Wang Teng soon finished picking up the attribute bubbles.
He knew that the other students wouldn’t drop any more bubbles for some time, so he ran to a corner.

There were a few inspection devices placed over there: strength inspection device, speed indicator device, and physique inspection device.

This was all equipment used to test the physical conditions of the martial disciples.
They were more accurate with minimal error.

Wang Teng stopped in front of the strength inspection device first.

He had learned the basic fist skill, so he knew how to exert his strength properly.

Other people would need at least a month to learn this.
Even a genius would need around ten days.
Yet, Wang Teng only used a month.


To him, it was only a few attribute bubbles!

This was the shortest time to learn the skill in the world.
It was so short that other people didn’t even dare to imagine it.

Wang Teng slowly got into posture and took a deep breath.
He then closed his eyes, relaxing his body.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide.
He fixed his gaze in front of him, as though he was looking at his prey.
Then, he moved.
He stepped firmly on the ground and slightly moved his waist.
His backbone tightened like a bow as he attacked with his fist.


Wang Teng’s fists slammed the strength inspection device.
The number on display started jumping violently before it finally stopped.
It was 143 kg!


Yesterday, when he went home at night, his strength attribute was at 135 points.
Just now, he had picked up 8 points, coming to a total of 143 points.
This was the same as the number on the device.

His strength had reached the limit of a normal person.


It was worth noting that it was a normal person’s limit.

A human in a desperate situation was able to go beyond his limits.
However, it was hard for an ordinary person to do that.
In fact, it was exceedingly difficult.


Thinking back, his initial strength was at 50, which was the strength of a normal person.


Fortunately, I’m not incompetent!


Wang Teng consoled himself.
Then, he went to the speed indicator and stood on it.

The speed indicator looked like a running machine.
When a person ran on it, the wheels below would start spinning, and the person’s speed would be calculated.

Wang Teng started with a light jog.
Then, he increased his speed until he hit his peak.

The speed indicator device would display the runner’s fastest speed.

Wang Teng felt that he had already reached his limit, so he slowed down gradually and stepped down from the device.

He looked at the number on the indicator: 12.7m/s!


It was obvious that the speed and the attribute points didn’t rise equally.
Wang Teng wasn’t interested in how these two aspects were connected, though.

It was just a different formula.

Nonetheless, Wang Teng was still astounded by his own speed just now.

This was the speed of the Olympics hundred-meter sprint champion, right? If the body of a martial disciple was already like this, how scary was a martial warrior?

“Let’s look at my physique.”

The physique inspection device looked like a hibernation chamber in a fantasy movie.
It stood erected in a corner.

Wang Teng walked in and pressed the start button.
A ray of light scanned his body from his head to toe a few times.

The physique inspection consisted of an examination of the blood, muscles, bones, meridians, and other elements.
It was extremely complex, requiring advanced technology.

“Ding! The scan has ended.
Student Wang Teng.
Physique 47.”

A pleasant female voice resounded from the physique inspection device.

“Tsk, tsk, there is even a voice broadcast system.”

Wang Teng was amazed at how high-quality the speed indicator device and physique inspection device were.

He wondered to himself. My physique is 47, the same as my physique attribute points.
It seems like only the speed attribute is different.

He glanced at the ‘Levels of martial disciple chart’ hung on the wall at the side.

The standard strength of a beginner stage martial disciple was 100 kg to 300 kg.
The speed was 9 to 7 seconds for a hundred meters, meaning 11.11m/s to 14.28m/s.
Lastly, the physique was between 30 to 50.

As evident, Wang Teng was already a beginner stage martial disciple.

He was satisfied with this result.

Why shouldn’t he be satisfied? Did he think that he could rise to the top in a single day?

He had already saved much time in upgrading from a normal human to a beginner stage martial disciple.

One needed to learn to be content…

“I will aim to become an intermediate stage martial disciple today!” Wang Teng was filled with excitement as he decided to stay in the training lobby the entire day.
He wasn’t going anywhere.

The other students were all practicing on their own, concentrating on their training.
They didn’t notice Wang Teng’s test result.
After all, this was the first time they had met.
It was impolite to peek at others’ abilities.

While Wang Teng was doing his test just now, a few more attribute bubbles had dropped beside the students.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He pretended to walk past them unintentionally and picked up the attributes.

Basic Sword Skill*3




Not bad, not bad.
There’s enlightenment to collect, and I’ve almost completed my basic sword skill! Wang Teng was secretly jumping with joy.

Since there were too few people at the moment, Wang Teng didn’t want to be too conspicuous and garner everyone’s attention.
He walked into the weapons room and looked around.

There were many weapons on the shelves, including swords, blades, spears, halberd, rods, hammers, and many more.


Each weapon had its subcategories too.
For instance, for swords, there were long swords, short swords, soft swords, double swords, and such.

There were all kinds of weapons on display here, and one could find whatever they fancied.
No matter how unpopular the students’ weapon was, they would find it in the weapons room.

Wang Teng stood in front of the shelf with the swords and observed for some time.
Eventually, he selected a black soft sword from the ‘dark shadow’ series.


As martial arts became mainstream, the weapons industry started developing too.
After all, weapons were extremely important to a martial warrior.

In a duel, a martial warrior with a powerful weapon had an advantage over a martial warrior without any weapons.

However, the weapons provided to the martial disciples were all dummies.
The quality was barely satisfactory, and no runes were engraved on it.

This metal sword from the ‘dark shadow’ series was entirely black.
Its pattern and weight were the same as the real sword, but there were no occult runes on it.


If you really wanted to compare, the cost of manufacturing this sword was only a few hundred dollars.
On the other hand, it cost a few hundred thousand to make the real sword.
The difference was huge.

Wang Teng weighed the black metal sword in his hand.
It felt just right.

Men had an inclination and yearning for all kinds of weapons.

Many people probably dreamed of carrying a sword and challenging the pugilistic world.

In his past life, Wang Teng was in a technological society without any martial arts.
Hence, he had no chance to get in touch with martial arts.


Now, as he looked at the long sword in his hand, he felt as excited as a predator looking at its prey.

He had collected some basic sword skill attributes, so he had a rudimentary understanding of the sword.
As it was still early, not many people had arrived for training.
Considering the lack of bubbles to collect, Wang Teng made use of this time to test the power of his basic sword skill.

He walked out of the weapons room and found an empty spot.
After focusing and getting into the posture, he started practicing his sword skill based on his memory.

“Slash, slash, slash!”

When he waved his sword, he could hear the sound of it cutting the air.
If he hit someone with it, the other party would definitely be injured or dead.


Among the students, the young man who had provided the basic sword skill attributes was practicing his sword skill too.
He was stunned when he saw Wang Teng carrying a sword out of the room.

He slowed down his actions and watched Wang Teng from afar.

“He’s just a novice!”

The youth observed Wang Teng for a few seconds before shaking his head.
Then, he ignored him.

“This isn’t difficult.
I familiarized myself with it after two rounds.

“My enlightenment is just 19.3 too.
It isn’t high!”

Wang Teng stopped and wondered to himself in shock.

He didn’t know that his 19.3 points of enlightenment had already exceeded an average human.
That was why he didn’t find it difficult to learn basic skills.

If he was learning a Force battle technique, it wouldn’t be so simple.

Force battle techniques were related to the use of the Force.
It was already a complicated and profound skill in itself.
People with low enlightenment would have a hard time getting their heads around it.


Thus, it could be deduced that practicing martial arts truly relied on one’s talent.
If you wanted to become a martial warrior, you needed to be a genius!

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