Chapter 708 How Long Are You Guys Planning To Hide?

“What did you say?” “Who are you calling a rat!”

“You’re looking for death!”

“Kill him!”

The evil clansmen around them were roused.
They were brainwashed to think that they had grasped the truth of the world and were a level higher than other people.
Yet, this young man called them rats.

What the hell!

How dare he humiliate them! He must die!

Zuotian Liehua admired Wang Teng’s courage.
At the same time, she felt speechless too.

Why was he still provoking the evil clansmen? Didn’t he understand their situation? Did he wish to die faster?

She pulled Wang Teng and wanted to stop him from seeking death.
Unfortunately, Wang Teng ignored her.
He glanced around him and continued, “You’re just deceiving yourselves.
Do you think you’ve understood the truth? You’re just using it as an excuse to do what you want.

“The things you do are worse than the rats in the drain.
At least, they eat the garbage, so they are still useful.
They can also be used in experiments.
What about you? You guys eat well, live well, and create trouble everywhere.
Do you know how many innocent lives you’ve taken? In the end, you use ‘seeking the truth’ to cover up your evil deeds.

“You know what, calling you rats is a humiliation to the rats.
You are worse than rats.
You guys have no rights to be called rats.”

Wang Teng paused and took in everyone’s expression.
A cold smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

Zuotian Liehua stared at him with her mouth agape.
This fellow’s tongue was so sharp! At this moment, her respect for Wang Teng skyrocketed.

F**king impressive!

There were no other words to express her emotions.

Despite being surrounded by numerous evil clansmen, he could still curse them.
Even more, they had no way of refuting him.


Look at the expressions on the evil clansmen’s faces.
They looked as if they had stepped on a dog stool.

Even she felt a little refreshed!

However, they were glaring at Wang Teng as if they wanted to eat him alive.
It was a little scary.

She wanted to give Wang Teng a nicknameGod of asking for death!

“Damn it!”

“Why are you still ranting when you’re about to die!

“Brat, do you have a death wish?” Feng Quan gritted his teeth.
“Catch him and skin him alive.
He mustn’t die so easily,” another guardian shouted in anger.

The pope was indignant too.
His expression was grim, and there was killing intent in his eyes.
“Don’t be anxious.
I’m not done yet.” Wang Teng wasn’t afraid.
He continued his speech, disregarding their expressions.

“Y’all are not just evil; you’re also stupid.
The Zhenli Clan was created by someone with an ulterior motive.
Most of you know nothing at all.
You don’t even know that you were coaxed into becoming a tool for others.
Do you think that you’re honestly fighting for the truth? You must be an idiot.

“Truth? What’s the truth? Even the great men in history don’t dare to claim that they have found the truth of the world.
Do you think you have the right to grasp it?”

Wang Teng suddenly saw the pope glaring at him as if he wanted to kill him with his gaze.
In reply, Wang Teng lifted his finger and pointed at him.
“And you.
The pope of the Zhenli Clan? I think you’re just the leader of an evil clan.
I wonder where you get all these bullshit ideas you used to fool people from.
You gather a bunch of random people and create trouble everywhere.
You’re lucky that you haven’t been beaten to death yet.

“But you won’t live for long.
We will take care of you soon!”

Everyone stared at Wang Teng as if he were a monster.
It was alright for him to curse them, but he was also scolding their pope and fingerpointing at him.
Did he have the balls of steel?

The pope’s face turned gloomy.
Ever since he became the pope, no one had dared to scold him like this.

Leader of an evil clan?

Lucky that he hadn’t been beaten to death?

Wouldn’t live for long?

The pope’s expression turned ugly as if he had eaten a fly.
Fury burned in his heart.
He yelled at the top of his lings, “You’re tempting fate!”

“I don’t know if I’ll die, but you’re definitely dead!” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Impudent!” Feng Quan shouted indignantly.

“To hell with being impudent.
I’ve been wanting to scold you for a long time.
Old dog, if you dare to bark again, I’ll pinch you to death.” Wang Teng’s sharp gaze landed on Feng Quan.
Boom! Feng Quan felt a terrifying killing intent stabbing into his eyes through that gaze.
It rocked the consciousness in his mind like a man shaking a water bowl.

