Chapter 688 The Base Of The Zhenli Clan!

The three chief commanders discussed for a long time before they decided on the array.

The Celestial Earth-Fire Array!

Wang Teng had already thought of this array.
He had studied the landscape around the Mosakila Mountain Range and noticed the presence of a dormant volcano.
The volcano might be inactive, but it could still erupt.
With some help, this dormant volcano could become a frightening active volcano.

Anyway, it wasn’t exactly a discussion.
Xiao Nanfeng and Zhou Xuanwu talked to their runemasters to confirm the feasibility of this array.

As expected, there was no problem.
With his mastery of runes, it was impossible for Wang Teng to make a mistake.

The next day, the three troops secretly assembled in a part of the Mosakila Mountain Range.

The mountain range was huge, and the Zhenli Clan only used a few mountains as their base.
Hence, if the troops decided to hide their tracks, the Zhenli Clan wouldn’t be able to sense their presence.

Zhou Xuanwu alighted the Xuanwu Troop’s battlecraft and finally met Wang Teng personally.
There was astonishment in his eyes.

He had asked his men to look up Wang Teng after suffering in his hands during yesterday’s meeting.
The result gave him a shock.

This young man was incredible.
His path to prominence was a legend itself.
Even he found it unbelievable.

It was hard to imagine that all this happened to a young man who hadn’t reached 20 years old.
The younger generation is surpassing us.
Zhou Xuanwu lamented to himself.

Xiao Nanfeng didn’t have this thought.
Instead, he felt exasperated whenever he saw Wang Teng.
His face always reminded him of that beating by Dan Taixuan.

“Your runemasters have arrived?” Wang Teng went directly to the point without exchanging pleasantries.

“Yes.” The two of them nodded.

“Alright, I shall not waste any time.
Let’s start,” Wang Teng said sternly.

“Of course.” Zhou Xuanwu nodded and ordered his men to hide.
Then, he followed Wang Teng with his runemasters.

Xiao Nanfeng caught up with them silently.

They climbed a few mountains before arriving at their destination.
This was the base of the Zhenli Clan.

There were three peaks leaning against one another, looking like Buddha’s fingers.
It was a strange sight.

“Is this the place?” asked Wang Teng.

“Yes.” Zhou Xuanwu took out the map and nodded.

All three of them were general-stage martial warriors, so others wouldn’t be able to find them if they wanted to hide.

“We should send a scout just to be safe,” Wang Teng said.

Scouting was necessary.
There might be an error in the intelligence they had received.
If the base of the Zhenli Clan wasn’t here, they would be committing a huge blunder.
Or rather, if the Zhenli Clan knew that they were coming and set a trap… The three of them glanced at one another.
Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng hesitated.
They could hide when they were some distance away but infiltrating the base was another matter.
They couldn’t promise that they wouldn’t get discovered.
Wang Teng read their expressions and sighed.
“Let me do it then.”

This wasn’t the first time he was doing it anyway.

“Are you confident?” Zhou Xuanwu raised his eyebrows and asked.

He wasn’t looking down on Wang Teng.
Infiltration missions were the most dangerous.
If he got discovered, not only would his life be at risk, but it would also affect their future plans.
They mustn’t alert their enemy.

“Don’t worry.
Everything will go smoothly.” Wang Teng was confident in his concealing ability.
He had never failed.

After he finished speaking, he disappeared on the spot.

Zhou Xuanwu was dumbfounded.
He scanned the area with his spiritual power but found nothing.
He was even more surprised.

“This fellow is infuriating, but he’s indeed powerful,” Xiao Nanfeng said.
“You don’t like him?” Zhou Xuanwu smiled and asked.

“We have had our differences.” Xiao Nanfeng felt his head hurting again.

While Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng were talking about him, Wang Teng had already concealed himself and sneaked into the three peaks.

He realized that there were no buildings on the three mountains.
The Zhenli Clan was vigilant.
Despite being deep in the mountains, they still hid their buildings.
No wonder they hadn’t been exterminated after so many years.

Since there were no buildings on the ground, they must be hiding in the mountain walls.

Wang Teng released his spiritual power and sensed a vast space inside the mountains.

His eyes lit up.
He moved towards one of the entrances.

The entrance was well-concealed.
It was situated below a mountain wall and blocked by a large rock.
Moreover, snow covered the entrance.
At first glance, it looked the same as the other mountain walls.

There were signs of arrays here.
Concealing arrays were carved around the entrance.

However, this wasn’t a problem for Wang Teng.
After a series of actions, he managed to sneak into the mountain.

There were two evil clansmen guarding the entrance.
They were around 30 years old and at the 4-star soldier level.

One of them yawned and said, “Our base is so well-hidden.
Why do we have to stand guard here? No one will find it.”

If the bishop heard you, you would be punished,” the other person hurriedly glanced around him and reprimanded his partner in a low voice.

“Why can’t we complain?” the other person muttered under his breath.
Still, he seemed afraid and stopped talking.

“The higher authorities didn’t do anything after the sea beasts’ riot failed.
They even stopped us from going out.
it’s boring to stay cooped up in the mountain.
I wonder when we will be allowed to leave?” the other person asked.

“You’re right.
They must be afraid of Country Xia.
We caused a huge scene this time, so Country Xia must be dying to annihilate us.
But their efforts will be in vain.
They couldn’t do anything to us after so many years.
Once they put down their guards, we can go out and wreak havoc again.” The other person sniggered.

Killing intent flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes.

However, he forced himself to stop.
He would let them live for a while longer.
When the time was right, none of them could escape.

If Hades was after your life to kill you, you would never be able to escape.

Wang Teng had already sentenced these people to death.
He merged into the darkness and walked passed the two evil clansmen, who didn’t notice him.

He walked all the way in and arrived at a huge space in the mountain.
There were many caves.
The entire space had been emptied and buildings were erected.
People were walking to and fro like in a small town.
What a surprise! Wang Teng was amazed at the development of the Zhenli Clan.
They shouldn’t be underestimated.

He inched closer and saw many shops selling weapons, dans, and skill scriptures.
Everything could be bought here.
They had established their own system.

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