuddering.

Dazzling lights shot out, and a huge round array appeared gradually.
It rose from the ground, covering a few thousand meters of land around it.

“What’s that?!”

“An array!”

“Damn it, they laid out an array!”

The evil clansmen were dumbstruck.
They looked at the scary-looking array that suddenly appeared in the sky in astonishment.

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