Chapter 68: A Potential General-stage Talent

This candidate acted as a warning for the other students.
No examinees dared to create trouble anymore.

If they couldn’t pass, they accepted the results wholeheartedly.
No one yelled or shouted, just walking out of the exam venue dejectedly.

The requirements for the exam this time were lowered, so many students had applied with the idea of leaving things to chance.
Thus, it was inevitable that there were many weaklings.

But, this was also the reason why the inspection requirements were stringent.

In the control room of the martial arts academy.

At this time, many people were gathered in the control room.
There were staff from the Office of Inspector General and officials from the Ministry of Education…

The principal of Jixin Martial House, Fu Tiandao, as well as the president of the martial arts association, Qin Hanxuan, were present too.

“President Qin, I didn’t expect you to come for the level inspection today,” a slightly plump middle-aged man spoke to Qin Hanxuan.

“Director He, the martial arts talents of Donghai will all be at this martial arts exam.
How can I not come?” Qin Hanxuan smiled and replied.

“This level inspection is just a filtering process.
The actual combat assessment is the key,” the man called Director He said.

“There are many weak people this year.” Fu Tiandao frowned.
He didn’t seem to like this situation.

“We don’t have a choice.
You must have heard about the situation on the other side.
We need to try our best to replenish our fresh troops.
If not, something bad will happen one day,” Director He said helplessly as he forced a smile on his face.

“Old Fu, Director He is right.
This is imperative.” Qin Hanxuan agreed.

“Hmph, even so, what help can these intermediate stage martial disciples give? If you place them in the actual combat assessment, it will only increase the death rate.” Fu Tiandao scoffed.

“Sigh, how can I not know about this?” Director He sighed.
“However, we are putting in five times more security for this year’s actual combat assessment.
We will try our very best to ensure the safety of our students.
We will not neglect this portion.”

Fu Tiandao’s expression finally softened when he heard this.
He didn’t say anything else.

“How many potential talents do you think will appear this year?” Director He changed the topic with a smile.

Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan exchanged glances with each other.
“We don’t know about the rest, but we know that there’s a potential general-stage talent!”

“What?!” Director He thought that he had heard wrong.


If there was really a general-stage talent in this batch of students, it would be a great achievement for him.
In the future, he might be able to get financial allocations from the state treasury and a rise in his position!

It felt good just thinking about it.

“Are you teasing me?” Director He’s hands were trembling as he swallowed a mouth of saliva.

The thought was indeed beautiful, but he was afraid that these two bosses in front of him were just teasing him.

“If you don’t believe me, just continue watching.” Qin Hanxuan smiled.

“Aiya, don’t leave me hanging.
Hurry up and tell me.” Director He was on tenterhooks.
This would affect his career progress, so it would be odd not to panic.

If not, with his many years of experience in the political world, how could he lose his composure and appear so agitated?

“The 8th section!” Fu Tiandao couldn’t bear to see him like this and shook his head.

Director He was elated.
He quickly looked at the 8th section.

Once the scope was narrowed to a single section, it was much easier.
The most outstanding person in the group would be the general-stage talent they had mentioned.

However, Qin Hanxuan added.

“But, we just have the level inspection today.
That brat might not display his full potential.”

Director He’s expression froze at once.
He was a little stunned as he asked, “Why is that so?”

He was puzzled. Shouldn’t you try your best in the martial arts exam?

You will only get accepted by better universities if your results are better.
Why does he need to hide his ability?

“That’s because he will be able to get into a good university even if he didn’t release his full potential,” Qin Hanxuan explained.

Director He was dumbfounded.
Then, he thought of something.
His face was filled with astonishment.
“Is he a martial warrior already?!”

Only martial warriors were able to get into a good university without releasing their full potential.

That was because the martial arts exam was intended for martial disciples.
Thus, one would only need to perform like a top-class martial disciple to earn the top universities’ attention.

Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan just smiled and kept quiet.
They didn’t reply to Director He.

Even so, Director He felt even more certain that he had hit the mark.
He was wild with joy.

Martial warrior!

Martial warrior!

There was actually a martial warrior among this batch of examinees!


Director He really wanted to laugh three times to show his respect.

A 17-year-old martial warrior.
This was a student who became a martial warrior before he entered the martial arts course.
What did this mean?

No wonder Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan both believed that this examinee possessed the potential of becoming a general-stage martial warrior despite having high standards.

It was extremely rare to find someone who was able to become a martial warrior at this age.

There might be some talented people who became martial warriors soon after they entered the university and enjoyed the resources.

But, if they were compared with this young man, it was two entirely different concepts.

He remembered that two years ago when a martial warrior examinee appeared during the martial arts exam in Jinlin, even the governor of Jinlin was alerted.

The minister of the Ministry of Education of Jinlin had received huge benefits because of this.
The governor was proud of the success, and many people were envious of him.

No way, I must find this examinee. Director He secretly thought to himself.

Many influential people would be paying attention to the actual combat assessment later on.
If he was able to allow the examinee to amaze the crowd and shine during the actual combat assessment, he would feel proud too.
Those bigshots would definitely remember him.

