Chapter 692 Play The Fun Way!

Unity of soul and blade!

You couldn’t blame Wang Teng for being surprised.
This was something extraordinary.

The unity of soul and blade was a god-like realm.
It was vastly different from the water and fire conscious that Wang Teng possessed.

The water and fire conscious was directed at the Force attributes.
On the other hand, the unity of blade and soul was directed at the blade attribute.
When performing it, the person would merge with the blade conscious and execute boundless power.

One strike was enough to destroy the earth!

Of course, to reach this stage, the martial warrior must be powerful too.
However, it was extremely difficult to reach this realm.
You needed exceptional blade talent and some luck to achieve enlightenment.

For instance, Wang Teng possessed both Imperial Realm Enlightenment and ultimate stage blade talent, but he had only heard of the unity of soul and blade stage.
He was nowhere near achieving it.

You could imagine how talented a person had to be to hit that stage.
How did Hong Peng do it? Wang Teng wasn’t looking down on him.
He was just honestly curious.
He felt that he was looking at a ghost.
Fortunately, he noticed a few attribute bubbles dropped by Hong Peng.
Pick them up!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He hurriedly released his spiritual power and pulled the attribute bubbles over.

Metal Blade Conscious*500

Amalgamate Blade Scripture*10 Metal Force*380

Suddenly, a memory appeared in his mind.
The outline of a figure was formed using light, and it started practicing a blade skill…

The blade skill was very strange.
The figure didn’t use a blade; he was the blade.
He used some special means to merge the blade conscious into his body and launched an attack similar to the unity of soul and blade.
After some time, Wang Teng let out a long sigh.

No wonder!

This wasn’t the actual unity of soul and blade.
It was a scripture invented based on the unity of soul and blade.
Even so, this was a powerful and rare blade skill!

The creator of this skill must be a genius.
He could use the unity of soul and blade as a reference to invent a similar attack.

This made more sense.
How could this evil clansman reach the unity of soul and blade stage with his talent!

What a pity.
If it was truly the unity of soul and blade, it would be a huge gain for him.

No matter how difficult to comprehend a realm was, he could understand it by picking up the related attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng shook his head and looked at his attributes panel.

Amalgamate Blade Scripture: 10/100 (basic understanding)

I’ll keep this blade skill then! Wang Teng sniggered.
These evil clansmen were all bad people.
He didn’t feel guilty snatching their skills.

If there was a chance, he would want to get more Amalgamate Blade Scripture attribute bubbles from this man.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned dangerous.

In the arena, Hong Peng suddenly vomited a mouth of blood after executing his last attack.
His skin started to crack, and blade wounds appeared on his body.
His clothes were drenched in blood.

Is this the side effect? Wang Teng blinked when he saw this scene.

The trick of this scripture was to merge the blade conscious into one’s body using a special method.
This would give the illusion that the person had reached the unity of soul and blade.

However, a human’s body was fragile.
Even a general-stage martial warrior would be tempting fate if he compressed so many strands of blade conscious into his body.

If he wasn’t careful, he could have erupted! Hong Peng was lucky that he didn’t get cut into pieces by his own blade conscious.

But Wang Teng wasn’t that worried.
He had many powerful physiques, and he possessed the Eight Level Devil Scripture, the Leiting Physique, and the Ancient God’s Body.
His physical body had reached an indomitable stage.
If he couldn’t keep the blade conscious in his body, who could?

The Amalgamate Blade Scripture seemed to be tailor-made for him.

In an ordinary person’s hand, the Amalgamate Blade Scripture might be a sharp weapon, but in his hand, it was a rocket-size cannon.
He would play with it the fun way!

“I won!” Hong Peng looked at Ma Feifei with a smile.
Then, he fell back.

Ma Feifei gave a pitiful look, but there were no emotions in her eyes.
She was as ruthless as a cold-blooded python.
Unfortunately, no one noticed this.
They were too stunned by the scene just now.

Within a split second, Murong Shan was chopped into two, dying a miserable and gruesome death.
Hong Peng had collapsed too.
He seemed seriously injured.

So… What happened just now?

Many people didn’t understand how Hong Peng managed to release that huge burst of energy just now.
It was supposed to be a draw.

However, some people soon realized the truth.

“Is that the Amalgamate Blade Scripture?!”

“It must be.
It must be the prohibited skill that cripples you if you use it improperly.
I didn’t know Hong Peng practiced it.”

“But he’s a talent too.
He managed to learn it.”

“However, it’s a waste for him to use it to fight over a lady.”

There was a huge commotion.
Everyone was surprised.
Looking at their expressions, they seemed familiar with the Amalgamate Blade Scripture.

It looks like only a few people have learned this skill! Wang Teng thought to himself.
If more people practiced it, he could collect more attribute bubbles.
What a pity..

After the life-or-death duel ended, everyone left the scene.

Murong Shan’s lifeless body in the arena.
No one kept his corpse.

He was pursued by many and viewed as a genius.
Yet, no one cared about him after he died.
What a heartless world.

Wang Teng gained some insight into how cruel these evil clansmen were.

Hong Peng was still alive, but no one care about him either.
He was left in the arena to die.

Ma Feifei frowned.
She scanned the surroundings and saw Wang Teng.
She shouted instantly, “Yao Ji, come over and bring Hong Peng back.”

She was ordering him around, disregarding his identity.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He wanted to leave, but he remembered how much Yao Ji loved Ma Feifei.
If he rejected her, it would be hard for him to explain himself.

He walked into the arena in exasperation and lifted Hong Peng’s collar.
He looked at Ma Feifei.

“What are you looking at? Go!” Ma Feifei glared at him and walked down the arena.

Damn it, why are you shouting at me? One day, I’ll make sure you shout until your voice is gone.
Wang Teng cursed in his heart.
He glanced at Ma Feifei’s amazing figure and glared at her back view furiously.
“What are you staring at?” Ma Feifei suddenly stopped and frowned.
She turned to look at Wang Teng

Wang Teng had already lowered his head.
He raised his head and asked innocently, “Stare at what?”

What an actor!

Ma Feifei furrowed her brows furiously.
Was it her illusion? She looked at Wang Teng’s perverted face, and her contempt grew apparent.
She snorted and turned to leave.

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