Chapter 687: Our Chief Commander Is Narrow-Minded!

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Wang Teng leaned against the chair casually as he sized up the two chief commanders.
Xiao Nanfeng was a familiar face, so he had no comments about him.
They had some grudges, but they had already been resolved.
Xiao Nanfeng wouldn’t want to bring up the bitter memories again.

After all, it wasn’t a good thing for him.

He was beaten up by Dan Taixuan after the Crimson Tiger Troop kept Wang Teng in their custody.
He must feel exasperated every time he thought about it.

As for the other person, Wang Teng had heard of him.
Zhou Xuanwu was a famous guy in the military.
His life experience was quite legendary.

He rose to fame after the Force invaded Earth.
He entered the military when he was 18 years old and fought his way up.
He gained numerous military exploits and climbed the ladder step by step.
He had earned all his achievements with his hard work.

After all these years of killing dark apparitions, they were terrified of his name.
He guarded a large dimensional rift and never allowed any dark apparitions to break the line of defense and enter the human world.

Wang Teng didn’t expect this legendary figure to take part in this mission too.

Did something unexpected happen to the Zhenli Clan?

Many thoughts flashed through his mind as he sized up these two chief commanders.
His brows furrowed slightly.
Then, he opened his mouth calmly, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

His voice broke the silence at the meeting table.

“It’s alright.
Let’s start the meeting.” A sharp glint appeared in Zhou Xuanwu’s eyes.
His voice was hoarse and thick.

“Brother Zhou, I didn’t think that you would also come,” Xiao Nanfeng said.

“That’s right.” Zhou Xuanwu nodded.
“We have discovered signs of dark apparitions in the Zhenli Clan.
They want to open a dimensional rift to bring dark apparitions in.
There might be numerous powerful dark apparitions, so the great commanders asked me to join this mission.”

“Dark apparitions!” Xiao Nanfeng was shocked.
He knew that this mission wasn’t simple, but he didn’t expect there to be dark apparitions.

Wang Teng frowned too.

The Zhenli Clan must be crazy to help the dark apparitions land on Earth!

For some reason, he thought of Kipling.
These people got enchanted by the dark apparitions because of their desires and motives.

Dark apparitions were everywhere.
It was hard to guard against them.

Every human had a dark side.
Once they started to get extreme, they would be easily enchanted by the dark apparitions.

Wang Teng found it to be a headache.
To him, these dark apparitions were like weeds.
They kept growing even after cutting them.

“Wang Teng, you received the appointment first, so you should be the commander of this mission.
Do you have any plans?” Zhou Xuanwu’s voice pulled him back to the meeting, He seemed to be probing Wang Teng.

Xiao Nanfeng also focused on him.

‘Wang Teng glanced at them and smiled.
Were they testing him?

Indeed, he would always get belittled because of his age.

“Idon’t have a specific plan.
We’ll just fight our way i

” A hint of mockery appeared in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanwu:

Xiao Nanfeng:

‘They didn’t expect this reply from him.

The edge of Xiao Nanfeng’s lips twitched, and he stared at Wang Teng speechlessly.
For some reason, he found him unreliable.

‘What were the three great commanders thinking when they appointed him as the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop?

Weren’t they afraid of destroying the troop?

Looking at Zhou Xuanwu’s expression, he must be having the same thoughts.

At first, he thought that although Wang Teng was young, he must have some skills since he was given the rank of chief comman¢er.
In the end, he exposed himself after a single question.

He had no plan or preparations.
He just wanted to fight his way into the Zhenli Clan.

Was he confident or was he foolhardy?

“Do you have other suggestions?” Wang Teng ignored their gazes and asked calmly.

“Arrays!” Zhou Xuanwu gave him a meaningful glance.
“The Zhenli Clan is in the dark about our mission.
We should keep our distance after we reach the destination and send three runemasters into the snow mountain to set up an array.”

‘When he spoke, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“That’s right, I agree.
Only arrays can kill the Zhenli Clan on a large scale,” Xiao Nanfeng said.

“Alright, I have no objections.” Wang Teng nodded.
He threw out a question.
“What arrays do you want to create?”

Song Wanjiang and the others glanced at Wang Teng uncontrollably.

‘They remembered that he wanted to place an array, but now, he was acting as if he didn’t prepare anything.
Instead, he asked the other two chief commanders for their opinion.

‘Their chief commander was a sly one, so he must have something up his sleeve!

Xiao Nanfeng and Zhou Xuanwu were stunned by the question.
Their array mastery couldn’t be compared to runemasters, so they wouldn’t know what arrays were most suitable for this situation.

“The runemaster in my troop has analyzed the landscape.
The Mosakila Mountain Range snows all year round, so we can carve ice arrays and make use of the natural ice element.
The power of the array will be multiplied,” Xiao Nanfeng replied.

“That’s right.
This is what the runemasters in my troop suggest.” Zhou Xuanwu nodded.

“Zhenli Clan has been living in the snow mountain for many years, so they must have grasped the landscape entirely.
Why would they leave such a huge loophole for their enemies?” Wang Teng asked calmly.

“Erm…” Xiao Nanfeng and Zhou Xuanwu frowned.

Their pupils twirled furiously as they pondered on his words.

If that was the case, their plan would backfire.
They would attract the attention of their enemy, and there might be unexpected consequences.

For instance, array chain reaction!

If the Zhenli Clan had placed ice arrays around the snow mountain, they might cause chain reactions when they put in another ice array.
In the end, they might help their enemy to strengthen the power of their array.

This situation was common during large-scale battles.

Song Wanjiang and the others weren’t surprised when they saw the other two chief commanders were rendered speechless.
Instead, their gazes turned stranger as they looked at Wang Teng.

Their chief commander was seriously narrow-minded.

Everyone had the same thought.
They would never offend their chief commander in the future.

“What’s your plan then?” Zhou Xuanwu looked at Wang Teng’s calm face and knew that he already had his own strategy laid out.
Why didn’t he say it earlier? Their tone must have offended him, so he decided to take some revenge.

Xiao Nanfeng reacted too.
This fellow was purposely making a fool of them.

His face turned black.
Nothing good ever happened when this cheeky guy was around.

‘Well, it was his fault.
He forgot that Wang Teng was a master-level runemaster.
How could he not think of creating runes?

‘Wang Teng smiled and stopped beating around the bush.
He was just offended by their attitude.
Embarrassing a little was enough.
He didn’t have to horde onto it.

“Ice element arrays won’t work..
Let’s make a fire array!”

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