His face turned pale, and he took three steps back in disbelief.
He stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“Huh?” The pope was surprised too.
He scoffed.
“So you have been hiding your ability just now.
But you’re too naive if you think you can act arrogant in front of me.” He waved his hand.
“Take him!”

The evil clansmen heard the order and charged toward Wang Teng together.
Attacks were thrown out relentlessly, submerging Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua like endless sea waves crashing onto the shore.


The frightening Forces exploded, and the impact swept through the mountain.
The snow on the ground was blasted into the air, scattering and floating down as if it was really snowing.

The evil clansmen looked at the center of the explosion.

Was he dead?

Was he a paper tiger that only knew how to use his tongue? Was he so weak that he couldn’t withstand the first round of attacks?


An explosion occurred suddenly.
Then, a ray of light shot into the air.
“Don’t let him escape!” Feng Quan shouted.

He got scared by Wang Teng just now and was embarrassed about it.
He wished that he could skin the brat alive.

Hence, when he saw Wang Teng escaping from their attacks, he felt that there was nothing to be afraid of and soared into the sky at the speed of lightning.
The other evil clansmen followed him and chased after Wang Teng.
Only the pope trailed behind them slowly.
He seemed to be in deep thought.

“Brat, you can’t run away.
Surrender now!”

“That’s right.
You’re surrounded.
You won’t be able to leave the snow mountain…”

The evil clansmen hollered as they chased after him.

After Wang Teng escaped from the encirclement, he suddenly stopped.

“Why did you stop? Hurry up and run!” Zuotian Liehua was panicked.
She pulled Wang Teng in an attempt to move him.

Wang Teng smiled calmly and broke free from her grip.
Glancing around her, he spoke in a calm tone, “How long are you guys planning to hide?”

There was nothing but silence.

Zuotian Liehua was dumbfounded.
She scanned the surroundings and suddenly remembered that he had reinforcements.

However, they were too many evil clansmen.
Even if his reinforcements appeared, it would be useless.
They would still be captured.

The evil clansmen chasing after him stopped abruptly and glanced around in confusion.

This fellow had reinforcements? Or was he putting on a show?

The pope’s expression changed slightly.
He observed the vicinity for any clues.
Right then, behind the snow mountain, three large battlecraft gradually rose into the air, entering everyone’s vision.

At the same time, figures with strong auras appeared on those battlecraft.
These auras were at least at the 4-star soldier level, with some even higher.
They flew out of the battlecraft and stood in the air.

The evil clansmen were appalled when they saw the martial warriors.

Feng Quan and the other guardians were dumbfounded.
They stared at the symbols on the three battlecraft with wide eyes.

“Xuanwu Troop!”

“Black Sparrow Troop!”

“Crimson Tiger Troop!”

Shouts of disbelief escaped their mouths.
How did the powerful martial warriors from these three troops appear here?

They couldn’t believe it, but in the end, they had to accept this cruel reality.

The Zhenli Clan… had been found!

The evil clansmen turned pale.
They had a bad premonition.
The secretive and well-hidden base of the Zhenli Clan had been discovered.
What should they do now?

Everyone was anxious and worried.

“Hahaha, Wang Teng, don’t you want to play with them more? Why did you call us out so quickly?” Zhou Xuanwu’s laughter rang in the mountains like thunder.

“I’ve had enough fun.
It’s time to clear up the scene,” Wang Teng replied in frustration.

As he spoke, his figure and appearance started changing.
Within a few seconds, he resumed his original looks.
“This feels more comfortable.
My own face is always better!”

Wang Teng took off the gown he was wearing, revealing the martial warrior uniform below.
He stretched his back.

“Chief Commander!” Song Wanjiang, Zhu Chengwang, and the other deputy commanders appeared behind him and saluted in unison.

They placed the Black Sparrow Troop general cloak on his shoulders.
It danced and flapped in the wind.
The divine black sparrow on the cloak seemed to have come alive, screeching into the sky.

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