Chapter 677 Break The Boundaries Of Earth

As the giant black battlecraft landed on the ground, dust flew everywhere.
The faint and sleek outline of the aircraft was visible to everyone, reflecting a terrifying glow.

The Wang family widened their eyes in surprise as they stared at the battlecraft absentmindedly.

A young man walked out of the battlecraft.

They had thought of the start, but they never imagined the ending.

The Wang family thought that Wang Teng would take an airplane to the Donghai airport and then return by car.
They didn’t think that he would ride a terrifying battlecraft and land in their backyard.

The long body of the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft, the beautiful outline, and the sharp glint were a huge stimulation to a normal person.

The people here were familiar with passenger planes, but this was their first time seeing a battlecraft that could be used for both leisure and battles.

“Son, what is this?” Li Xiumei broke the silence and asked.

“What is what?” Wang Teng jumped down from the battlecraft.
He was dressed in casual attire as if he had just come back from a holiday.

“Your mom is asking about this battlecraft,” Wang Shengguo added.

Grandpa Wang, Wang Shenghong, and the others looked over curiously.
They were all wondering where this battlecraft came from.
In their understanding, this battlecraft shouldn’t appear here.

“Someone gave it to me,” Wang Teng replied casually “Someone… gave it to you?” Everyone was stunned, finding his answer a bit unbelievable.


Gave him a battlecraft? What an expensive gift!

But this wasn’t just a money issue.
Battlecrafts weren’t something you could buy even if you had money! “Wait, are you saying that this battlecraft is yours?” Wang Teng’s eldest uncle, Wang Shenghong, exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s mine now.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Wait, explain it clearly.
Who gave you this huge battlecraft?” Li Xiumei pulled him hurriedly and asked.

“That’s right, don’t try to fool us,” Wang Shengguo said.

“I made some contributions, so this is my reward,” Wang Teng explained briefly.

“You made contributions again?!” The family was shocked.

He just went out for a trip and gained credit again?

It sounded as if contributions could be bought in bulk in the market.

Other people had to endure many hardships to earn glory and contributions, but Wang Teng made it seem exceptionally simple.

“Really? You went to Capital Xia.
What contribution can you make there?” Wang Shengguo asked.

Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.
He didn’t just go to Capital Xia.
He even made a trip overseas and experienced many things.
However, his family thought that he had stayed in Capital Xia all this while like a good boy.

Hence, he gave a simple explanation of the event.
He hid many facts so that they wouldn’t get scared.

All Wang Teng told them was that he defeated a few talented martial warriors, pleasing the higher authorities.
They gave him this battlecraft as a reward.

The Wang family was in a daze.

Mount Saint? Gene martial warriors? These things felt a little far from their world.
They found it astonishing.
As they spoke, a few figures flew over from the sky and landed in front of everyone.

They were Governor Jiang, Ye Jixin, Fu Tiandao, and Qin Hanxuan.

They were alerted when a strategic weapon like the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft suddenly entered Donghai’s airspace and landed on the Wang family’s territory.

The Wang family was Wang Teng’s home.
Since Wang Teng wasn’t around, they had to take care of them.

When they landed and saw Wang Teng, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“I knew that you must be back by now,” Governor Jiang smiled and said to Wang Teng.
He glanced at the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft with astonishment in his eyes.

“I feel so honored that you came to welcome me the instant I am back.” Wang Teng chuckled.

“If this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft hadn’t appeared, I wouldn’t have come.
I have been busy with the rebuilding of Donghai for the past half a month.
I don’t have time to care about you.” Governor Jiang rolled his eyes.

“I made a huge contribution to the rebuilding of Donghai.
How can you turn your back on me now? Aren’t you worried about breaking my heart?” Wang Teng said.
“You little brat, you have the guts to bicker with me,” Governor Jiang said helplessly.
“Wang Teng, is this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft yours?” Ye Jixin couldn’t help but interrupt them.

“That’s right.
I just received it.” Although they were prepared, they still felt dumbstruck when they heard him admitting it personally.

“This Queen Phoenix Battlecraft is the newest generation of rune battlecraft.
It has the most advanced intelligence system and weapons.
A normal general doesn’t have the right to own it, yet you do?” Governor Jiang took a deep breath and said.

The Wang family was staggered when they heard this.

They knew that this battlecraft was exceptional, but they didn’t think it would be this special.
They had underestimated the value and meaning behind this battlecraft.

It looked like Wang Teng’s military exploits weren’t as simple as he said.

Ye Jixin stroked the smooth body of the battlecraft.
There was envy in his eyes.
“I didn’t think that you will get it first.
I’ve wanted one for a long time but didn’t have the chance.”

“Haha, Old Ye, this is the treasure of the military.
Don’t even think about it.” Governor Jiang knew some insights, so he gloated.

Ye Jixin shook his head helplessly.
What a pity.

“I heard that you defeated all the talented martial warriors in the world during the Global Exchange Conference.
No wonder the military gave you this treasure,” Governor Jiang lamented.

Defeated all the talented martial warriors in the world?!

Everyone stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

The Wang family was flabbergasted and in disbelief.
This wasn’t what Wang Teng told them earlier.
He said that he only defeated a few talented martial warriors.
In reality, he beat up all of them!

There was a strange expression on their faces.
Why didn’t they realize that Wang Teng was so humble?

Wang Teng touched his nose awkwardly.
He was afraid of scaring them, so he didn’t say the truth.
If not, why would he hide this amazing feat?

He didn’t expect Governor Jiang to expose him almost immediately after his lie.

Even Lin Chuhan was thunderstruck.
She stared at Wang Teng with her beautiful eyes.

This fellow was a monster!

All the talented martial warriors in the world weren’t his match.

In the blink of an eye, he had made a name for himself in the world.
This was unbelievable.

Lin Chuhan wondered if he would make a name for himself outside Earth the next time they met.
His advancing speed was like a rocket.
He might really break the boundaries of Earth next time.

Behind them, another pair of eyes were staring at Wang Teng.
There was a strange glint deep inside them.

A powerful man like him would shine wherever he went.
Who could resist him?

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