Chapter 709 This Fellow’s Identity!

The chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop!

All the evil clansmen stared at Wang Teng as if he were a ghost.

They saw him changing from a normal-looking evil clansman to a handsome and impressive young man.
With the general cloak on him, he looked extraordinary.
His gaze was intense, and it was impossible to meet his eyes.

Was this the glib-tongued invader who scolded everyone?

The difference was a little vast.

But… no wonder he dared to curse their pope!

Some people were enlightened.
This was the source of his confidence.

He was the chief commander of a troop.
What a high status!

Yet, this was why they found it even more unbelievable.
How could an invader who got chased by them be the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop?

None of them believed it.
It was too unreal, especially when they saw Wang Teng’s young face.
They were flabbergasted and couldn’t regain their composure for a long time.

How did he become a chief commander at such a young age? This didn’t make sense!

They felt that their understanding of the world had collapsed.
Had they lost touch with the real world for such a long time that they couldn’t catch up with the recent developments anymore? Feng Quan was also dumbstruck.
His face turned pale, and he remembered what he had said about killing Wang Teng.
He suddenly felt uneasy.

Not far away behind him, Feng Hua’s expression had turned hideous.
He felt humiliated when Wang Teng punched him into the air and wanted to take revenge.
He hated Wang Teng to the bone.

At first, he had a chance.
Wang Teng was just an invader, so he believed that he wouldn’t be able to escape from their encirclement.

But now, he realized that Wang Teng wasn’t an easy person to deal with.
He was the chief commander of a troop.
In front of him, he was nothing.
He had no right to talk about revenge.
He would be lucky if Wang Teng didn’t come and look for him.

They weren’t the only ones.
Even the pope was astounded.

Wang Teng’s identity change was too sudden.
He was also caught off guard.
The invader was a chief commander!

Also, looking at their stance, they had come to look for trouble.

This might be the greatest danger the Zhenli Clan had faced in history.

If they could overcome it, the reputation of the Zhenli Clan would increase multiple times.
Even three big troops from Country Xia couldn’t handle them.
Which big country would dare to look down on them in the future?

But if they lose, the game was over.
The Zhenli Clan would disappear and become a part of history.
In this martial arts era, they would be forgotten quickly and no one would ever remember them.

The pope’s expression was as cold as the ice around them.
He glared at Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu.

The two factions faced each other.
The atmosphere was extremely tense.
War was imminent!

Zuotian Liehua stood at the side and looked back and forth between Wang Teng and the Zhenli Clan.
She couldn’t regain her calm for a long time.

This fellow’s identity was astonishing!

She thought he belonged to a small organization with a few men under him, but it turned out to be three troops filled with elite martial warriors.
Looking ahead, there were at least a few thousand powerful martial warriors.

Such a powerful force was enough to cause turmoil in any country.

Yet, they appeared here and Wang Teng was the chief commander of one of them.
It was unbelievable.

Zuotian Liehua took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

At least her life was saved.

The only awkward thing was, she didn’t belong to any side.
It was weird for her to go either way, so she hid in a corner and watched them intently.

All of this happened within a few minutes.
At this moment, a stern and resolute voice came from the pope of the Zhenli Clan, “All members of the Zhenli Clan, prepare for war.”

The evil clansmen were shocked.
They knew that they had no path of retreat anymore.
Many different factions wanted to annihilate them.
They wouldn’t be able to leave safely.

Hence, they couldn’t step back.
They could only fight to their deaths.
There was a look of madness on the evil clansmen’s faces.

“Everyone, this is the greatest challenge for the Zhenli Clan.
Whether we can continue our journey of realizing our dreams will depend on this challenge!

“Anyone that stops us is our enemy.
They must die, and we will fight our way to the top of the world with the truth in our hands!

“Long live Zhenli, long live our clan!”

The pope instigated the crowd with his bewitching voice.

The evil clansmen turned crazier when they heard his words.
They cheered and shouted like a bunch of die-hard fans.

“Long live Zhenli, long live our clan!”

“Long live Zhenli, long live our clan!”

“Long live Zhenli, long live our clan!”

“Fight for the Zhenli Clan!”

“Continue to fight no matter what!”

“Continue to fight no matter what!”

All the evil clansmen had gone mad.
Their eyes were bloodshot as they yelled at the top of their lungs.
For a moment, their roars shook the earth and shocked everyone.

Suddenly, a bellow erupted amid the chaos.


The cheers of the Zhenli Clan stopped abruptly.
All the evil clansmen felt as if someone was grabbing their throats.
They couldn’t make any sound.

Zhou Xuanwu and the others glanced at Wang Teng in surprise.
He was the one who shouted.
This fellow never followed the script.

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng shook their heads secretly.
However, they had to admit that the effect was good even though the method was a little rough.

Look at their expressions.
They were shouting joyfully a moment ago, but now, all of them felt like idiots.

“The Zhenli Clan has committed heinous crimes.
They should be exterminated!” Zhou Xuanwu made use of the chance and shouted loudly.




The martial warriors from the three troops roared in unison.
The powerful killing intent surged toward the evil clansmen.

Before the battle, the leaders needed to get the morale up first.
This was what the martial warriors from the military always did.


The malicious aura slashed over like a blade.

No matter how crazy the Zhenli Clan was, this powerful killing intent would douse their morale like a pail of ice.

Many evil clansmen shuddered.
Their faces turned pale, and they wanted to run away.
The more powerful ones looked grim too.
Thoughts of retreating were taking birth in their hearts.
They had lost in this first round of confrontation.
How were they supposed to continue fighting?


Zhou Xuanwu and the others didn’t give them any chance to hesitate.
With his order, all the martial warriors pounced toward the evil clansmen like wild beasts.

They had an immense hatred for the Zhenli Clan.
Many of their friends and families were killed by them.
The grudge was huge.

Hence, they didn’t show any mercy.
They raised their weapons and attacked the evil clansmen with raging killing intent.
They were extremely cold-blooded.

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