Chapter 693 This Woman Is Appalling!

Wang Teng didn’t know where Hong Peng lived, so he followed Ma Feifei and allowed her to lead the way.

They walked along the streets, one in front and one behind.
Wang Teng’s pupils kept moving.
He ogled at Ma Feifei’s body with a greedy expression.
Ma Feifei’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pot.
She knew that ‘Yao Ji’ was secretly looking at her, but she didn’t have any evidence!

Every time she turned her head, ‘Yao Ji’ would be looking at the ground.
It was as if he never looked at her.
She felt so frustrated that she wanted to vomit blood!

She wished to vent her anger, but there was no outlet.
She was screaming in her heart.

When did ‘Yao Ji’ become so hard to deal with?

Ma Feifei was puzzled.
Many thoughts went through her mind.
After some time, the two of them arrived at a cave.
Ma Feifei said coldly, “The token is on Hong Peng.
Take it and open the door.”

Wang Teng followed her orders obediently and found the token on Hong Peng.
He scanned it on the rune at the door, and the stone door slowly opened.

He threw Hong Peng on the bed and turned to leave.

“Stop, did I say you can go?” Ma Feifei scoffed.
“What else can I do? Stay behind and go to bed with you?” Wang Teng smiled and copied Yao Ji’s tone.

Ma Feifei was stunned.
Her expression suddenly turned seductive, and she stared at Wang Teng with her beautiful eyes.
She licked her luscious red lips with her pink tongue.

“If you want to, I don’t mind.”

Wang Teng was stunned.
What the hell is this? This Ma Feifei isn’t following the script!

She was disgusted with him a second ago, looking as if he owed her a few billion.
Yet, in a blink of an eye, the frost melted, and a mesmerizing smile had appeared on her face.
She looked enchanting.

This lady isn’t simple!

Wang Teng turned vigilant.
She dared to seduce a person like Yao Ji! How much courage would that take?

This Ma Feifei was a tough lady!

“What? Do you want to make out with me in front of Hong Peng?” Wang Teng didn’t back down.
He glanced at the unconscious Hong Peng and gave a meaningful smile.

“Isn’t this more exciting?” Ma Feifei smiled sweetly.
“Hong Peng is probably crippled.
You can do whatever you want to me in front of him.
I… am at your disposal.
I will not resist.”

Damn it, what kind of speech is this!

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.

What the shit, I was wrong.
This isn’t just a tough lady.
She’s a badass! Wang Teng shuddered.
He almost couldn’t control himself.

Ma Feifei suddenly took a step forward with a sway of her body.
It was mesmerizing.
Wang Teng admitted defeat right then.
He took a few steps back and swallowed some saliva.
What the hell, this woman is appalling!

No wonder Hong Peng and Murong Shan were crazy for her and fought over her with their


He had to admit that this lady was enchanting.
She was an epitome of sexiness and possessed lethal attraction towards men.

“You have always wanted me, right? Why are you afraid now? Do it.
Once you do it, you can have me.
Don’t be afraid…” Ma Feifei walked closer.
She continued to stimulate Wang Teng with her words.

In her eyes, Wang Teng was a coward.
He wanted her but didn’t have the guts.
He was useless.

But it was expected of Yao Ji.

Wang Teng’s acting was amazing.
“Don’t come over.
I’ll shout.” Wang Teng kept retreating until there was no path behind him.
He felt the wall, and his expression changed.

“Go ahead, shout.
No matter how loud you shout, no one will save you.” Although Ma Feifei looked delicate and weak, her words were domineering.

Wang Teng had a strange feeling.
Director, did we take the wrong script? “Cough, actually, we can sit down and discuss properly.
You don’t have to do this.
I might be a little ugly, but I have ambitions in life.
Pleasure is not my only pursuit.
I think that we should have some feelings for each other before we do this.
That’ll be better,” Wang Teng looked at her seriously and said.

Ma Feifei’s face twitched.
She almost died of disgust.

To hell with life pursuits!

You don’t pursue pleasure?!

Why don’t you go and die?

Don’t you know how ugly you are? Do you think you have the right to talk about love?

Ma Feifei lifted the corners of her lips and sniggered.
“You… want to talk about love?”

“Why don’t we find a nice place, sit under the moon and the stars, and chat about our future?” Wang Teng said with a longing expression.

“Why don’t…” Ma Feifei smiled beautifully.
She seemed as if she wanted to agree, but the next instant, her gaze turned vicious, and killing intent surged out.

“Why don’t I send you to hell first!” she shouted in a low voice.
A strong wind blew over.
She turned her hand into a claw and grabbed Wang Teng’s throat.

They were less than a meter away from each other, so she arrived in front of Wang Teng in a single step.
It was almost impossible to evade this sneak attack.

Unfortunately, when she touched Wang Teng…


Her claw went right through his body and landed on the wall behind him.

“Afterimage!” Ma Feifei’s expression changed.

“I have been guarding against you.”

Wang Teng’s voice came from behind her.
Ma Feifei wanted to dodge, but it was too late.
She felt a huge force from the back pressing her against the wall.


Ma Feifei’s face slammed onto the wall with a dull thud.

It sounded painful.

Her beautiful face was shoved into the wall.
She looked tragic.

“Let me go!” Ma Feifei struggled frantically, twisting her body like a snake.

Wang Teng was pressing against her, so he felt her body rubbing against his violently.
His expression turned strange.

“Stop moving.
I’ll shoot you if you continue moving!” Wang Teng warned coldly.

Ma Feifei also noticed Wang Teng’s abnormality.
She chuckled and replied, “Take your gun out!”

“F**k!” Wang Teng felt humiliated.
He said furiously, “Cut the bullshit.
Why do you want to kill me?”

“Who says that I want to kill you?” Ma Feifei denied it.

“Looks like you won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin.” Wang Teng sneered.
“I love stubborn people like you.
Why don’t I take off your clothes and hang you outside for others to appreciate? Will you still keep quiet then?” “How dare you!” Ma Feifei’s expression changed.
Even her voice became shrill.
She wasn’t that fearless of a lady.
“Wait and see.” Wang Teng laughed.
He grabbed her clothes and pulled forcefully.
A piece of her dress fell down…

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