Chapter 694 Zuotian Liehua

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Ma Feifei’s expression turned ugly.
There was fear in her eyes.
She didn’t expect Yao Ji to treat her so roughly.
This pervert was a straightforward man!

She was so beautiful and sexy.
Other men yearned to have her, but this fellow wanted to take off her clothes and hang her as a showpiece.



With another tearing sound, Ma Feifei’s sleeves were torn, revealing her fair skin.

What a fierce young man!

Ma Feifei’s figure could be seen faintly.
Wang Teng was amazed when he saw it from the corner of his eyes.

He was prepared to take off another piece…

“Stop!” Ma Feifei shouted hurriedly.
She couldn’t care anymore.

“Have you thought about it carefully?” asked Wang Teng.

“I don’t want to kill you.
I just want to control you.”

“Control me? Why do you want to control me?” Wang Teng frowned.

“I’m a weak lady.
I wanted to find someone to protect me in this dangerous place,” Ma Feifei said pitifully.

“Continue acting!” Wang Teng snorted.

If he hadn’t seen this lady’s vicious side, he would have believed her.
As expected, all ladies were good at acting!

They were better than him!

“What do you want me to do? You don’t believe me when I’m saying the truth,” Ma Feifei said sadly.

Wang Teng slapped a certain part of her body and smirked.
“Stop acting and speak properly.”

Ma Feifei felt as if she got struck by lightning.
Her mouth opened wide in surprise, and there was embarrassment in her eyes.

When did she suffer such a treatment?

No one would tease her like this in the Zhenli Clan.
Even Hong Peng and Murong Shan were fooled by her.
They thought that she had fallen for them, but they didn’t touch her at all.

Yet today, she lost to this perverted young man!

Wang Teng caught the strange expression that appeared on her face for an instant.
He had a sudden thought.
No way!

He seemed to have discovered something amazing.
He sized up Ma Feifei’s face carefully.

He even used his Eyes of Essence.

He was astounded by his discovery.

“You’re not Ma Feifei!” Wang Teng gave a meaningful smile.

“What are you saying? I don’t understand.” Ma Feifei’s gaze flickered, and her face tensed up.

Wang Teng kept quiet and grabbed her face.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Ma Feifei’s expression changed tremendously as she screamed.

However, Wang Teng was pressing down on her, so she couldn’t break free even if she employed her Force.


Wang Teng felt around Ma Feifei’s chin and found something.
He tore it off.

A thin mask came off her face.

An unfamiliar face appeared in Wang Teng’s vision, and it was a beautiful face too, better than the one before.

She looked charming and womanly.

Wang Teng wanted to laugh.

This lady did the same thing as him, but her skills weren’t as good as his.
Moreover, she met a bug like him.
That was why she was exposed.

Ma Feifei was furious.
She glared at Wang Teng coldly.

“Tell me, who are you?” Wang Teng was extremely curious.

What was her motive?

What was her real identity?

“I don’t know,” Ma Feifei said coldly.

“Do you think that I won’t take off your clothes and throw you out?” Wang Teng scoffed.

“How dare you!” Ma Feifei was furious.

“Wait and see if I dare,” Wang Teng sneered.

“Even if I die, I won’t speak.” Ma Feifei was resolute.
She was controlled by Wang Teng, so she couldn’t move.
She could only bite her tongue to commit suicide.

Wang Teng pinched her chin and said calmly, “You have the right to commit suicide, but I’ll still take off your clothes and throw you outside after you die.
Don’t doubt my words.
I’m a man with principles.”

“You’re a devil!” Ma Feifei’s fave turned pale.
She looked at Wang Teng in despair.

“No, I’m a good person.”

“You’re a scum!”

“No, I’m a good person,” Wang Teng replied firmly.

“To hell with being a good person.
A good person won’t take off a lady’s clothes,” Ma Feifei cursed uncontrollably.

“Alright, since you said that, I won’t argue with you.
I’m a devil and a scum!” Wang Teng nodded and admitted it.

Ma Feifei: …

“I’m going to do what a scum does.
Come, look at my eyes,” Wang Teng said.

“What are you doing?” Ma Feifei was astounded and looked away hurriedly.

Unfortunately, it was too late.
A red glow appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes and shot right into Ma Feifei’s.


Ma Feifei didn’t get controlled immediately, though.
She struggled a little.

“Huh!” Wang Teng was stunned.
This was the first time someone could resist his Bewitch.
She was an interesting lady.

He increased his spiritual power, and the glaring crimson light pierced into Ma Feifei’s eyes.
Her mind went blank, and her consciousness faded away.
She was in a daze.

Wang Teng smiled.
He started questioning her.

“Who are you?”

“Zuotian Liehua from Country Neon.”

“Why did you infiltrate the Zhenli Clan?”

“To create internal turmoil and control the Zhenli Clan.”

“How long have you been here?”

“One and a half years.”

Zuotian Liehua answered all the questions Wang Teng gave her.
Since he had used the Bewitch skill, she couldn’t control herself and revealed all her secrets.

She’s from Country Neon! Wang Teng was surprised.
He didn’t know that Country Neon had found the base of the Zhenli Clan one and a half years before Country Xia.
They even wanted to control the Zhenli Clan.

However, Country Neon found this place by chance.

Zuotian Liehua was a crucial part of it.

This lady was a dangerous beauty.

An evil clansman went to Country Neon to have fun and met her.
He wanted to abduct her, but this lady wasn’t easy to deal with.
He got tricked by her instead.

She specialized in spiritual illusion, so she used the same method as Wang Teng to get information about the Zhenli Clan out of his mouth.

This led to what happened now.

But, she still landed in Wang Teng’s hand.
Moreover, she lost in the area of her specialization.

Wang Teng looked at her strangely and woke her up.

Zuotian Liehua slowly regained consciousness.
Her dull expression disappeared and she shuddered when she saw Wang Teng.
She exclaimed in fright, “What did you do to me? Why is your spiritual power so strong?

Who are you?”

She threw three questions at him directly.

You could imagine how astounded she was!.

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