Chapter 682: You Should Be Punished!


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That day, the entire Black Sparrow City was in an uproar.

Dan Taixuan stepped down and Wang Teng became the new chief commander.

This was explosive news for the Black Sparrow Troop.
Although the matter was set in stone, it didn’t stop the discussions.
The soldiers talked about the decision at night.

At the same time, an important meeting to exterminate the Zhenli Clan was being held between the higher authorities in the Black Sparrow Troop.

This meeting lasted until evening.
The officers walked out of the command center with solemn expressions.

The next day, the armed forces were deployed, and the entire Black Sparrow Troop started making intense preparations.
On the third day, the military martial warriors gathered in the field once again.

This time, the killing intent was overwhelming.
The military martial warriors had gained experience through battles and raised their martial arts cultivation through killings.

Normally, they would be all fine and dandy, but once there was a mission and everyone gathered in one location, a frightening aura would be released.

Wang Teng appeared in a black-green general cloak and looked at the troop below.
His expression was calm.
It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

“Is everyone here?” His voice spread out.

Song Wanjiang immediately stepped out and replied in a loud voice, “Report, everyone is present.
We have 600 3-star soldier-level martial warriors, 300 4~star soldier-level martial warriors, 280 5-star soldier-level martial warriors, 80 6-star soldier-level martial warriors, 40 7-star soldier-level

martial warriors, 20 8-star soldier-level martial warriors, and 8 9-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Total 1328 martial warriors reporting!”

The Black Sparrow Troop had sent out all their martial warriors!

This was half the military strength of the Black Sparrow Troop.
The rest would guard the city to prevent any accidents from happening.

Wang Teng nodded and remained indifferent.
His voice wasn’t loud, but it entered everyone’s ear.
“All along, the Zhenli Clan has attempted to ruin the relationship between the two worlds and has sparked many devastating battles that resulted in countless casualties and innocent lives.

“They played a part in the sea beasts riot in Donghai too, causing unmeasurable damage and loss.
Some of our friends and families might have lost their lives in this riot.

“The evil clan uses unscrupulous tactics to achieve their motives.
They disregard human lives, and they must be punished!”

Wang Teng’s voice spread out slowly.
His expression was grim and killing intent was shooting out of his eyes.
He shouted out the last few words.

Just like what Wang Teng said, many friends and families of the martial warriors present had died because of the Zhenli Clan.
Their eyes were bloodshot and filled with hatred.

“Everyone, should the evil clan be punished?” Wang Teng looked at the martial warriors and shouted.

“Kill!” The martial warriors howled in anger.
Their killing intent shot into the air, and their yell resounded in the sky.

“Should the evil clan be punished!” Wang Teng shouted again.




The angry roars shook the sky.


“We will proceed to exterminate the Zhenli Clan now.
We will wipe out their base and uproot them completely!”

After he finished speaking, Wang Teng rose into the air.

The other martial warriors followed closely behind him.
They boarded a rune battlecraft and headed in the southwest direction.

Wang Teng stood on the deck of the battlecraft with his hands behind his back.
The deputy commanders were lined behind him.

“Chief Commander, we are a day and a half away from the base of the Zhenli Clan,” Song Wanjiang said in a respectful tone.
He had already gotten used to his new identity.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.
He smiled and continued, “I’m afraid no one could guess that the base of the Zhenli Clan is on the Xingwu Continent.
What’s more, it’s in an extremely cold location.
How do they survive there? No wonder we couldn’t find them for so many years.”

“The evil clansmen are all crazy.
It’s not strange for them to do this,” Zhu Chengwang said with respect.

“The Zhenli Clan’s base is situated in the snowy peaks of the Mosakila Mountain Range.
It snows there all year round and is extremely cold.
Even if we have cold-resisting items, our martial warriors will still be affected by the low temperature there,” another deputy commander called Kang Wenbo pointed

at the map and said sternly.

“It’s alright.
I’l create a rune array to raise the temperature around the base of the Zhenli Clan.
You don’t have to worry,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

The deputy commanders were stunned when they heard this.

Based on their intel, the Zhenli Clan’s base was huge.
It was probably more than ten thousand meters wide.

It was difficult to change the temperature within a few thousand meters.
An ordinary rune array wouldn’t be able to do this, especially when the area remained cold all year round.
The difficulty was even higher.

Yet, Wang Teng seemed confident.
He sounded as if he was talking about something unimportant.

“I didn’t know that you have a plan,” Kang Wenbo said.

“If you have any questions, say it.
I can’t do everything,” Wang Teng said indifferently.

The deputy commanders agreed, but they didn’t dare to speak.

“Twill leave for a while later.
Y’all will continue heading to the Mosakila Mountain Range,” Wang Teng said.

“Erm…” They were surprised.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll come back before you reach the target.”

He jumped down the battlecraft instantly.

The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft appeared in the air.
Wang Teng boarded it and headed to the mountain range where he had found the Emerald Glazed Flame.

His two spiritual pets were still there.

Since he was passing by and the distance wasn’t long, he decided to bring them back.

The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft cut through the sky like a black bolt of lightning and disappeared on the horizon.

Somewhere deep inside a dense forest.

Loud screeches sounded suddenly.
A frightening Force fluctuation swept through the forest, damaging the plants and creatures in its path.

Cries were heard thereafter.

“Quick, run!”

A giant metal armor flaming scorpion was sprinting away, knocking numerous trees in its path.
In the air, a red and black crow stretched its wings and flew at a high speed as if there was something terrifying chasing it.

“Stupid crow, stupid scorpion, how dare you invade my territory! You’re tempting fate!”

‘An angry roar came from behind the duo.
The ground trembled, and a scary figure pushed aside the towering trees to chase after them.

This was a giant ape covered in pitch-black fur.
It was as huge as a hill.

Judging from its aura, it must be a middle-tier lord-level star beast.
This was equivalent to a 12-star general-stage martial warrior.
No wonder the metal armor flaming scorpion and Little White were escaping for their lives.

“L just took two spiritual herbs from you.
Do you have to pursue us all the way? You’re so big but narrow-minded.
Pfft,” the metal armor flaming scorpion scolded as he ran.

This fellow is asking for death.
Why is it provoking the opponent at this time? Does it wish to die faster?

“Caw!” Little White cawed in the sky.
It ignored the metal armor flaming scorpion’s stupid words and flew away hurriedly.

“F**k, you ungrateful crow.
Why are you abandoning me?” The metal armor flaming scorpion cried and moved its eight legs even faster.

“No one will leave!” The black giant ape bellowed in anger.
It spurted out two large balls of fire from its mouth and hurled them toward Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion..

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