Chapter 706 If I Kill Wrongly, I’ll Apologize To You!

Everyone’s gaze traveled back and forth between Feng Hua and the ordinary-looking lady.
There seemed to be an ambiguous hint behind their gazes.

Many people were smiling too.
Their smile seemed a little… perverted.
“Imbecile!” Feng Quan felt ashamed and shouted uncontrollably.


Feng Hua was puzzled.

What happened?

What just happened?

Why am I getting scolded?

Questioning himself, he looked at Feng Quan in a daze and asked, “Dad, why did you scold


“Why are you asking me? Don’t you know your own mistake?” Feng Quan shouted in anger.

“I didn’t do anything,” Feng Hua replied innocently.
“Nothing? Why did you call that lady then?” Feng Quan asked in disappointment.
“You misunderstood me.
Don’t you think that this lady looks similar to Ma Feifei?” Feng Hua cried.
He couldn’t care about maintaining his cold and distant image anymore.

Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua felt their hearts dropping when they heard this.
However, as someone who had been through many ordeals, they were still able to remain calm at this time.

Zuotian Liehua also pretended to be scared.
She acted like a normal evil clansman who got bullied by the son of an officer.

Why are you still looking for excuses? Ma Feifei is a beautiful woman.
How can this lady be her?” Feng Quan didn’t believe his son.
He glanced at Zuotian Liehua’s normal-looking face and reprimanded his son again.

“That’s right.
We’re not blind.
How can this ordinary lady be Ma Feifei?”

“There are no similarities at all.
Even if it’s a disguise, there shouldn’t be such a huge difference.”

Everyone nodded.
They didn’t believe him.
“Look at her figure.
Although she’s hiding it, she can’t hide it entirely.
Her figure is better than other ladies.
Trust me,” Feng Hua said hurriedly.

“Ohhh!” Everyone was enlightened.

“What’s with that sound?” Feng Hua was puzzled.
He felt that these people were thinking something strange.

“Young Master Feng noticed her figure? Honestly, her looks might be normal, but her figure is not bad.
Young Master Feng, you have good eyesight!”

“Young Master Feng’s realm is indeed higher than ours.”

“Once you turn off the light, the appearance doesn’t matter anymore.
The figure is the most important.”

“Young Master Feng is a smart man.”

The crowd took turns in talking and praising him.
Feng Hua was rendered speechless.


The poor guy was having a breakdown.
No one believed him! He didn’t expect this.

“Alright, stop embarrassing yourself.
If you want a lady, you can find one after this farce ends.” Feng Quan spoke to him using voice transmission.
He was having a headache, but this was his son.
He didn’t want to scold him again in front of everyone.

Feng Hua: …

His expression turned ugly.
He walked towards Zuotian Liehua silently and took out his sword.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re the invader.
I’ll kill you to prevent others from misunderstanding me.

“If you’re not, I’ll apologize.
If you are, it’s just nice.”

Everyone was appalled.
They stared at Feng Hua with wide eyes.

This fellow was cold-blooded!

He would kill an innocent person without batting an eye just to prove his innocence.

Many people raised their eyebrows and stared at them with interest.
They were preparing to leave, but they now decided to stay back and watch the show.

“Young Master Feng, I’m not the invader.
I…” Zuotian Liehua appeared frightened, but she was cursing in her heart.

What an unexpected disaster!

She had already come out, but Feng Hua noticed her because of her figure.

The sudden change caught her off guard.
Due to other people’s humiliation, Feng Hua wanted to kill her to prove his innocence.

Damn it, what kind of stupid logic was this!

She tensed up and glanced at Wang Teng continuously from the corner of her eyes.

If Feng Hua wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t sit and wait for death.

“I’ve already said that I’ll apologize to you if I’ve made a mistake.” Feng Hua’s face was cold.
He announced her death like a high and mighty judge.

Feng Quan gave a nod of satisfaction when he saw this scene.

As expected of his son.
He was decisive and used the easiest method to prove his innocence.
It looked like he misunderstood him just now.

Feng Hua didn’t waste any time.
A cold glint appeared in his eyes, and he stabbed his sword at Zuotian Liehua’s heart.

If this sword hit her, Zuotian Liehua would definitely die.

However, she had already prepared herself.
She knew that Feng Hua wanted to kill her, so she couldn’t care about concealing herself or what the consequences were after she was discovered.
Staying alive was more important!

Hence, the instant Feng Hua attacked, Zuotian Liehua moved.

She retreated at the speed of lightning and tilted her body slightly, evading Feng Hua’s sword.
Then, she bent her fingers and clawed at Feng Hua’s neck.

“There’s indeed something wrong with you!” Feng Hua wasn’t shocked.
Instead, he was elated.
He smiled in delight at the success of his plan and laughed loudly.

He turned his battle sword and slashed it at Zuotian Liehua’s hand.

Zuotian Liehua’s expression changed entirely.
“Be careful!” Feng Quan shouted abruptly.

Feng Hua was stunned when he heard his father’s voice.
At the same time, he felt a powerful force coming from his left.
He was flabbergasted.

A figure shot out from the side and punched Feng Hua violently.


Feng Hua didn’t have the time to dodge.
He was thrown out as if he got hit by a large truck and slammed heavily onto the mountain walls.

Snow tumbled down from the rocks, burying Feng Hua beneath it.

Everyone was dumbstruck.
The rest of the evil clansmen stared absentmindedly at Wang Teng who had appeared beside Zuotian Liehua without any warning.
They were in a daze.


Feng Hua struggled to climb out of the pile of snow.
But before he could stand up, he vomited a mouth of blood, and his face turned pale.
“Huh? You’re not dead?” Wang Teng gasped.
What a pity!

Feng Hua got furious at his dismissing tone, his heart boiling in anger.
“How dare you!”

Feng Quan glared at Wang Teng with a hideous expression.
However, he didn’t attack Wang Teng straight away.
Rather, his figure flashed and appeared beside Feng Hua.
He took out a pill and placed it in his mouth.

“Young man, don’t be too ruthless next time.
You will get beaten to death easily,” Wang Teng said calmly as he watched Feng Hua swallowing the pill.

“You!” Feng Hua’s face turned distorted.
He panted heavily like a bull.
“You’re the invader!” Feng Quan pressed Feng Hua’s shoulder to prevent him from acting rashly.
He looked at Wang Teng and squinted as he shouted with certainty.

“So what if I am? So what if I’m not?” Wang Teng said.

“No matter who you are, you won’t be able to leave here alive after hurting my son,” Feng Quan said.
His tone was malicious.

“Haha, let’s see if you have the ability to do that.” Wang Teng sneered.

“Impudent!” Feng Quan snorted.
“Surround them!

“Inform the pope at once!”

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