The moment he thought of this, Director He stared at the screen displaying the inspection of the 8th section.
He didn’t even blink.

He was afraid that he would accidentally miss this potential general-stage talent!

The 8th section.

“Wang Teng!”

When the inspector called Wang Teng’s name, it was finally his turn to take the test.

He stood in front of the strength inspection device and casually released a punch.


Before this, Wang Teng had already tried a few times and knew how much force he had to use to reach the borderline requirement.

Hence, he was able to hit the borderline value of 1000kg with a simple punch.

The inspector’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw the screen of the strength inspection device.
He looked at Wang Teng in shock.

The limiting value of a martial disciple!

The examinee in front of him actually reached the limiting value.
He took a deep breath and then recorded the number silently.

After that, Wang Teng walked to the speed inspection device and started showcasing his speed.


100 meters in three seconds!

The inspector didn’t know what to say.
Another limiting value.
Where did this monster come from? How could he be so powerful?

The last step was the physique inspection.

Wang Teng entered the physique inspection device.
After some time, the results came out.

Physique 100!

When he saw this result, even Wang Teng was stunned.

He was able to control his strength and speed, but he couldn’t control his physique.
The device would give whatever value it detected.

Before this, he was still worried that his physique would exceed that of a martial disciple by a huge gap, and it would cause unnecessary trouble for him.
Now, it seemed that his worry was nonexistent.

Oh right, the upper limit of the martial disciple physique inspection device is 100.
It’s not able to detect any value above that. Wang Teng suddenly remembered this point.

While he was thinking about this, the two inspectors at the side exchanged glances with each other when they saw his physique value.

Physique 100!

A third limiting value!

The two of them were used to it now.
They were also a little hesitant.
They didn’t know if they should announce this result.

The examiners conversed using their gazes and then looked at the three devices.
Were the devices malfunctioning?

That was impossible.
Even if one was spoiled, it was impossible for all three to break down.

The examinees behind Wang Teng saw that he had already finished his inspection.
However, the examiners hadn’t revealed the results even after some time.
They started to feel suspicious and whispered among themselves.

“What is happening?”

“Is the machine defective?”

“Did he cheat?”

“Don’t be stupid.
If he cheated, will they still remain so peaceful? Have you forgotten about the examinee who got dragged out?”

More and more people were starting to notice the situation here.
The two inspectors got a little anxious.

Fortunately, a voice came from the earpieces they were wearing.

“Report the result as it is.”


The two inspectors looked at each other.
There was astonishment in their gazes.
Even the higher authorities had confirmed this result.
It looked like there was nothing wrong with this examinee.

He was seriously powerful!

“Wang Teng, strength 1000kg, speed three seconds, physique 100!”



The moment the inspector finished, the entire hall went into an uproar.

“Are you kidding!”

“He reached the upper limit for martial disciples for all three inspections, not one less.
How is that possible?”

“Who is this Wang Teng? I’ve never heard of him before!”

“Did he cheat?”

“I don’t think so.
The inspectors didn’t announce the result immediately.
They must be confirming it.
Since they announced it in the end, it should be accurate!”

“Also, there must be surveillance cameras here.
How can he cheat under the eyes of the Office of Inspector General? Do you think they are stupid?”

“There’s only one possibility.
This is a hidden boss!”

In an instant, everyone’s gaze congregated on Wang Teng’s body.
The sounds of discussions rang around the hall.

All the advanced stage martial disciples from the different schools started paying extra attention to Wang Teng.

At first, all these advanced stage martial disciples were secretly competing with one another.
Now though, an extreme case had appeared and stepped on all of them.

This feeling, tsk!

It felt as though someone broke their jar of emotions.
All kinds of feelings surged into their hearts—sour, bitter, sweet, spicy.

Especially the advanced stage martial disciples from Donghai No.
1 High School.
All of them stared at Wang Teng, wanting to see which corner or alley this fellow had jumped out from.

They had naturally heard of the playful and cocky Young Master Wang before.
But, this was the reason why they found it hard to believe the results.

Was this really the same person?

Li Rongcheng already knew about Wang Teng’s capability, but he also kept his anger and unwillingness bottled in his heart.
He wanted to compete with Wang Teng during the university entrance exam to prove to someone that he, Li Rongcheng, was better than this person.

In the end, right at the beginning of this competition, he was already a huge distance behind Wang Teng.
This was a distance he couldn’t catch up at all.

At this moment, Li Rongcheng’s expression was a sight to behold.

On the other side, Lin Chuhan’s eyes were wide open as she stared at Wang Teng, who was quite far away, in disbelief.
Was this fellow really so strong?

Everyone who knew or didn’t know Wang Teng had a flabbergasted expression on their faces.
They were in all disbelief and denial.
This result was like a nuclear bomb.
Everyone was stunned by the explosion.

Wang Teng stood on the spot and felt extremely awkward.
He glared at the two staff furiously.

You are from the Office of Inspector General.
Can’t you act calmly? Can’t you be a little more normal?

At first, only the people around him should have known his results.
Now, the entire hall of people knew it.
He felt like a husky surrounded by people looking at him.

Do you think it’s easy for me?

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