Chapter 700 This Fellow Is A Money Lover!

“Huh, it’s quite vigilant.
Did it sense a similar physique?” Wang Teng was startled when he saw the lizard looking in his direction.

He didn’t think that the star beast could see through his concealing skills.
That meant that it sensed a similar physique around it.

When the distance was short, magnetic fields could affect each other.

But soon, Wang Teng’s Magnetic Physique calmed down.
He only had 10 points of Magnetic Physique, so the magnetic field formed was weak.
The star beast couldn’t feel it anymore.

The lizard closed its eyes in confusion, thinking that it was just an illusion.
However, the scientist in the laboratory noticed the lizard’s change.
They were astounded and quickly looked over.

“What happened? That Black Sand Magnetic Lizard normally acts dead.
Why did it wake up voluntarily?”

“That’s right, this is so strange!”

“That Black Sand Magnetic Lizard is almost at the lord level and it’s smart.
Do you think there’s a problem?”

“Is there something wrong with the cage?”

“Quick, take a look.”

The scientists were in a flurry.
They disregarded the star beast they were dissecting and rushed to check the machines and the cage.
In the end, they realized that it was a false alarm.

There was nothing! The Black Sand Magnetic Lizard never opened its eyes again.
It ignored the scientists as they hustled around it.

“Maybe it’s… hungry!” Someone suggested when he saw this scene.


Everyone turned silent.
They suddenly felt a little stupid.
They were frightened by a star beast locked in a cage.
Look how timid they were.
However, Zuotian Liehua didn’t feel this way.
She had seen the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard looking in their direction.
A second ago, her heart almost jumped out of her throat.
She thought that they were discovered.

But soon, she realized that this wasn’t the case.

The Black Sand Magnetic Lizard didn’t seem to notice their presence.
It just sensed something.

Zuotian Liehua knew that she had nothing that could attract the Black Sand Magnetic Lizard’s attention.
That meant that Wang Teng was the problem.

This fellow…

The longer she interacted with him, the more mysterious he became.

“Let’s go.” Wang Teng’s voice rang beside her ear, pulling her back to reality.

The two of them continued walking in but didn’t discover anything.
The laboratories at the back were used to keep all kinds of machines and bottles.
Some were animal specimens while others were medicines.

Wang Teng didn’t pay much attention to them.
He shook his head in pity.
There weren’t attribute bubbles for him to pick up.

Eventually, they walked out of this passageway.

“The third path is where the Zhenli Clan stores their treasures and spiritual herbs,” Zuotian Liehua said after they came out.

“Come, let’s take a look.” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He walked forward immediately.

He loved treasures.

He had already sold all the treasures he stole from the Darkland with the Leader of Martial Arts’ help and used them for the redevelopment of Donghai.
He had nothing left, so he needed to fill his pockets.

Zuotian Liehua got speechless when she saw his excited look.

This fellow is a money lover!

He must be!

She followed him closely, afraid that she would lose this concealing ability if she stayed too far away.
She knew that she could hide perfectly because of Wang Teng’s help.
Hence, she didn’t dare to move away from him.

There were even more guards on this passageway, some manning the posts inside it.
Every few meters, they saw two to three guards at work.

Wang Teng had to remain vigilant.
After all, he needed to deal with the rune alerts too.
This was a small challenge for him.

When he deactivated the rune alerts, the runes would light up.
The only way to deactivate them secretly was to be fast, so fast that the runes had no time to react.

With his current mastery of the Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill, he wouldn’t be able to do that.
He could only add more points to it.

Earlier, he had collected close to 5000 blank attributes from the laboratory, so he didn’t mind using them now.
It was the same as not picking them up in the first place.

Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill: 1/5000 (big achievement)

Wang Teng used more than 4000 blank attributes and raised the skill from well-versed to big achievement.

At this moment, Wang Teng felt a huge number of rune deciphering methods swarming into his mind.
At the same time, his grasp of the skill increased.
His hand speed would be amazing if he executed the skill now.

Zuotian Liehua saw him stopping.
He seemed to be in a dilemma.

That’s right, he can’t do everything.
If this isn’t a challenge for him, he would be a god.

She felt immense pressure from Wang Teng.
He was mysterious and hard to understand.
She couldn’t see through him.
Hence, she felt a little relieved when she realized he had his limit too.


But soon, she got nervous again.
They were in this together.
If Wang Teng didn’t go in, she would have to retreat with him.

However, if he decided to barge in, she would have to take the risk even though they might be discovered.

She looked at Wang Teng uncontrollably.
Her expression changed.

He had started moving.
He stepped forward.

Zuotian Liehua hesitated.
She didn’t know if she should follow him.
Her body tensed up as she waited.
If Wang Teng was discovered, she would turn and run away immediately.

However, what she imagined didn’t happen.
When he passed by the rune alerts three meters ahead, he executed the skill at an incredible speed and continued walking.

The rune alert had no reaction!

Zuotian Liehua widened her eyes in surprise.
She thought that this was an illusion and kept rubbing her eyes.

“Why are you standing there? Follow me.” Wang Teng’s calm voice entered her ears.

Zuotian Liehua reacted and caught up with him with a look of disbelief.

She wanted to ask Wang Teng how he did it, but she didn’t dare to speak.
She also knew that Wang Teng wouldn’t answer her even if she asked.
Hence, she decided to shut up and be an obedient follower.

They walked for a hundred meters and passed by many guards, heading deep inside the passageway.

There were two large caves here, blocked by a thick and heavy metal door that was carved with complicated runes.
No one could enter this place easily.

These runes posed no threat to Wang Teng, but there were guards outside.
If the door opened suddenly, it would alert them.

This wasn’t a good time to alert the evil clan


“What shall we do?” Zuotian Liehua whispered.
She noticed his face was a little black.

“Wait,” Wang Teng gritted his teeth and said.
The treasure was just in front, but he couldn’t take it.
He felt exasperated.

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