Chapter 697 It’s Not Easy To Bear With It!

Deep in the snow mountain.

The sky had turned dark.
Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng sat cross-legged on a frozen block of ice and waited for Wang Teng’s return.

The runemasters hung around them, muttering with an unhappy expression.
This place was extremely cold.
The chill seeped right into their bones and almost froze their blood.
Even martial warriors wouldn’t be able to handle the cold if they stayed for too long.
These runemasters didn’t train their physique especially, so they were on the brink of collapsing after staying here for an entire day.
However, because of Wang Teng’s identity, they couldn’t say anything.
They could only complain quietly to vent their frustrations.

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng knew what they were thinking.

“Why isn’t he back?” Xiao Nanfeng frowned and asked.

“Maybe he’s held up by something?” Zhou Xuanwu hesitated.
He wasn’t certain either.

“Did he get caught?” Xiao Nanfeng asked.

With his ability, no one in the Zhenli Clan will be able to catch him.
If there was a fight, we’d have detected it,” Zhou Xuanwu said.

“He must be having too much fun,” Xiao Nanfeng sighed and said helplessly.

“Having too much fun?” Zhou Xuanwu was stunned.
He suspected if he had heard wrong.

At this moment, their wristwatches vibrated.

“Wang Teng!” Just when they were talking about him!

They exchanged glances with each other when they saw the name on their wristwatches.
Then, they answered the call immediately.

“Wang Teng, why did you leave for such a long time without contacting us.
Many people are waiting for you.
Do you understand the overall situation?” Xiao Nanfeng immediately reprimanded him when the call was connected.

“I’m sorry, I found some fun stuff and forgot the time.” Wang Teng chuckled indifferently.

Zhou Xuanwu: …

This fellow was really having too much fun!

Xiao Nanfeng looked at him and gave an ‘I was right’ expression.

“Oh right, I’ve confirmed that this is the base of the Zhenli Clan.
You can start carving the array,” Wang Teng’s voice was heard again.

They became serious when they heard this.

“Wang Teng, aren’t you coming back to coordinate?” Zhou Xuanwu asked instantly.

“I have some matters to settle here.
Let the runemasters do it.
I’ve told them everything.
If they can’t lay the array properly, they can go back and retire.” Wang Teng was straightforward.

As his voice floated out of the wristwatch, the runemasters’ faces turned black.

Damn it, he was looking down on them!

But they couldn’t refute.
During the discussion, they had been convinced by his rune mastery.
Although his words were unpleasant, his ability was indeed above every one of them.

Since he had the ability, he wasn’t spouting nonsense.
He was just being honest! You must admit that he had the right to do so!

“Alright, when the array is done, I’ll do the final inspection.
That’s all for now.
I’ve something to attend to.” Wang Teng hung up the call.

Xiao Nanfeng and Zhou Xuanwu were frustrated.
They wanted to speak, but their words were stuck in their throats.

What an irritating fellow!

This was the first time Zhou Xuanwu was working with Wang Teng, so he understood how exasperated and helpless it was.
Yet, he couldn’t do anything.

Zhou Xuanwu glanced at Xiao Nanfeng.
He was frustrated too, but he seemed used to it.
Suddenly, he felt respect for Xiao Nanfeng.

He must have a hard time bearing with him!

“You’ll get used to it,” Xiao Nanfeng said calmly.
He had resumed his composure when he saw Zhou Xuanwu’s gaze.

Zhou Xuanwu shook his head and looked at the runemasters around him.
“Have some food and start carving the rune array.”

“Yes!” the runemasters immediately answered.

At the same time, in the snow mountain.

Zuotian Liehua brought Wang Teng to a secluded and well-hidden cave.

The Zhenli Clan had excavated the cave for many years, so the paths here led in all directions.
There were many similar deserted caves on this mountain.

After Zuotian Liehua led Wang Teng inside, she suddenly stopped.

He didn’t evade her when he was making the call.
Hence, she heard many things she shouldn’t, and it astounded her.
She couldn’t remain calm.

Wang Teng! That’s his real name.
This fellow isn’t Yao Ji!

Who is he?

He asked the people outside to lay an array.
That means that he’s not here alone.
He has reinforcements.
But, why do they want to make an array?

Could it be… gasp!

Zuotian Liehua felt more and more shocked.
She took a deep breath.

She was a smart person.
Wang Teng didn’t reveal much during his conversation, but she could guess their motive from his words.

The Zhenli Clan was dead!

Wang Teng noticed Zuotian Liehua’s flickering gaze and knew that she must have guessed something.
But he didn’t mind.

Zuotian Liehua’s spiritual flame was in his hands.
She wouldn’t be able to cause much trouble.

“Are we there?” He opened his mouth calmly and scanned the surroundings.
One look and he noticed the difference in this place.

There was a hole hidden by rune arrays in the corner.
On the surface, it looked like normal ground, but there was a passageway hidden underneath.

“We’re here.
I dug this passageway secretly.
It’s linked to the third mountain, the real base of the Zhenli Clan,” Zuotian Liehua sighed and said.

She walked forward and deactivated the rune array.
Then, she lifted the stone panel on the ground and signaled Wang Teng to follow her.

They entered the secret passageway and walked for ten minutes.
Zuotian Liehua stopped and whispered, “The third mountain is just ahead of us.
It is heavily guarded and normal clansmen like us can’t enter.
If we get caught, we will be dead.”

Wang Teng released his spiritual power and scanned the area in front.
He sensed a few humans.

Two of them were near them.

smen V

Wang Teng activated his Eyes of Essence and immediately saw two evil clansmen wearing a black battle uniform.
They had wrapped their heads with a black cloth too.

They got closer and closer.
In the end, they arrived near the passageway where Wang Teng was.
Then, they unzipped their pants and started peeing…

“Wait for me,” Wang Teng said to Zuotian Liehua and disappeared.
He found it funny.

“Where are you going?” Zuotian Liehua was startled.
She had just reminded Wang Teng that this place was heavily guarded and they mustn’t act rashly.

This fellow was reckless.

They would be in trouble if they got discovered.

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