Chapter 705 Idiot!

After finalizing their plan, they waited in the cave.
Some time later, a group of evil clansmen arrived at their location again.

There were five people in total, and their voices could be heard faintly.

“Damn it, what’s this? Why is there an invader? Even the pope is alerted!”

“That’s right.
They ruined my good affair.
The past few days had been boring.
Today, the lady living beside me finally came to find me.
That figure, tsk tsk… I had already taken off my pants when this happened.”

“Shh, softer.
We’ll be dead if someone hears us and tells the pope.”

They hurriedly changed the topic.

“Anyway, Ma Feifei’s the real beauty.
I heard that Murong Shan and Hong Peng fought because of her.
In the end, one of them died.
If she’s the real betrayer, the pope wouldn’t let her go.
What a pity.” “Hong Peng’s missing, right? Someone saw Ma Feifei sending him back with someone.
He’s probably dead.”

“What a dangerous beauty!”

“Hahaha, I’ll have no regrets if I die in the hands of a beauty.”

Zuotian Liehua’s face turned black when she heard their conversation.

She had always been a hot topic because of her looks, but it was impossible for her to feel good when she heard people talking behind her back.

Wang Teng gave her a strange smile.
Zuotian Liehua rolled her eyes uncontrollably.
This fellow had a bad sense of humor.
The evil clansmen had entered the cave by now.
Their voices came again.

“Alright, search this place quickly.
We still need to follow Guardian Feng and search outside later.”

“Do we need to? Our base is heavily guarded.
How can those people escape?”.

“We don’t have the right to decide.
We just need to follow the pope’s decision.”

Wang Teng exchanged glances with Zuotian Liehua and saw surprise and astonishment in each other’s eyes.

Wasn’t this what they wanted?

Wang Teng signaled to Zuotian Liehua.
She understood, and they prepared to move.
When the team of evil clansmen came near, they suddenly attacked.

“Who?” The evil clansmen were shocked.
They didn’t have any time to react.

Bang, bang, bang… There were a few dull thuds.
Their vision turned black before they fainted.

After some time, the team of evil clansmen walked out of the cave.

There were still five members, but three of them were controlled by Wang Teng’s Bewitch skill.
The other two were the disguised Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua.

The five of them pretended to search for the invaders before walking out of the cave.

Zuotian Liehua couldn’t help but feel nervous.
She used voice transmission to ask, “Is it alright for us to do this?”.

“Don’t worry.
No one will discover us,” Wang Teng patted his chest and said.

Zuotian Liehua relaxed a little when she saw his confidence.
This fellow might be a little unreliable at times, but he wouldn’t joke with his life.

Wang Teng got the gathering spot out of these evil clansmen’s mouths.
They directly headed there without wasting any time.
The gathering location was in the central mountain.
There was an empty field there.
When Wang Teng and his team arrived, many people were already there.
Everyone was discussing among themselves.

Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua merged into the crowd and kept a low profile.

Wang Teng’s disguise was perfect.
As for Zuotian Liehua, she didn’t have his skill and finesse.
Her disguise was not bad, but her figure was too outstanding.
Thus, she couldn’t assume the identity of a man and could only continue to be a lady.

However, she wasn’t stupid.
She stopped acting as a beauty to avoid gaining attention.
Hence, her face was exceptionally normal.
It was so normal that you wouldn’t be able to find her among the crowd.

Wang Teng saw the entire process of her disguise.
He was honestly a little surprised.

In the costume world, Zuotian Liehua’s skills must be top-notch.
No one could see through her get-up with naked eyes.

There was no need to compare with him, though.
After all, he had exceeded the realm of disguising skills.

You rely on disguise but I rely on morphing.
What is there to compare?

Zuotian Liehua was staggered too.
She saw Wang Teng transforming from Yao Ji into the evil clansman.
Even his figure and height changed; it was an exact replica.
She found it unbelievable.

She realized that the longer she interacted with Wang Teng, the more mysterious he became.
He seemed to know everything.

“Is everyone here?” at this moment, Guardian Feng Quan, who was in front, opened his mouth and asked.
“56 people in total.
Everyone is present,” an evil clansman counted the members and replied.

Follow me out for an inspection.
Once you discover anything amiss, release the signal and inform the others.
Do you understand?” Feng Quan said in a cold voice.
“Yes!” the evil clansmen replied simultaneously.
“Leave!” Feng Quan led the way to the entrance.



Wang Teng felt a little worried as he walked among the crowd.
He wondered how the army was doing.
He hoped that they wouldn’t be discovered.

No one stopped them since Guardian Feng Quan was leading the way.
Soon, they arrived outside.

The mountain was covered with white snow.
They stood on the snowy ground and felt a chilly wind blowing against their cheeks.

Looking at the evil clansmen, they seemed used to the cold.

Zuotian Liehua felt a little unreal as she stood among the crowd.
Were they outside already? It didn’t seem that difficult!

“Alright, split up and search the area.
We’ll gather in three hours.”

Everyone acknowledged Feng Quan’s order.
Then, they parted and started their search.
However, at this moment, a voice was heard.


Everyone stopped and looked in the direction of the voice.

“Feng Hua!”

Many people frowned.
They didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he was Guardian Feng Quan’s son.
Hence, they gave him some face.

Feng Quan looked at him curiously too.

Feng Hua nodded at his father and raised his finger.
“You, come over!”

They followed his finger and saw an ordinary-looking lady.

Everyone felt even more puzzled.

What was Feng Hua planning to do?

Was he looking for a woman?

But even so, he was too impatient and not choosy.

Feng Quan frowned.
He believed his son, but this brat could be a little abnormal at times.

His eyes were shimmering, and he looked excited.
Wasn’t this the same look he gave when he saw a lady he wanted?

Feng Quan felt more certain as he observed his expression.
Anger burned in his heart.

This idiot!

Why did he choose this crucial moment to do this? Even more, everyone was here.
He felt so embarrassed!

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