Chapter 698 The People And The Attribute Bubbles In The Laboratory

The two evil clansmen wore black robes and hideous masks on their faces.
They were facing the mountain wall and doing their business.

“Old Wang, your pee seems weak.
Is your kidney alright?” one of them asked.
“Bullshit, my kidney is fine.
I can handle ten ladies at once,” the other person snapped.

“Haha, you must be dreaming.”

“Better than you.
Don’t you know how weak yours is?”

“Nonsense, I’m fine.
What do you know?”

“Damn it, you’re so irritating.”

“Same to you.”

The two of them mocked and teased each other, not realizing that a figure had appeared behind them silently.

This person was Wang Teng.
He grabbed their heads and knocked them against each other.


A dull thud was heard.
The duo didn’t have any time to react.
When their heads slammed into each other, they fainted on the spot.


Wang Teng heard their conversation and commented in his heart.
He dragged their bodies into the secret passageway.

When Zuotian Liehua saw him dragging two guards back within a short time, her mouth opened wide in amazement.

How did he do it?

“Take off their clothes and change into them.
We’re going on a little tour,” Wang Teng said.
He didn’t care what she was thinking.

He took the lead and stripped one of the guards.
In the blink of an eye, he changed.

Zuotian Liehua was a spy, so she was used to doing this kind of thing.
She copied Wang Teng and changed into the guard’s attire.
After some time, they swaggered out of the secret passageway.
Wang Teng had nothing to fear, but Zuotian Liehua was rather nervous.
She kept scanning her surroundings, afraid that they would be discovered.

“Stay calm.
You’ll get suspected if you act like this.
Aren’t you a spy? Can you remain more composed?” Wang Teng said furiously using voice transmission.

Zuotian Liehua felt wronged.
She might have been a spy for a long time, but she did everything secretly.
She had never appeared in plain sight of everyone.

It was different!

They were in the headquarters of the Zhenli Clan.
There were a few hundred guards here.
It would be terrible if they were discovered.

Zuotian Liehua didn’t dare to think further.
She was afraid that she would run away in fear.
Her knees felt a little weak.
Anyone who saw her would know that she was a thief.

“Can’t we change our methods?” Zuotian Liehua asked through voice transmission.
“Do you have a better way?” Wang Teng asked back.


Alright, she didn’t.

Zuotian Liehua had no answer for that.
She could only follow Wang Teng obediently.

She was supposed to lead the way, but she was following Wang Teng now.
They didn’t do anything.
They just toured the place with the other guards.

However, they managed to get an understanding of the area.

The design of this mountain was different from the other two.
There seemed to be no residential areas here.
it was all laboratories.
A few areas were more heavily guarded.

Wang Teng noticed that there were people guarding the blindspots too.
Even if the guards walked over, someone would take over them quickly.
It would never be empty.
This was to prevent anyone from sneaking in.

“There’s a laboratory inside.
They’re using humans for experiments,” Zuotian Liehua said using voice transmission.

“What experiment?”

“Human experiment.
They want to find a higher level cultivation method by viewing the human body at a micro-level.” Zuotian Liehua frowned as she continued, “Actually, many countries are doing similar experiments.
However, they use death row inmates, so it’s more humane.

“Here, they don’t care.
Innocent people are their targets too.
Every human is different, so in the eyes of those crazy scientists, no differences should be ignored.

“Life is nothing to them.
It’s not worth mentioning.” Wang Teng nodded.
There was no change in his expression.
He knew the presence of these experiments when he saw the gene martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation.

“Let’s go in and take a look,” Wang Teng replied using voice transmission.
He wanted to see what these experiments were.

He remembered the Origin Of Life he received from the gene martial warriors.
That was good stuff.
It would be amazing if he could get similar attribute bubbles in this laboratory.

“How are we supposed to get in?” Zuotian Liehua was confused.
They were standing outside.
How would they get the chance to enter?

“Follow me?” Wang Teng replied.
He brought her to a dark corner and released his dark Force when no one was noticing.
He executed his Shadow Merging Secret Skill, and they vanished entirely.

No one realized that two people had disappeared.

“What is this?” Zuotian Liehua widened her eyes in surprise.
She found it unbelievable.

Wang Teng didn’t explain, just asking her to follow him.
They evaded the guards and entered the passageway leading to a certain laboratory.

“Be careful, there are rune alerts here,” Zuotian Liehua reminded him.

Rune alerts were used to watch over an area.
It was like an alarm.

Wang Teng nodded, but he didn’t stop.
He released his spiritual power, and the rune alerts in the area lit up.
Then, they dimmed.

Zuotian Liehua’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.
She was appalled.
If she was right, those rune alerts got deactivated instantly.
How… was this possible?

But this was the truth.
She followed Wang Teng in without alerting anyone.
The rune alerts almost seemed useless.

Who is he? She wondered to herself, feeling dumbstruck.

Even though Wang Teng was still wearing Yao Ji’s ugly face, she felt that he looked different.
After some time, as they walked further in, they saw many laboratories.
They seemed to be carved into the mountain.
Through the glass walls, they could see the brightly lit rooms.
There were numerous large-sized pieces of medical equipment inside.
Rows of data blinked on the equipment.
People wearing white gowns shuttled back and forth, appearing quite busy.

It was hard to imagine that there was a modern laboratory situated in this snow mountain on the Xingwu Continent.

The Zhenli Clan must have spent much manpower and money to build this laboratory.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng found it.
This place would most probably be destroyed.
Wang Teng scanned the lab and took in everything he saw.
There were large round glass cubicles shaped like pillars lined up in the laboratory.
The glass pillars were filled with an unknown liquid and many different human bodies.
There were males, females, young, and old.
Everyone had tubes inserted in their bodies, which were linked to the machines outside.

This image was cold and heartless.
It made people uncomfortable.

They felt like entering a mortuary and looking at the dead bodies lying inside.

Zuotian Liehua frowned.
She saw many children in the glass pillars.
Their pale bodies floated in the liquid pitifully.

Among them, there was a young girl and a young boy who seemed only 4 years old.
Their faces were still chubby, and they looked cute.
However, they were lying in the liquid with no signs of life, their eyes closed and their skin white.

Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and realized that these people weren’t dead.
They were showing weak signs of life.

The Zhenli Clan had locked them up in the glass cubicles and used them for experiments.
They were treated like animals.

His gaze turned cold.
He added another criminal offense to the long list of the Zhenli Clan’s sins.

These evil clansmen deserved to die!

He took a deep breath and glanced around the glass cubicles.
There were many attribute bubbles floating there.

Get it!

Wang Teng’s spiritual power passed through the laboratory door and swept through the room.
The attribute bubbles crossed the glass walls and entered his body.

Origin Of Life*2

Origin Of Life*4

Medical Knowledge*350

Medical Knowledge*235

Constellation Force (Wood)*25

Constellation Force (Earth)*18

Origin Of Life*3

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