Chapter 681: People Who Love To Smile Are All Bad!


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The entire field was dead silent.
Not even the sound of breathing could be heard.

Kong Li, Yuwen Xuan, and the others widened their eyes in bewilderment.
They were filled with disbelief.

‘Wang Teng was the new chief commander?!

This was an explosive piece of news!

They felt that they were dreaming.
It was unreal.

Yuwen Xuan looked as if he had stepped on dog shit.
In the past, he wanted to have a duel with Wang Teng.
Now, the other party was already the chief commander of a troop while he was still in the same position.

The distance between them made him hopeless.

‘The martial warriors below found it hard to accept too.
A young man who hadn’t reached 19 had been appointed the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop.
This was the most exaggerating thing they had heard in this century.

Han Zhu, Wan Baiqiu, and the others were flabbergasted.
Their mouths were agape, and they couldn’t close them for a long time.


‘Wang Teng, their junior brother, became the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop.

‘They had just made a name for themselves by taking many missions from the military.
At first, they felt proud, but after hearing that Wang Teng had become the chief commander, they felt like their hearts were stabbed.

This fellow was a monster!

‘The deputy commanders’ expression changed.
They looked as though they had seen a ghost.

Some of them had a hideous expression.
They couldn’t accept this.

Dan Taixuan was suddenly promoted to this position too.
They had been waiting for her to leave so that the new chief commander could be selected from them.

Yet when she finally left, another younger person came to take her mantle.

He was promoted without any warning too!

This stupid promotion.

‘The deputy commanders felt despair.
Some were helpless while others were frustrated.
Only they could understand each other’s feelings.

They glanced at one another and saw bitterness in each other’s eyes.

If it was someone else, they could still challenge him.
However, they had no confidence to fight with Wang Teng.

He became a major at a young age and possessed strong combat ability.
He was so powerful that they had no qualms about it.

‘These deputy commanders were present during the Star Maple Battle.
They had witnessed his power and frightening ability.
They knew that they couldn’t be compared to this genius.

Dan Taixuan noticed everyone’s expression, but she didn’t say anything.
Unwillingness would disappear in front of absolute power.

Wang Teng had this power.

“Let me invite your new chief commander to say a few words.” Dan Taixuan smiled.
She was waiting for a good show.

She turned and looked behind.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He knew that he must make an appearance, so he stood up and walked onto the platform.

In an instant, all the gazes landed on him.

He was too young!

Everyone was amazed when they saw that face.
Their gazes were complicated, and they couldn’t control their emotions.

Dan Taixuan walked down without any hesitation.
She had been planning to quit for a long time and finally got her wish.
She wanted to laugh and shout: /’m free!

After Dan Taixuan left, Wang Teng stood on the platform alone and glanced at everyone below.

He read everyone’s expression.
There was astonishment, envy, jealousy… this was all because of his age.
However, he didn’t mind.

Once you reached a certain level, the things you see would be different.

His ability had reached a higher realm.
He could even kill 13-star high-tier general-stage martial warriors.
A chief commander position wasn’t important to him.

To Wang Teng, being a chief commander was an arduous and fruitless task.
But there were attribute bubbles for him to pick up.

Nevermind, he didn’t mind doing manual labor.
After all, he was a hardworking person.
However, there were still some things he had to say.

‘Wang Teng opened his mouth.
“Honestly, I don’t want to be the chief commander.”

Everyone felt speechless, especially Song Wanjiang, Zhu Chengwang, and the other deputy commanders.
They looked exasperated.

Talk was cheap.
Many people wanted to fight for the chief commander position but didn’t have the chance, including them.
Yet, Wang Teng was making sarcastic remarks.

Who does he think he is?

“Really, believe me.
I feel that the chief commander is a tiring and arduous job.
If there wasn’t a reason, I wouldn’t have taken this position.

“However, I have reached an agreement with the three great commanders.”

‘Wang Teng’s words attracted everyone’s attention.

He did seem like he didn’t want to be the chief commander.
Everyone was puzzled.

What agreement did he make with the three great commanders?

This was what they were curious about.

“Tl only be the chief commander for half a year.
Half a year later, I’ll leave,” Wang Teng continued.
He didn’t plan to keep them in suspense.

‘The crowd was stunned once again.

Half a year!

‘Wang Teng would be the chief commander for just half a year?!

Others wouldn’t want to step down after climbing to such a high position, yet Wang Teng insisted on accepting the job with a time limit of six months.

He never played by the book!

‘The deputy commanders glanced at one another in surprise and astonishment.
Half a year would pass in the blink of an eye.


‘This was a great chance for them!

‘That meant that Wang Teng being the chief commander wasn’t a bad thing.
Instead, it was good news.
After all, if it was someone else, they wouldn’t just hold this position for half a year.

‘Wang Teng came to gain experience and earn glory.

‘There must be a higher position waiting for him when he resigned in the future.
He didn’t care about this chief commander position at all.

This was their chance!

“Lhope that everyone will cooperate with me for the next half a year.

“Lmight be a little young, but my fist is… tough enough.
If anyone wants to have a taste of it, I don’t mind letting you experience my metal fist of love,” Wang Teng smiled as he said.1

Everyone shuddered in fear.
Then, they felt speechless.

Metal fist of love!

This fellow liked to use violence to solve problems.

‘The soldiers remembered Wang Teng’s fighting method.
If the fight could be ended with the brick, he wouldn’t use other weapons.

They recalled the unlucky people who got hammered by his brick.
Goosebumps appeared on their skin, and they felt scared.

This new chief commander was a little brutal!

‘They mustn’t offend him.

Looking at Wang Teng’s smile, they felt that it was just an illusion.
People who loved to smile are bad people!

‘Wang Teng scanned everyone’s expression.
He felt that his speech was effective.

Look, they all became obedient!

“Alright, that’s all I have to say.
Let’s have a good time for half a year.

“We’ll have a meeting for all majors and above in the command center.
You can leave now.”

Wang Teng turned and left with a wave of his hand

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